UCO FlatPack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit – My Initial Thoughts

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Fire pit and grill combination products are usually relatively large. Most are designed for camping and outdoor activities that require a vehicle to transport them.

If you are looking for something in the lighter, more portable category then options can be slightly more limited.

But UCO has a product that fills these requirements and operates as a flat pack fire pit and grill which offers the combination of portability with versatility.

That product is the UCO FlatPack Portable Grill & Fire Pit.

In this article, we’ll look into whether or not this product can deliver decent performance given its size and consider all of the pros and cons that come with it.

Spoiler: Overall, we rated this model 4th out of 9 in our review of the best portable fire pits.

Key Features

First, we are going to run through some key features with this product but just keep in mind that it’s a flat-pack design that is intentionally minimalistic. The focus is therefore on functionality and usefulness to the user rather than having more advanced or fancy product “features”.

1. Portability

While the UCO fire pit and grill is not the lightest product on the market, it’s certainly light and compact enough to be considered one of the top options when it comes to portability.

A weight of just 3.3 pounds and a packed away dimension of 13” x 10” means that this product is not too different from a laptop for comparative purposes. We will say that the square shape and lack of a decent strap make this slightly less portable for those considering it for a backpacking trip, though it can fit inside some backpacks so keep that in mind.

Some portable fire pit design packs down into a cylinder type carry case with a decent strap so that’s one area that this product could be improved to make it more portable.

 2. Value for Money

The price point on this product is something that really caught our attention initially. You can definitely get much more expensive versions. For such an inexpensive price, we feel you are getting decent value for money with this product.

As we’ll cover shortly, functionality is decent from a compact fire pit and grill at the entry-level range, but it is quite smalls.

3. Functionality

The UCO flat-pack offers 2-in-1 functionality which is rarely seen in a fire pit of this size (or at this price range). Setup takes less than a minute as you simply fold out the legs to form the base and then attach the grill grate to the top of the pit, it really is that simple and straightforward.

The legs fold out to form a solid base and the product has some air holes predrilled to enhance airflow and give you a better flame. While not a negative point, it’s worth noting that the fire pit is on the small side and an accidental bump can easily knock this over so while it’s stable during use, we wouldn’t call it solid.

In terms of functionality, it’s hard to fault this product. Setup takes less than a minute and the grill is a decent size for cooking for an individual or small group. It’s then easy to empty, folds away just as quickly as it takes to set up, and flat packs away for easy storage.

In terms of functionality, especially for the price, you can’t really ask for much more and this product definitely performs to expectations.

4. Durability

The fire pit and grill is made from stainless steel to create a hard-wearing and rust/corrosion resistant end product. Due to the material used, this product can also operate as a leave-no-trace fire pit to look after the environment whilst also being quick and easy to remove ash.

One YouTube reviewer in particular even noticed that the carry bag is made from a heat resistant material and that sparks from the open flame didn’t burn or scorch it. While we wouldn’t recommend testing this yourself, it’s still good to know that the materials used are of good quality and durable.

Pros and Cons

This is quite a no-frills product if we are being honest. Therefore, the pros and cons are nothing too groundbreaking or deal breaking.


  • Entry Level: Considering this product has 2-in-1 functionality, it’s a nice entry-level value pick.
  • Portability: When fully folded away into its flatpack case, this grill and fire pit will take up no more room than a laptop making it incredibly portable and easy to store away when not in use.
  • Innovative Design: The flat-pack design is innovative, functional, and most importantly, easy to use. Set up and pack down are fast and effortless and most people really enjoy the unique and innovative functionality of this product.


  • Carry Case: The carry case is certainly a decent quality, and the portability is not an issue but the envelope style case, and lack of a decent strap can make this quite awkward to carry around.
  • Air Vents: One of the first things that we noticed is that the air vents are a good addition for a fire pit but there are not enough to sustain a decent flame when used as a fire pit. Quite a few users found the fire to fizzle out quicker than expected because of this.

Final Thoughts

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We mentioned earlier that a flat pack 2-in-1 fire pit and grill is something that usually comes as a larger product. To see UCO bring out a flat-pack variant really is quite innovative in our opinion and certainly helps it to stand out in the market.

It should function well under most conditions and whilst it has some minor drawbacks (sturdiness and ventilation) its benefits in terms of portability, storage and ease of use far outweigh it and for that reason, we feel this is a decent product that offers good value for money.