V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case [My Initial Thoughts]

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Short Answer: The V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case has an excellent locking system that doesn’t rely on electricity to operate and is a nice compact size. It’s one of our favorites and made it to out lists of the best bedside gun safes and the best under bed gun safes.

While electronic keypads with an app or fingerprint technology are dominating the market, these safes are not always guaranteed to open reliably 100% of the time and can be subject to hacking. Therefore, some people prefer a manual lock for their safes as a tried and tested method for access.

The V-Line 2912-S is a compact and popular handgun safe that features a more traditional KABA push-button lock for the reliability of access and longevity.

In this article, we are going to cover this product in detail to see how it ranks against others on the market and assess the pros and cons for those that are considering buying this case.

Key Features

As mentioned in the intro above, this safe is a more basic option for those that want a manual and reliable safe. Therefore, when looking at the features we’ll be focusing on the functionality and suitability of this safe rather than on high-end features (mainly because there are not too many).

1. Access

A common issue that many find with a compact or portable security case is the battery-operated keypads can be unreliable. This is, of course, not ideal and if you need to access your case in an emergency situation, you need to be sure that access is reliable and guaranteed.

This V-Line option removes the reliance on electricity and opts for a simple push-button combination to access the safe. The push-button option is more reliable for guaranteed opening and due to the design elements, they will usually be longer-lasting.

One point we will make is that this product does not come with a backup option for access. While most safes have key access as a backup in case the code fails or is forgotten, this product only has the combination lock for access.

While this isn’t a major issue, if you forget the combination it’s hard to regain access the safe so make sure you write the combination down and keep it somewhere secure.

The lack of batteries or electronics is a real selling point for many users who prefer a more reliable option for access. It’s also worth pointing out that this product uses a genuine KABA lock so you can be sure of the quality and reliability.

2. Storage

For a compact safe mainly designed for keeping in a drawer, this particular product is noticeably generous on storage capacity. You can easily store two pistols at once in this case (depending on their size) or a single pistol with spare mags.

It comes with thick foam inserts to the top and bottom ensuring your items are secured in position and that there are no moving parts during transport and travel. For those wondering, the overall product dimensions are 12.5” x 9.5” x 2.5” with a weight of just under 5 pounds.

3. Durability & Design

While users love the reliable and solid push-button lock, this product can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to the design aspect. Firstly, to cover some of the more useful features, it’s a solid steel construction and comes with a very attractive design.

The black powder-coated finish will protect it from rust and corrosion while the paintwork and clean logo design make this a good looking safe. As mentioned earlier, the lock is a top-quality design and also simple which will ensure longevity and reliable use.

The thick foam inserts keep your guns securely in place and mounting holes enable you to easily mount this product (though mounting accessories are not supplied and V-Line offers an upsell option for a quick-release mounting bracket).

Where we do believe this product could be improved is in terms of some simple additions that competitors’ products tend to include.

The lack of an automating opening release when unlocked makes access more manually intensive and the lack of lighting (both external and internal) means you could be fumbling around in the dark trying to gain access and find your items.

These are far from major issues but are still relatively important factors that you should be aware of when considering this product. It’s solid and reliable but definitely on the more basic side when it comes to included features.

Pros & Cons


  • Reliable Access: The push-button access replaces a less reliable battery-operated keypad and ensures a more guaranteed entry with minimal issues through malfunctioning. This lock design will also typically be longer-lasting proving great value for money.
  • Storage Capacity: For a relatively small and compact safe, the storage capacity is generous with this product. You can carry 2 x pistols depending on their size or a single pistol with spare mags or accessories.
  • Durability: A powder-coated finish, absence of electrical components, and foam insert all combine to make this product more durable and long-lasting with a resistance to corrosion and minimal need for maintenance.


  • No Light: There is not an LED light in the box so if keeping it in your draw, ensure the room is either well lit or internally attach your own light source.
  • Backup: Most safes or lockboxes will have some form of backup or manual access with a key but this product only features the push-button access lock. Therefore, if you forget the code there will be no way of accessing the product.

In Summary

It’s fair to say that more basic/simple/manual or whatever you want to call them safes are going out of fashion these days and being replaced by more technology-focused options.

For some, the reliability that these new safes offer is still open for debate, and malfunctions or hacked safes are not uncommon. This push-button option from V-Line could be just the product you are looking for with an easy access lock (no electronics or batteries), a decent storage capacity, and a generally solid product.

It is missing some useful features like an LED light or automatic pop-open functionality but for a reliable small gun or valuables safe, it’s a relatively good option in our opinion.