Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe [My Initial Thoughts]

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The Quick Answer: The Monster Vault safe is one of the few rifle safes designed to fit under a bed or in the trunk of a car. We’re fans of the shape of the safe but also its reputation for build quality, which is why it was our top ranked rifle safe in our review of the best under bed gun safes.

While easy mounting and quick access safes have become relatively popular, there are still those that need a real heavy-duty option to store large guns, accessories, and valuables.

The Monster Vault is an under the bed safe which can only be described as heavy-duty. If you are looking for a large storage option then in this article, we are going to review this product in more detail and see if the heavy-duty features make this a go-to option for an under bed safe.

Key Features

This heavy-duty vault is not loaded with fancy tech or an innovative design but when covering some of the key features below, you’ll find that it’s an overall solid product that serves a specific purpose. To hold a lot of items, be easy to access, and difficult to break into!

1. Storage Capacity

One of the key features of this product is the storage capacity. With a dimension of 48” x 28”, you’re getting a very large safe for under-bed storage. This particular safe is so large that it easily matches a gun cabinet and many users, therefore, opt for this safe as a space-saving and hidden away option.

The deep draw on this product offers more than ample storage capacity and can very easily hold multiple handguns, rifles, and all accompanying accessories. Unless you have an extensive collection, this will easily hold all of your guns for the average household.

The deep drawer is also combined with a 100-pound weight capacity further enhancing its heavy-duty use.

2. Security Features

When looking into a safe of this size with a large (and heavyweight) storage capacity, it’s likely you are going to be storing some items that are either potentially dangerous (large firearms) or of high value. Therefore, security is going to be the highest priority.

The safe is made from double-walled, galvanized steel (140 pounds worth to be precise) and is about as durable and solid as a safe of this design can come. It comes with mounting options to bolt it down, and it’s an impact-resistant model so the draw won’t spring open through excessive impact.

While the structure is solid, it also comes with an electronic keypad that can be programmed to hold a 3 – 8 digit code. This is great for security and you also have a backup key for manual access in case of a battery failure etc…

The one (very small) flaw we will mention though is that for a safe of this size and structure, the plastic keypad combined with a tubular cylinder override lock is not as heavy-duty as the rest of the safe and could be a potential weakness.

3. Access

Access to the product is done primarily through the battery-operated keypad which can be programmed to a 3 – 8 digit code for a more than adequate security measure. It also comes with a manual backup key for use in case of a keypad malfunction.

From the time of code entry to accessing your items, you’ll be looking at as quick as a few seconds. The ball-bearing drawer slides open quickly and effortlessly making access very much straightforward.

Product Specification

Below, we’ve put together a list of the key specifications you’ll find with this product for a quick summary and overview:

  • Dimensions: 28” (depth) x 48” (width) x 7” (height)
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Weight: 140 pounds
  • Access: Digital lock (3 – 8 digit programmable) and manual key for backup

Pros & Cons

This product has a very good reputation and you’ll notice that in our opinion, the pros far outweigh any of the cons (which are few in this case).


  • Weight: This heavyweight product is constructed from 140 pounds of rolled steel for an incredibly solid and durable end product that once bolted down would not be easy to “pick up and walk away with”.
  • Storage: The slide-out drawer allows for provides 3 cubic feet of storage capacity and a huge 100-pound weight capacity for ease of storing valuables, guns, and gear. It can hold multiple handguns, rifles, and accessories with ease.
  • Portability: This safe is not designed to be portable and is clearly stated as an under-bed solution but when mounting, it can easily go under a bed or in the back of a trunk so it’s worth noting that portability is an option if mounting it to a vehicle.
  • Customer Service: The customer service from this company is excellent and a real selling point. Inquiries are responded to immediately and resolutions are made within a few days so any issues you might have with this product, you can be sure the manufacturers will be happy to help resolve.
  • Access: The access is very easy and user-friendly. The drawer pops open silently and smoothly with roughly 1 – 2 seconds is all that is required for access.


  • Electronic Keypad: Some experienced users say the keypad could be a weakness to this otherwise solid and secure product and while it’s not a glaring weakness, it’s pointed out that it may be a weakness non the less.

Final Thoughts

We’ll say that this particular safe serves a purpose and does so well, according to most online reviews. If you are looking for a simple, under the bed safe then this one’s worth looking into.

It’s heavy-duty, solid, easy to access, and has a storage capacity that can easily rival a standing cabinet. If you are someone with a serious gun collection and need easy, out of the way storage then this is likely one of the best options on the market.

Not only is the Monster vault safe decent but the customer service is also a good standard from the manufacturer which many people have expressed an appreciation for. You can get it here.