V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe [My Initial Thoughts]

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Our Verdict: The V-Line Slide-Away safe is a relatively solid product that is functional and reliable. You’ll find that it doesn’t have many high-end features but if you are looking for something that is basic, functional, and easy to use, you’ll probably like some of the features this product has to offer! It ranked 7th out of 9 safes in our list of the best under bed gun safes.

The V-Line Slide-Away safe is a versatile safe that offers users a range of mounting options for ease of storing their handguns or valuables.

As these safes are more permanent fixtures in your home, office, or vehicle, especially when compared against more compact and portable options, the safe will need to have a few additional features to make it more functional and beneficial.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of these key features and see whether the V-Line Slide-Away safe is a good option or if you are better looking into some basic and more compact safes instead. 

Key Features

1. Durability

When it comes to durability, we want a safe that is not only difficult to break into but also one that is easy to access and open when required. Many people assume that a heavy-duty safe is essential but if it takes quick access to really be considered an all-around good safe.

The V-Line Slide-Away is a relatively solid option when it comes to durability. The 12-gauge steel construction is solid and it comes with an anti-pry design making for a solid and reliable safe, especially one of this size.

The slide-out drawer on this product is a particularly heavy-duty feature. The ball bearing slider allows for smooth and quick sliding functionality and the 100-pound weight limit is more than enough to hold guns or valuables comfortably without slowing down the speed of access.

The solid structure for the drawer should hold up well against years of frequent use and adds to the durability and longevity of the safe.

2. Security & Access

Access is through a simplex lock with push-button code entry. This manual access point means that the product does not rely on electronics and the use of a simpler lock (official KABA in this case) can actually offer more protection from break-in attempts.

There are countless videos online where YouTubers show how easy it can be to pick the lock on some of these expensive electronic safes whereas a manual option like this can require much more effort. It therefore may seem like an inadequate option but could actually be a more secure lock in many circumstances.

Therefore, from a security and access viewpoint, the manual lock and anti-pry design make this a solid and secure safe that would prove difficult to break into, especially for an opportunist, in our opinion.

The only downside to this security access is that there is not a backup option for access. Therefore, if the keypad gets damaged or you forget the passcode, you won’t be able to gain access.

3. Mounting & Storage Capacity

The Slide-Away safe is designed to be easily mountable yet discreet as the mounting options cover both under and above shelf options. Whenever a safe is designed to be slimline or discreet, you’ll want to ensure that the storage capacity is still adequate.

This V-Line option, for its size, certainly comes with good storage functionality as it will hold two x handguns or a single handgun with accessories and mags. The pullout drawer provides good dimensions of 11.5″ (D) x 8.75″ (W) x 2.5″ (H) and can also be customized with some optional pull out trays.

These trays are ideal for covering your handguns to keep them concealed when the drawer is open or can be used for additional storage for valuables like passport, phone, tablet, wallet, cash, documentation, etc…

The one issue we have with this is that they sell these additional trays as a feature for the product when they are actually sold separately. This initially lead us to believe we would get additional items until we read the small print.

The mounting options for this Slide-Away safe are top quality. The mounting bracket allows this safe to be mounted above or below a shelf, inside a drawer, in the trunk of a car (or under the seat), inside or on top of cabinets, or wherever it suits you best.

This versatility for mounting is something we really like about this product and makes it suitable and usable for almost any user whilst greatly improving access options.

Pros & Cons


  • Mounting: The safe comes with multiple mounting options from above or under the shelf, inside a cabinet/drawer, or even in a vehicle. This mounting functionality offers a good versatility of use.
  • Storage Capacity: For a relatively discreet safe, you get a decent amount of internal storage. The drawer can hold around 100 pounds of weight and will fit 2 handguns or a single handgun with mags. There is also the option to increase storage with optional tray inserts for storing valuables as well.
  • Easy Access: The manual push-button keypad is straightforward for access but also doubles as a secure safety feature by using a KABA lock that many people feel is more secure and reliable than some electronic keypad locks on the market.


There are not too many cons when it comes to this product. In most users’ opinion, it’s basic but reliable, robust, functional, and serves a certain need perfectly.

  • Backup Access: If we had to be fussy, the lack of a backup option to gain access means users are heavily reliant on remembering the code. A backup access with keys would be a useful feature to add.

Final Thoughts

When looking for an easy mounting safe to store a few handguns and personal valuables, then we think the V-Line Slide-Away safe could be a decent option. The versatility when it comes to mounting the safe gives users full control with a restriction which is great for easy access.

The safe is a heavy-duty build with a decent size drawer (capable of holding up to two handguns) that is smooth to slide out and has a more than adequate 100-pound weight capacity.

When looking to upgrade from a smaller, compact, more vulnerable safe then this functional and solid safe could be a good option worth considering.