RedK Stainless Steel Portable Fire Pit – My Initial Thoughts

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Fire pits are usually a manual task that involves building a rock circle for a pit and collecting wood (or using store-bought wood/coal) or they are ready-made products that have a number of unique features and/or cooking capabilities.

What you might often struggle to find though, is a fire pit that is space saving and easy to store away. A larger pit is good for backyard use but if you are out on the road in an RV or motorhome, space is usually a key requirement.

The RedK fire pit is a small and compact option that we are going to look over in this article and see whether it’s a solid product and ideal solution for life on the road or if you’d actually be better off just making a fire from scratch! 

Key Features

Before getting into the key features of this product we want to manage expectations. Some users have likened this to a vegetable steamer (which we found amusing), but in all seriousness, this is designed to be a portable fire pit and is not designed for heavy-duty use.

Therefore, keep in mind that the features are going to be relatively basic as the product focuses on being a compact solution rather than an all in one option for campers or outdoor enthusiasts. 

1. Portability

The first point we need to cover with this product is portability. The main reason for this being that this product is ultra-light. This is not an exaggeration, the total weight for this product comes in at just 0.5 pounds making it one of, if not the, lightest fire pit on the market.

This makes it a great portable fire pit for outdoor camping, earning it a place in our list of the 9 best portable fire pits.

Most of the lightest options we come across are still 2-3 pounds in weight so this really is a category winner when it comes to product weight.

Not only is it lightweight but it’s also incredibly compact. The open dimensions are 11” x 2” and when folded away, it measures in at just 7.3” x 2”. This compact size means that this fire pit can be taken anywhere with very minimal effort or issue.

You’d struggle to find a more compact and lightweight option than this RedK model and it really is a product optimized for portability.

2. Functionality

Ok, we first need to be clear that this is not a product with all of the bells and whistles. It’s a very, very basic product that is designed to be lightweight, compact, portable, and relatively sturdy. If you need a full-size fire pit with cooking facilities, smokeless features, and auto-ignition, this isn’t the product for you.

What this product does do better than most is offers a simple and easy solution to the alternative of building your own fire pit from rocks. It folds out in seconds and due to the lack of parts/components, it’s relatively straightforward to set up and get a fire started.

While it functions well as a fire pit there is one drawback we’ve found and that is the limited ability for customization. There are no additional components that you can buy to make it into a cooking appliance and therefore the product really is quite basic.

3. Best Suited For

Undoubtedly, this is a product that can be used by anyone outdoors. With that said, we’d say it would be best suited for backpackers, bikepackers, kayakers, and any other type of outdoor pursuit that does not involve a vehicle for storage.

The fire pit folds down to a very compact size of just 7” x 2.5”. This means it can be easily stored in a backpack and offers a fast and convenient way to set up a fire pit outdoors.

This can of course be used by those with a vehicle as well and it can even be a backup option that you keep in a drawer or hanging up in case your primary fire pit won’t be a suitable option (long hikes following an off-road drive). 

4. Durability

The construction is stainless steel and therefore it’s relatively resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion and the material is overall quite solid, especially given the folding feature.

What we will say though is that this product will need to be taken care of more than some of the larger fire pits on the market and you should be careful with storage.

It’s a very lightweight product and can be susceptible to breaking if it’s not stored away safely. This is not a product that you want to throw in the back of a pickup and assume that it will hold up against bumps and bangs. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Portability: The lightweight product weighing in under 1 pound combined with its compact design makes this one of the most portable options on the market and is ideal for any form of outdoor use.
  • Quick Solution: As a result of the product’s size, setup and clean away are fast and effortless. There is minimal residue leftover and the fire pit is relatively easy to clean after use thanks to the stainless steel construction.


  • Basic: Make no mistake, this is a very basic design for a fire pit and in order to get such a compact and lightweight end product, it has to be stripped right back in terms of functionality and features.
  • Size: Due to the compact size, this is very limited in terms of fire size and functionality (mentioned above). It’s therefore only really suited for light-duty use and most customers use it to simply roast some marshmallows etc… 

Final Thoughts

Most fire pits we see these days have numerous features that are great for backyard patio use but are slightly less practical when used in the outdoors on a trip.

The compact design of this RedK fire pit is certainly unique and while many can confuse this product for a vegetable steamer, there’s no denying that it serves a purpose. While it’s not heavy-duty in use, you can certainly appreciate the portability of this product and it’s ideal for those weekend hiking trips.