Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe [My Thoughts]

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The Short Answer: The Liberty HDX-250 safe has a good reputation for safety and its easy biometric access system, but is also not the quietest safe on the market. It ranked 9th out of 11 safes in our list of the best under bed gun safes.

Biometric fingerprint scanners allow for a quick, reliable, and secure way to gain access to a safe making them an ideal option for gun storage. The limited access makes this a secure option for those looking to store their handgun without children or unauthorized individuals being able to gain access.

The Liberty HDX-250 is designed to be a secure handgun safe that is easy to access thanks to the biometric fingerprint scanner and comes from a well-established company.

In this article, we are going to check out this safe in more detail and assess all the features (and possible flaws) to see if this is a good quality safe for storing small firearms or if the features fail to live up to their promises!

Key Features

The biometric fingerprint scanner is the key selling point with this product but it also comes with some other less publicized features that deserve consideration.

1. Durability

Firstly, we always like to look at the durability and construction of each safe when reviewing them as this is arguably the most important factor to consider, how solid and secure is the safe?

The safe is made from a steel casing and features a heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel door with anti-pry tabs and a reinforced latch system. This makes for a secure and hard-wearing product that will be a good deterrent for an opportunist or poorly skilled thief.

The powder-coated finish ensures that this product is resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion and all electronic items are secured inside the safe.

One point we will make is that the technology controlling the biometric scanner is exposed and can therefore be easily knocked or damaged when inserting or removing your guns. Caution, therefore, needs to be taken and a casing around the electronics would have been a good addition.

The power supply has dual functionality and can run on an AC adaptor or 9V battery. The reliance not being on one single power source ensures that the electronics should be long-lasting and reliable.

It’s also worth adding that even if this safe does experience any difficulty due to the biometric scanner not working, it comes with a backup key for continued access.

Alongside these features, the product also comes with a 5-year warranty so you can be sure of a decent quality product over a good number of years as a minimum.

2. Access

The key feature of this product is the simple access functionality. The reliable biometric fingerprint scanner allows for quick access without the need to remember codes and can be scanned to store up to 15 unique fingerprints.

This means that you can store multiple fingerprints individually as well as giving access to other individuals if needed. Programming is relatively straightforward and takes no more than a minute to register each individual fingerprint. The below video gives a good walkthrough to show how straightforward it is:

You’ll also receive a backup key for manual access with this safe which is needed to initially gain access to program fingerprints but it’s also quite useful as a backup solution in case the biometric scanner fails or malfunctions.

The auto-open door also allows for quick and effortless access meaning that your gun or valuables can be accessed within a few seconds from scanning your print. These two factors combine to make this one of the quickest access safe on the market.

3. Storage

Storage capacity is straightforward with this safe and it’s designed to hold two handguns at a maximum. Other valuables can be stored so check out the below dimensions to get a better idea of what items you could potentially store:

  • Dimensions: 5” x 12.25” x 9”
  • Weight: 39 Pounds

This isn’t the largest handgun safe on the market by any stretch so it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s on the smaller side. Mounting is through the bottom of this model only so again, this is worth keeping in mind as to where you can store this safe will also be quite limited.

Pros & Cons


  • Access: The biometric fingerprint scanner allows for a quick and reliable access. 15 unique fingerprints can be stored allowing for multiple fingerprints for a single user or group access which is more controlled and secure than a group receiving a coded access authorization.
  • Warranty: A 5-year warranty is a good feature to have for peace of mind when ordering this product. A safe needs to be reliable so having this long-term warranty ensures you’ll get support when needed.
  • Power Supply: The dual power functionality is a good option for the versatility of use. You can either run this safe on an AC adaptor or through the 9V battery which is ideal in case of a power cut so you still have easy access.


  • Noise: The door opens with a significant amount of force and is not the quietest mechanism available. While these are not major issues, we will say to keep this safe on a solid surface due to the potential damage from impact as it opens on a more lightweight nightstand or shelf.
  • Electronics Placement: The electronics are quite exposed inside of this safe and can easily be knocked and damaged if the user is not careful when placing in and removing the items inside.

Final Thoughts

Biometric fingerprint scanners are becoming a more popular option when it comes to home safes and lockboxes. The reliability and speed of access provide mass appeal and in our opinion, the Liberty HDX-250 is a decent option in this category.

We won’t say it’s perfect as some users have experienced some faults with the power supply and biometric reader syncing properly but overall, it’s a relatively solid option that allows quick access, has few structural weak points and comes with a decent warranty.

It arguably has one of the best biometric locks on the market and is, therefore, a decent option worth consideration for storing your handguns and mags.