SureSeal by FireKing Fireproof Briefcase [My Thoughts]

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Short Answer: The Sure Seal by FireKing has a 1 hour fireproof rating, which makes it an appealing prospect for a fireproof briefcase. It’s heavy, but that’s necessary for the fireproof rating. It’s not the most secure safe on the market but is comparable to most other fireproof briefcases in our opinion. It rated 6th of 9 in our review of the best fireproof document safes and also features in our review of the best under bed gun safes.

We cover and review a lot of safes on this site for home use and valuables/gun storage, however, the SureSeal safe by FireKing is a relatively unique option as it’s designed to protect valuable documents and items that are irreplaceable.

While most safes protect against theft and unauthorized access, you’ll find that this safe is actually designed to protect against natural disasters like fire and water damage which is an invaluable feature for documentation and other valuable items that are considered irreplaceable.

Below, we’re going to cover how secure this safe is when it comes to protecting vital documents and also consider some of the other features that you can expect to find with this product.

Key Features

This is a very basic model document safe and we can’t claim that it comes with a load of advanced features that you might find with some of the more expensive safes ($1,000+). It is, however, a functional and practical option so we’ll look into the features it does offer and weigh up the pros and cons.

1. Functionality

As mentioned at the beginning, safes come with different functions and purposes. A fireproof safe, like this product, is designed solely to protect against fire damage for a given period of time (depending on the fire rating).

If you want a safe to store firearms or valuables to either restrict access or prevent theft, this is not the best option in our opinion (for better options, see our list of the best under bed gun safes). It may be a solid product but it’s also portable meaning that it can easily be carried away and the lock is not what would be considered “impenetrable”.

This safe is instead designed to function as a fireproof and protective safe to keep documents and valuables secure in the instance of a fire or flood. It’s UL class 350 fire rated to be fireproof for 1 hour and waterproof (when submerged underwater) for 2 hours.

It’s a briefcase designed safe but opinions are rather mixed about whether or not this safe has a good storage capacity for documents and items. It offers letter-sized storage (not A4 or Legal sized paper) with room for some electronics and other valuables alongside it.

While that is good, it does mean any larger documents will need to be folded and some items like certificates, etc… will likely not be a good fit if measurements are greater than 8.5” x 11”.

It does have internal dimensions of 14.8” (W) x 17” (D) x 3.8” (H) but utilizing all of this space with larger documents would reduce the overall storage capacity. You’d therefore need to consider the trade-off for what you actually want to put into it. 

Finally, it operates as a basic lockbox and comes with a manual key for access. While there are some tech-heavy safes on the market, the manual functionality for this product seems to be much appreciated and the soft close lid is a nice touch.

2. Durability

Something we will say when it comes to the SureSeal safe is that it’s of good quality and when it comes to durability. They have not opted to use cheap and flimsy material!

In order to get a certain fire rating, it’s expected that you’d need to use some good quality material and the metal safe is a solid construction weighing in at an impressive 56 pounds. Considering the case is only just under 20” wide, the weighty safe can certainly be considered solid.

The ability to withstand fire for up to 1 hour and water submersion for up to 2 hours demonstrates the durability of the product when needed during disaster scenarios but we’d say the product itself is not necessarily the key feature when it comes to durability or longevity.

This is because the manufacturers not only produce a good quality safe but they stand by the quality and offer a 7-year warranty against defects and a lifetime fire replacement chest guarantee. This ensures that the product is made to a good standard and the company will back this up with a great warranty.

As it’s not designed to be an anti-theft safe, most parts like the lock and hinges are not built to be heavy-duty so we can’t say they will be very resistant to wear but they are also not “cheap” either.

Pros & Cons


  • Damage Protection: The safe is designed to protect some irreplaceable documents/valuables from environmental damage. It comes with 1-hour fire resistance and 2-hour waterproof protection for the interior.
  • Long-Lasting: Alongside its durable features to protect against damage, this safe also comes with a long term 7-year warranty against defects and a lifetime fire replacement chest guarantee for great product confidence.


  • Theft: This is not designed to be an anti-theft safe, it’s for protection against fire and therefore the lock and portability mean that this is not a secure safe for protection against burglary. Keep this in mind if you require a safe that is able to do both
  • Storage: The letter-sized storage is good for storing smaller documents but anything like A4 or legal-sized document would need to be folded and larger certificates made from card would not be a good fit with this product.

Rounding Up

Safes are not universally designed and most will serve a specific function (or two). The SureSeal safe by FireKing is a product that is solely designed to protect valuable documents (including tech like hard drives and disks) in the event of fire or flooding.

If you are looking for a safe that will also protect you from theft or be something you can mount in a secure location for firearm storage, then this is not the ideal safe for you. 

It’s a solid safe that has the fireproof/waterproof protection you’d need from a document safe, it’s easy enough to operate, and the manufacturers provide great cover in terms of their warranty. Overall it’s a decent product in our opinion that serves its purpose well.