Pleasant Hearth Firewood Rack [Full Review]

Pleasant Hearth is a well known brand in the fireplace industry. They produce a wide range of fireplace products from fireplace hearths to screens to log racks. In the log racks category, they put forward a quality and affordable offering.

They offer a great range of sizes with multiple cover options, making them one of the only one-stop-shops you need for creating your own firewood log rack and cover combination.

In this review, we’ll walk through the features on offer and compare them to key competitors.

Pleasant Hearth Log Rack Review

Build Quality

The Pleasant Hearth log rack stands up well beside competitors. Its tubular metal design is comparable to direct competitors like Landmann’s model, while the middle legs help prevent and reduce chances of sag over time. Log racks go years on end holding heavy weights, so these middle legs are vital for the structural integrity.

To back their build quality, Pleasant Hearth offers an excellent 25 year limited warranty.

The one downside is the black paint coating – designed to protect the wood from weather – but it does scrape off easily.


The most appealing feature of the Pleasant Heath versus its direct competitors (Landmann’s and Woodhaven) is that it’s easy to pick and choose your size and cover type.

In terms of size, at the sales page you can select between 4, 8, and 12 foot models.

A 4 foot model will hold a small amount of wood, and can be good for keeping in a garage, patio or hallway. Often 4 foot models are used as supplementary to a 12 foot rack, where seasoned wood is brought inside and stacked on the 4 footer.

An 8 foot model will hold about 1/3 cord of wood and is usually good for a small family over the winter. It’s the most popular size, but the biggest complaint people have with 8 foot racks is that it ends up not being enough for their needs (this usually happens if you try to squeeze a 1/2 cord onto an 8 foot rack).

A 12 foot option is usually enough for 1/2 cord if stacked well. If you’re buying full cords of wood at a time, you’ll need 2x 12 foot racks to hold all that wood.


The really nice thing about the Pleasant Hearth is that you can choose between a full cover of seasoning cover. There are pros and cons of each.

A seasoning cover covers the top foot of wood, but leaves the rest to be exposed to the weather. While many people complain about seasoning covers, they have enormous benefits. The air flow through the wood, and exposure to sun and wind, helps to cure the wood. Furthermore, the small cover for the top 1 foot means there’s always some dry wood ready for use.

A full cover is used to protect wood from the sides, which is often preferred or necessary in areas of heavy rain and snow. But the full cover does allow for the build-up of mold and mildew, and encourages animals to make their homes in the cozy comfort of the cover.

So we prefer seasoning covers – but that’s your choice, and fortunately with Pleasant Hearth you can choose for yourself!


The Pleasant Hearth firewood racks are slightly more affordable than many comparable competitors, including the Woodhaven. With the freedom to choose your size and cover, it’s an appealing option. We do on balance think the Woodhaven has an edge to justify the higher price (e.g. made in USA), but for those wanting to save some money, this range of Pleasant Hearth racks does the job.

You can check today’s price here.

Comparison to Key Competitors


Woodhaven is an all-American company that has been making their firewood racks out of Kansas since 1998. They’re a premium brand in this product category and our personal favorite. They offer 8 an 12 Inch racks with seasoning covers only.


Landmann’s offers a range of firewood racks with covers. We like that their racks can be constructed at various sizes, so you can also pick and choose your sizing for these also. Many reviewers have been concerned with the quality of their seasoning covers, though, which dampens our enthusiasm for this model a little.

Secure It

Secure It’s 8 Inch firewood rack has one big appealing factor: kindling storage sections. Having easy to access, dry kindling at will is a great benefit here. Plus, it’s one of the best looking racks out there! The one downside for this model is that the kindling storage corners reduce the amount of log that can be stored overall due to the design of those kindling corners.

Storage and Seasoning – What to Do!

The Pleasant Hearth log rack doesn’t take long to put together. However, it does require some tools (unlike some models that come with all the tools necessary). Once constructed, it’s best to locate the rack outside and away from the house. Firewood stacks attract pests and rodents you don’t want near your home. It’s also a potential fire hazard.

Firewood should be seasoned for at least a full summer. It’s best to leave it exposed to the elements, with a seasoning cover over the top foot to protect it from overhead rain. You know the wood is seasoned when it turns a grey color and starts to crack. Different types of wood will season at different rates, with hardwood such as Black Locust taking longer to season (but also burning better).

During winter months, bring small amounts of wood inside at a time and keep it safely near the fire ready for use. You can leave the seasoning cover over the rack in winter to ensure there’s always a dry top layer whenever it’s needed.

Our Verdict

Overall, we think the Pleasant Hearth range of racks are a value for money option for those looking for quality at a good price. While not the premium models in this product category, they do the trick. But the biggest appeal of these racks is your ability to choose the size and cover type.

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