Woodhaven 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover [Full Review]

Woodhaven is the premium brand in firewood racks. They have some of the best quality (made in USA) racks on the market today. We’ve reviewed several of them in our round-up review of outdoor firewood racks, and they all topped the list. So it’s no secret we’re fans of the Woodhaven models.

But in this review we’re going to zoom-in on their flagship model: the Woodhaven 8-foot firewood rack. We’ll outline all the things we like about it, and even a few reasons you might want to go for a different model.

More on that later.

Woodhaven WR008 8 Foot Firewood Rack Review

Build Quality

Woodhaven is known for its build quality. Proudly made in USA, these firewood racks have arc welded end sections and are made of heavy duty, sturdy steel. On top of this, all the tools necessary are included in the box so even a total novice can construct it.

While mode 8 foot racks have a middle leg to help reduce sag, the Woodhaven 8 foot does not. We’re surprised by this, but can only assume it’s because they stand by the quality of the steel and welding on the product. Overall, it doesn’t seem that many consumers have had issues with sag, so we’ll give them a pass on this.


It’s your regular 8 foot log rack size (91″ x 43″ x 14″). It’ll usually hold somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 cord of firewood. Note that some product descriptions show it can hold a half cord – unfortunately, that’s not likely.

We tend to find an 8 foot log rack to be sufficient for a family of 4 for tri-weekly use over the winter. Of course, mileage may vary depending on how long you run your fires and how many logs you have in them at any one time.

But in general, in our experience people are never disappointed with getting a rack that’s too big – but plenty have been disappointed that the rack was too small. So if you’re not sure, it’s probably best to step up to the 12 foot rack by Woodhaven.


The cover is one of the key differentiating factors between lower-end models and the Woodhaven models. Even some mid-range racks from known brands skimp out on the quality of the cover. But the price you’re paying for the Woodhaven starts to pay off here. Their seasoning cover is made of reinforced vinyl, so it’s thicker and sturdier than most made in China models on the market today.

The cover provided is a seasoning cover, not a full-length cover. Seasoning covers keep the top foot of wood dry and protect the full stack from rain from above. But the sides are left exposed.

Seasoning covers are good because:

  • They protect from overhead rain
  • They allow sun and wind from the side to dry out the wood over summer months (i.e. they promote curing)
  • They do not cause mold and mildew buildup (full length covers do)
  • They do not promote hiding spaces for mice, termites, spiders and snakes
  • The first two layers are always kept dry so there is dry wood at hand

If you insist on getting a full-length cover, you’d need to buy one.

Some people insist on full-length covers, despite the points noted above. The only true downside of seasoning covers is during wet seasons the wood can sometimes take a while to cure, because it stays wet from side-rain for long periods of time. But once you understand why seasoning covers are short, it’s usually not a concern to people. (This is just a matter of educating consumers).

So overall, it’s worth getting a seasoning cover like the one shown here, rather than a full-length cover.


Here’s the kicker. We’ve raved about the quality of this rack. And we stand by it – we’ve returned to our reviews of firewood racks multiple times over the years, and gone back to the drawing board each time. For every review, and all the research we do, Woodhaven consistently comes up with the goods. They’re the best quality firewood rack on the market by a country mile. But for the quality, expect to pay a little more.

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Our Verdict

It should be clear to you by now that this is our favorite brand of firewood racks, and we’ve spelt out all our reasons why in this review. The build quality and cover quality are second to none. It’s a great little USA based manufacturing outfit that’s built up its reputation by grinding out high quality firewood log racks for many years.

Woodhaven offers a 4 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot version of their racks. The 8 footer is their most popular version by far, and should suffice a family who likes to keep a 1/3 cord on hand over the winter months.

To get the Woodhaven 8 foot rack from Amazon, check the price here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How High is the Rack off the Ground?

The rack holds wood 5 inches above the ground. The total height it about 5 feet. One of the most important functions of a rack is to hold wood off the ground to prevent rot, water absorption, and easy access of animals to the wood. Many racks sag in the middle, lowering the wood closer and closer to the ground over time. Woodhaven’s heavy duty build quality offsets that problem, which is one reason this is one of the best log rack brands on the market today.

Where Should I Store the Rack?

It’s best to store racks far from the house. This is because many animals (spiders, mice, snakes, beetles) decide to make their homes in firewood racks. So, by placing the rack away from the house, you minimize your chances of pest issues. It’s also good to keep the wood away from the home in case of house fires – you don’t want fuel stacked up against the house.

What Size Rack Should I Get?

A 8 foot rack usually holds about 1/3 cord of wood, but this depends. If your logs are long (say, 20 Inches) you’ll be able to fit more volume onto the rack than shorter 16″ logs. It also depends on how densely you can stack your logs.

But going with the 1/3 cord rule for an 8 foot rack and 1/2 cord for a 12 foot, you should be able to get a general idea of what you need. We usually find that if you’re not certain, get the bigger one to avoid disappointment.

Is Woodhaven an American Company?

Yes, Woodhaven is an all-American company and your rack will be made in the USA – Kansas, to be precise! They’ve been making firewood racks since 1998 with American workers. However, the cover they get made for their racks (which is high quality) is imported from overseas.