Outland Firebowl 870 Portable Fire Pit – My Initial Thoughts

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As camping, hiking, outdoor pursuits continue to grow in popularity, the range of products available is also expanding.

One particular category that has seen an increase in innovation is a portable fire pit/stove. Within this category, the Outland Firebowl 870 rated as our choice for the gas powered choice (see: 9 best portable fire pits article).

This is a heavy-duty (yet reasonably lightweight) propane fire pit that’s a favorite among RV tourers, campers, and tailgaters.

With this article, we are going to look at some of the key features of this product and compare the pros and cons.

Key Features

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this product is that it has a heavy-duty design being made from stainless steel. This means you won’t be using it to go backpacking but rather on vehicle-based trips (especially since you also need the propane tanks).

We’ll therefore want to keep this in mind when looking through the product’s key features below.


The key feature in our opinion, with this product, is the durability, longevity, and heavy-duty use that you’ll rarely find in a portable fire pit. The steel pit and stainless steel burner are primed for outdoor use and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

The steel pit boasts a solid construction that can be carried over any terrain and will withstand outdoor use with ease.  It’s worth noting, however, that due to the inclusion of an auto-ignition, this product should not be left out in the rain or in harsh weather.

A cover is provided but we’d still recommend being cautious regardless as the product is durable but not weather-proof!


If you look at this for what it is (a fire pit for traveling or backyard use), then it’s definitely a portable and compact product. A weight of 24.5 pounds and product dimensions of 19 x 19 x 11 inches is relatively compact and lightweight meaning it can easily be stored away for camping trips etc…

While it’s compact, it’s designed not to be so small that you can’t still get a decent flame from it and we’d say it provides more than an adequate flame when used on full.

Best Suited For

In our opinion, the product is best suited for anyone taking a trip that requires a vehicle (camping, RV, tailgating, etc…) and some outdoor activity. It’s ideal for anyone that wants a simple fire pit solution without any of the hassles of starting your own fire from scratch.

The auto-ignition, propane fueling, and lava rock set mean you already have all the tools needed and the startup takes less than a minute in total. The 20ft hose even keeps the propane tank out of sight so you can have a realistic and controlled fire without actually having to do any of the manual efforts usually required.


This product is specifically for use as a fire pit and is not approved for use as a camp stove to cook food over. This means it can be quite limited in terms of functionally compared to some other fire pits on the market that have a 2-in-1 capability for cooking or use as a fire pit.

With that said, you’ll get 10-15 hours of use out of a single propane tank (depending on the flame setting used) and we can’t mention this enough, it’s so simple and easy to use that you’ll have minimal issues with this product.

Pros & Cons

For our pros and cons with this product, we must admit that there are quite a few more pros. It’s an overall solid product and not many people are disappointed with the purchase.


  • Quick Ignition: The auto-ignition allows for a fast and effortless start every time without the need for matches or lighters.
  • Flame Control: The adjustable regulator allows you to control flame height which is a great feature for functionality but also safety for flame control.
  • Convenient: Unlike some other fire pits on the market, the Outland Firebowl requires zero assembly and is ready to use as soon as you connect the propane and press the auto-ignition.
  • Accessories: There is a range of additional accessories available including a carry bag, propane canister cover, and a Natural gas conversion kit.
  • Rating: This product is very highly rated and maintains a rating of 4.8/5 on Amazon with over 1,800 reviews. This is arguably one of the best-rated fire pits on the market and is a testament to the overall quality and performance of the product.


  • Weight: With a weight of 24.5 pounds, this fire pit is not what you would consider a “lightweight” option and it would not be suitable for backpacking, kayaking, bikepacking, or any form of outdoor pursuit that does not require a vehicle.
  • No Cover Included: Many people were expecting a carry case with this model and it appears that the advertising can be slightly misleading. As we mentioned above, the carry case is one of the additional purchases available but people were disappointed that this was not included as standard.
  • Hissing: There are reports of a hissing sound with this product (especially noticeable on a smaller flame setting) which is to be expected with a propane fire but some customers found it to be excessive.


We mentioned at the start of this article that we’d see if the Outland Firebowl 870 can justify its “premium” product description and in our opinion (as well as countless other customers), it can certainly deliver!

While we’ve certainly come across more portable options, none quite offer the same level of functionality, durability, and general performance that you can get with the Firebowl. The quick start is almost unmatched and in terms of durability, the stainless steel and powder coat finish make this a solid product.