Does The Fire Department Fill Swimming Pools?

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The Fire department does have the resources to fill swimming pools but they will rarely do that to avoid certain legalities & liabilities. Their time is quite valuable & is better suited for helping others and in saving lives.

Fire stations are one of the busiest & important places in the city. You will hardly find the firefighters sitting idle and doing nothing.

So it is likely that they will focus on using their precious time for saving people’s lives over filling up swimming pools.

In this post, we are going to explore:

  • Some of the practical reasons for which the majority of the local fire stations don’t indulge in pool filling services.
  • Few exceptional scenarios where the fire department can provide services to fill your swimming pool.
  • The steps you can take to fill your swimming pool on your own in case your local fire department rejects your request of filling the pool.

So let’s Dive right in…

6 Reasons Why the Fire Department Won’t Fill Your Swimming Pool

#1. Their Time Is Reserved for Emergencies

Firefighters are one of the most dependable pillars of our society. It goes without saying that their time is of utmost value. Even a slight delay of few minutes can become the reason behind irreversible damage to property and human lives.

In the majority of the big fire stations, the water is being kept in the tanks strictly for emergency purposes. Why?

  • Firstly no one knows when a major fire will break out and the services of all the fire trucks will be needed. Using the water for filling up swimming pools will be a huge risk. Hence it’s logical not to provide any of such services in the first place.
  • Secondly, the fire stations can’t give away resources kept for public service for free as there are serious maintenance costs involved in running everything smoothly.

#2. Filling up Pools Can Damage their Public Image

The Job of the Firefighters is to protect and save people from adversity. Firefighters have suitable respect in society and in the public eyes, they are nothing short of heroes who come without capes.

Filling up pools that also on private contracts can affect this respectful image of the firefighters in a certain way. This in the long run can tarnish the reputation of their organization & give rise to unwanted discussions in the public.

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#3. Helping Someone to Get Their Pool Filled Can Set an Unwanted Precedent

Think about it. If they set an exception and help you to fill up your swimming pool, they will set up a precedent. Hereon they won’t be able to reject the request of others when they seek the fire station’s service for filling up their pools.

If they keep up this practice, this may look bad for them in the public eye as this is definitely not their primary role in society.

#4. The Use of Such Valuable Equipment for Filling Pools Will Be Hard To Justify

New fire trucks having built-in ladders, water tanks, and other specialized equipment can be as expensive as $1 million. The expense can vary depending on a variety of factors but the important thing to note is, the fire trucks sure don’t come cheap!

Hence it is hard to justify the use of such valuable and expensive equipment, facilities, and gears for filling up swimming pools.

This is one of the prominent reasons why they avoid these sorts of services. In hindsight, this definitely doesn’t look like a good use of the public’s money.

#5. To Avoid Causing Damage to Your Swimming Pool

The fire trucks use water pumps that can pump water at extremely high pressures.

When the water of such intense pressure comes out of the tank and hits the swimming pool base, it can cause some serious damage to the pool base especially if the water filling is done at a quicker pace.

This can call for unaccounted repair charges and extra headaches. That’s another reason why fire stations keep themselves away from such activities.

#6. For Avoiding the Hassle Over Water Quality & Safety

The water used by the fire extinguishers is obtained from public open water resources.

This includes ponds, lakes, rivers, etc. The water quality is not a factor for extinguishing fire but it is a factor when filling up swimming pools.

Moreover, it is hard to know how often the water tank and the water pipes of the fire truck are being cleaned or sanitized. Hence the hygiene and quality of the water stored in the water tank is an area of major concern.

Exceptions Where the Fire Department May Fill Up Your Pool

For Raising Bonus Funds for Charity

Often time’s Fire stations remain associated with many fundraisers as well as charities.

As a part of such activities, they can indulge in providing private services of filling swimming pools and then can donate the earned money.

When the Fire Department Is Not Busy Enough

If you live at a place where the population is relatively low, it can happen that the services of your local fire station are underused owing to less demand.

In such instances, the fire stations can indulge in activities of filling swimming pools in exchange for a fee at a scheduled date and time.

How To Check If Your Local Fire Department Will Fill Up Your Pool or Not?

  • Google “Fire stations near me” and chances are high that Google will provide you with a list of many fire stations.
  • You can then use the contact details given on their websites to call them and ask them whether they provide services of filling up swimming pools.

Other Ways to Fill up Your Pool

Use Garden hoses to connect with the tap

Use the city water supply to fill up your pool. Depending upon the water pressure and your pool size it can take one to two days for the pool to be completely filled.

But, if you live in a drought-prone area that suffers from severe water shortage issues, this can be a problem and can get quite pricey.

You should call your local municipality or water supplier to let them know that you are filling up a pool. They can provide you with better and fast options for filling up the water.

At times you may need to give the municipality extra sewage fees while using the city water for these purposes. Hence it is always better to call them first.

Pros of using Garden Hoses to fill up Pools

  • No Need to depend upon anyone
  • Cheap
  • Optimized Water quality

Cons of Using Garden Hoses to fill up pools

  • It’s a slow process, can take 1 to 2 days. You can speed this process up if you have a water transfer pump.
  • In some places, such continuous use of tap water can lead to extra charges.

Use the services of the local pool company

Almost every major city or town these days has got pool companies that contain gigantic water trucks that can do the job for you.

This is a pricey option in comparison with the previous one. But if you can afford it, using the services of the local pool company is a very quick and hassle-free way of filling up your pool.

Pros of using pool services to fill swimming pools

  • It’s a fast process and can fill up your pool within a few hours.
  • Many pool water delivery services also provide pool cleaning services so if your swimming pool requires cleaning then it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • They can help in balancing the water pH for extra fees.

Cons of using pool water services for filling pools

  • Can be a little bit pricey.
  • You may have to spend that extra bit of time calling many services, comparing the prices, and then choosing the rightful one.


“Can I use a fire hydrant to fill my pool?”

Technically fire hydrants can be used to fill up swimming pools as it is designed to pump larger quantities of water in a short time. But in reality, it is better not to use it for such nominal purposes.


  • Well, handling fire hydrants are something that requires expertise and is not at all suitable for beginners. As the volume of water coming out of the hydrant will be many times higher than that of a regular tap, it can knock you off if you are not too careful. It can lead to serious injury.


Even though the concept of using the services of the fire department for filling up swimming pools may sound exciting, in reality, it’s an extremely rare thing.

With the rise in population, the duties and requirements of the services of the fire department have increased substantially. Time is an important factor for them as their profession is dedicated to protecting and saving lives. So if you think about it, it’s quite logical for them not to entertain any kind of other requests.

But, in some rare cases, local fire stations can indulge in pool-filling activities in exchange for a nominal fee. So even if the chances are pretty slim it never hurts to actually call your local fire department and ask right?