HORUSDY Lockbox for Guns and Valuables

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The Quick Answer: The Horusdy safe is designed to fit just about anywhere – in a bag, a desk drawer, or under a bed. It’s great that it’s also TSA approved. Overall, it’s good – but also quite basic – in our opinion.

The Horusdy lockbox is designed for travel and general-purpose use around the house or office. 

Travel lockboxes can be hit and miss when it comes to security and functionality, which can be a particular issue when carrying guns or personal valuables so we are going to really scrutinize this product and see what features it comes with to make it a secure and easily portable option.

Key Features

This small and compact lockbox might seem basic in design but when you factor in the product cost, you’ll find it provides good value for money and the below features are an indication of just why!

1. Portability

If you are considering this product then we will assume portability is one of the driving decisions for whether or not this will be a good option. It’s not a heavy-duty product so the key feature is its portability and convenience of use.

Its compact design and lightweight of under 3 pounds make this a very viable option for travel or storage in your car’s glove box. The case comes TSA approved which means you can carry an unloaded handgun in checked-in baggage or you can also use it to store other personal valuables like a passport, wallet, or important documentation.

The design is discreet and comes with a steel cable tie for added security during travel. The design may not be the most solid on the market but this is a product easily suited to travel and can double as a convenient lockbox for home or office use.

2. Durability

This lockbox is certainly in the category of “compact” but just because it’s small does not mean it won’t be a solid and durable option. Firstly, its anti-pry design and steel construction make it a reliable option to deter theft or forced entry.

It can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of force and its discreet design make it an ideal travel option. It also comes with a steel cable tie for an added layer of security to attach it to a seat or inside of your baggage.

One slight caveat or weakness in terms of the product durability is the included lock. We’ll cover this in a bit more detail when looking at the security features shortly but for long-lasting use, the lock is the least durable aspect of the product.

While it’s far from an indestructible design, it has some good features in terms of durability and design. It does enough to act as a theft deterrent, so it can certainly be a good option for holding a handgun or other valuables during travel.

3. Storage

This lockbox is specifically designed to hold a single handgun with a spare magazine. It’s a specific design and purpose though it can be versatile and will also act as a solid security option for a passport, phone, money, or other valuable items when traveling or for safe storage in the house/office/car.

The product dimensions are 9.5” x 6.5” x 1.8” and the lockbox comes with a foam-padded interior to keep your items sealed securely.

4. Security & Access

This product is not going to amaze anyone with impenetrable features and fancy tech for access. If we are being honest, it’s quite a basic product that fulfills a specific purpose, portability. Therefore, the security features are not the most high end.

The lockbox comes with a zinc alloy combination similar to what you’d see used on a travel lock for a suitcase. As mentioned, it’s nothing too solid and if we are being critical, it’s the major flaw and downside with this product.

As it’s a relatively “cheap” combination lock, it can be prone to easily breaking or malfunctioning and plenty of users have experienced issues setting it in the first place as the instructions are basic and when tested, simply wouldn’t work.

Lock aside, the lockbox is actually a relatively secure product and comes with an anti-pry and crushproof design that can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of force. The included steel tie means that for travel purposes, it’s a sufficiently secure option.

Pros & Cons


  • Portability: This product is optimized for portability. It’s a small and compact size, meets TSA requirements for carrying an unloaded firearm in baggage, is a discreet design, and weighs just under 3 pounds.
  • Security: The tamper-resistant design is manufactured from steel and comes with a 4-foot long steel cable that can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of force.
  • Durability: It’s not heavy-duty but for the purposes of travel, it has a solid and durable design. It has mounting functionality and the steel cable will act as a good deterrent.
  • Size: While it has a compact and lightweight design, the interior comes with enough space to hold two small pistols or a single handgun with accessories (or a range of other valuables of your choosing).


  • Weak Lock: The zinc alloy combination lock is a very basic and relatively cheap option that will not offer top-level security. These locks can be prone to damage quite easily and are not unknown to simply malfunction. Therefore, when considering this product, keep in mind that the lock will not be the most reliable or secure feature.


As a portable and compact lock box for storing a handgun or other valuable items during travel or for more general use, the Horusdy lockbox is a relatively decent option in our opinion.

Make no mistake, it’s quite a basic product in terms of features and will serve more as a deterrent than a fool-proof security system, especially given the potential weakness with the lock combination.

With that said though, it’s lightweight, durable, easy to access, and passes TSA requirements for travel. As it ticks so many boxes we’d definitely consider it to be a decent option for travel and it will satisfy some basic needs.