SentrySafe X075 Security Safe [My Thoughts]

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Short Answer: The SentrySafe X075 is an affordable, compact safe that can be hidden around the house. Our one concern is how secure it is – see the video of someone breaking into the safe later in this article to see why. It ranked 8th out of 11 safes in our list of the best under bed gun safes.

A solid and reliable safe is a necessity with homeowners that own a small firearm or valuable belongings like jewelry, cash, and small electronics. Ideally, you want something that isn’t too big bulky but is still solid and offers secure storage.

The SentrySafe X075 is a larger security safe that is ideally suited for home use with a decent storage capacity for personal valuables or handguns.

As there are countless home safes on the market made for small guns and personal belongings, we’re going to look over the key features you can expect to find with this product and see how it stacks up as a reliable and secure option.

Key Features

1. Storage Capacity

This safe is a larger model and features just under 1 cubic foot of storage space. A removable shelf and carpeted interior is a nice touch and we must admit that the interior for this safe is made to a very nice, relatively high-end finish.

In terms of dimensions, this product has the following specifications:

  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Exterior Dimensions: 19” (W) x 14.6” (D) x 8.9” (H)
  • Interior Dimensions: 8” (W) x 11.6” (D) x 8.7” (H)
  • Storage Capacity: 98 cubic feet.

To summarize the storage capacity for this product, we’d define it as a large safe in the more compact size category. It’s ideal for home or office use and can be easily mounted inside a closet for discretion.

2. Security

In terms of the basics for safe security, this product comes with steel construction, two thick locking bolts, and concealed hinges which all combine to make for a solid overall structure.

The issue lies in the fact that there are quite a few weaknesses when it comes to the security of this product and if you need a safe that is relatively impenetrable, this would not really be an ideal option.

The main reason being that a quick YouTube or Amazon search brings up a video showing how relatively easy it can be to break into this particular safe. Granted, not everyone will be aware of this but we must admit it does seem like a downside of the product.

Many other users have expressed how there are multiple weaknesses and access points if someone wanted to break in and this could be a real cause for concern if you need a safe to hold some very valuable items.

People have also found an issue with the electronic keypad malfunctioning and one particular user couldn’t even get the code to work so has just accepted that they need to use the backup key for entry instead.

These security and access issues are quite well documented when it comes to this product so it’s definitely worth keeping them in mind if you are considering a purchase.

3. Access

This safe comes with a battery-powered electronic keypad for code access. The code can be programmed from 1 – 8 digits which offers quick and convenient access whilst also offering a hard-to-crack code functionality.

As the keypad is battery powered, the safe comes with a backup key for access in case of an issue with the keypad, which does bring us nicely on to our next point regarding access.

Quite a few users have had issues with the keypad due to either battery failure or an electronic issue with the combination not registering. These are isolated incidents and most users have no issue with the keypad, but it’s still worth pointing out regardless.

In general, an electronic keypad can often come with the potential for faults as it’s relying on technology, while advancements are coming quickly and regularly, many people still prefer a reliable manual option of key or push-button coding.

Pros & Cons

While this product has some relatively good features and is a very popular option, we must say that if you are looking for a heavy-duty safe that is not easily broken into, this might not be the best option. There are quite a few surprising cons with this product that you’d really expect to see as key benefits instead…


  • Storage: The large storage capacity offers up to 1 cubic foot for internal storage which is more than enough for small firearms and other valuables. The interior also has a good quality, high-end finish with a carpeted base.
  • Popularity: While we’ve flagged some issues with this product, we’ve done so in a strict review manner for those looking to keep firearms or valuables. Despite some issues, this is an incredibly popular product that comes highly reviewed and therefore satisfies the majority of users’ needs.
  • Size: This is a compact and small safe for easy mounting in a discreet location but considering the size, it comes with a very respectable storage capacity making it ideal for home use.


  • Security: Videos online showing how relatively this safe can be broken into (provided you know what to look for) significantly reduce confidence in the security and durability of this safe.
  • Electronic Keypad: The battery-powered, electronic keypad has been known to be glitchy or malfunction which is not ideal when you need to guarantee access to your valuables inside.

Rounding Up

Overall, we feel the SentrySafe X075 can be a bit hit or miss depending on who you ask and what your requirements for a home safe are.

While it has some good features in terms of storage capacity, a decent-sized unit, and durable build, the weaknesses in terms of ease of access and potentially malfunctioning keypad would mean you might not be able to rely on this safe for quick access.

The suitability would really depend on what you need to store in terms of monetary value. If a forced entry would worry you, we’d say you’d need to look into a much more secure (and higher-priced) safe but for general purpose use for keeping children or visitors out, it certainly serves a purpose.