Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit – My Initial Thoughts

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The BREEO smokeless fire pit is a product that looks to create a portable fire pit in a solid, durable, and heavy-duty design. It’s a clean stainless steel product great for outdoor patio cooking or on-the-road car camping.

If you’ve been looking for something that is more solid than your typical lightweight fire pits, yet still light enough to pick it up and take it out on the road, this could be just the right product for you.

In this article, we’ll run through all the features and key selling points with this product and see if it’s “smokeless” functionality is a game changer in the fire pit space or if it’s just a clever marketing ploy.

Key Features


Functionality is quite high with this product but not necessarily right out of the box. It’s design is centered around being smokeless and has holes at the top and bottom of the pit to circulate airflow in order to keep the fire burning whilst also reusing the smoke that enters through the top.

This is an excellent idea but many customers feel that the execution is rather limited and the claim of a smokeless product is not quite accurate. This is disappointing as many people will buy this based solely on the need for a smokeless pit and may not get quite what they were expecting.

With the smokeless feature aside, this is still a great functioning fire pit and even has the option to double up as a stove. The Double Fire grill and post (sold separately) can be attached to this product and offers a cooking functionality that is ideal for backyard or outdoor use.

It can cook at temperatures of over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit which is the temperature most steakhouses will use allowing you to cook a variety of meats to an efficient and high standard.


This fire pit is advertised as a portable option and weighing in at 42 pounds, you will need to take it with some context because it is also a heavy-duty build made entirely of stainless steel. For some people, 42 pounds can be classed as lightweight, but for others, as soon as you are nearing 50 pounds it’s no longer considered light.

In terms of being able to put in in an RV, back of a truck or even the boot of your car means that this product is clearly portable and ideal for most outdoor use (beach, camping, backyard patio), but once it’s full of ash, there is nothing lightweight about it!

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All 41 pounds of this product is handcrafted and welded from stainless steel to create a solid and long lasting product.

It’s arguably one of the most well built products we’ve seen in this category and as mentioned earlier, it’s light enough to take on the road but still solid enough to not get overly damaged when kept loose in an RV or back of a pickup.

A few users have claimed to find the product rusting but overall, it’s a good finish that is built to last. It’s also a product that is manufactured solely in America in Pennsylvania using local tradesmen.


The main reason for the popularity with this product is the value for money aspect. This 19” model could be an affordable alternative the larger 24” model, yet as a result of the unique burning design, the heat and flame can easily match the larger 24” product.

This makes an interesting scenario whereby the smaller model offers very similar functionality to the seemingly larger one and therefore provides excellent value for money when comparing similar products.

Pros and Cons


  • Double Flame: The double flame (burning the smoke as well as the wood) ensures that the flame burns extremely hot making it ideal for cooking.
  • Cooking: Linked in with the above point, the heat from the flame and even distribution is unusually well suited to cooking and something rarely seen in a fire pit that burns specifically for portable use.
  • Durable: The fully stainless steel construction with welded parts (in some areas), allows for a heavy-duty and durable product that will last years, maybe even a lifetime of use. It’s rust-resistant and can take a few bumps in the back of a pickup.
  • Value for Money: There is a larger 24” model but the consensus is that this 19” model does everything that the 24” model does and may be a money saver.


  • Smokeless: The product claims to be smokeless and uses innovative design systems to repurpose the smoke but a lot of customers have found that it generates just as much smoke as regular fires.
  • Flame Length: As this flame burns so hot, it also burns through wood at a rapid rate so you need to be stocked up well to get a long lasting flame.

Final Thoughts

The Breeo smokeless fire pit is an innovative product, albeit in a very minimalist/simple design, that aims to provide a high level of functionality and portability in a durably built structure. While it certainly hits the mark on a lot of those intentions, we won’t say it’s a product that will revolutionize the market.

The smokeless feature is not really what we expected but overall, this is a product that is ideal for backyard use or for any outdoor trip on the road. It’s solid enough to last long term use, is portable enough for most outdoor pursuits, and supports a pretty good, long lasting flame.