5 Best Waterproof Safes (2020) – for Homes & Boats

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Here at Firefighter Garage, we’ve reviewed just about every fire resistant safe out there (see our epic fireproof safe review here). But what if you want a waterproof option? Fortunately, there are tons out there.

Rosie and I selected the Honeywell 1103 Safe as the best waterproof safe. It’s got the highest waterproof rating that we’ve found at a reasonable price (as well as a great fireproof rating). We also like that it’s got a carry handle and is a nice size to fit in a cupboard or under a bed.

The only downside is that it fits A4 documents but doesn’t fit legal size documents like wills and marriage certificates. Fortunately you can upgrade to the Honeywell 1104 for legal documents, but it’s at a higher price point.

If you want to get the Honeywell 1103, you can click on the image to go straight to its product page on Amazon.

We also found a few others that we’ll review here for you as well. You can review our buyers guide which has our selection criteria at the end of this article.

The best waterproof safes are:

  • Honeywell 1103 Safe – (Best Overall)
  • SentrySafe H0100 – (Most Affordable)
  • SentrySafe HD4100
  • Honeywell 1106W
  • SentrySafe SFW082F – (Most Secure)

Before jumping to the full review, here’s a quick overview of my top two recommendations:

The Best Overall

The Most Affordable

Honeywell 1103 Safe

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My Rating: 8.5/10

The Honeywell 1103 fits under your bed or in a closet, has amazing waterproof (100 hours) and fireproof ratings (30 minutes), and has a great carry handle. It ticks almost every box for us.

This safe will hold A4 size documents but if you need to hold larger legal size documents, you’ll want to step up to the Honeywell 1104 instead.

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SentrySafe H0100

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My Rating: 7.5/10

This is a smaller waterproof safe for cash and passports. Get this one if don’t need to store documents. It’s smaller and lighter and you’ll save some money, while still getting quality waterproof and fireproof ratings.

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Best Waterproof Safes

1. The Honeywell 1103 – Best Overall

Quick Review: This safe is the perfect size to fit under a bed or in a closet and easy to carry with the handle. The 1103 version is a great price and will fit A4 documents – but we upgraded to the 1104 version to fit legal documents as well.

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Rosie and I are big fans of our Honeywell safe and really the whole Honeywell brand. They’ve served us well and always go out of their way to get the best waterproof and fireproof ratings.

This one’s got the highest waterproof rating of any safe we could find at a crazy 100 hours submerged at 39 inches under water. On top of this, they’ve got an independent underwriters laboratory fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1550°F.

The size is also super convenient. It’s small enough to fit under a bed or in a closet. It’s also designed to hold a stack of A4 documents flat. But if you want to store a legal size document (like a will or marriage certificate) you might want to step up to the Honeywell 1104 which is just a few inches longer. The upgrade will cost you, though.

The safe is also a lot more portable than others. The handle sits at a really good spot so you can pick it up and carry it like a briefcase.

Why this Safe:

  • Good Price Point: Competitors at a comparable quality often can’t compete with the pricepoint of this safe.
  • High Waterproof Rating: The 100 hour waterproof seal (at 39 inches submerged) is the best we found.
  • Great Size for Stowing it Away: We really like the size – you can fit tons of A4 documents in it but it’s also thin enough to slip under your bed or on a shelf.
  • Carry Handle: The carry handle makes this safe turn into a makeshift briefcase for easy transport on and off your boat.

Keep in Mind:

  • The Weight: All waterproof/fireproof safes are heavy so you won’t be able to get around this.
  • Won’t hold Legal Size Documents: It holds A4 documents fine, but legal size documents are too long and would have to be bent to fit. Note that no safe on this list holds legal size documents, but you can step up to the Honeywell 1104 if you want to store legal-size documents (links to Amazon).
  • Key Lock: For this one, you’ll only be able to lock it via key. That’s pretty normal for small safes.

2. The SentrySafe H0100 – Most Affordable

Quick Review: Here’s our pick for a small and affordable waterproof safe box. It won’t hold a whole lot of documents, but it’ll hold your wallet, keys, cash and passport without any worries.

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The 72 hour water submersion rating of this waterproof box is nothing to laugh about. That’s well above average in the industry. It’s also UL classified to withstand a fire for 30 minutes at 1550°F. So, this one’s packing some serious specs.

But the reason you’ll want to go with this one is that it’s small and affordable. You’ll be able to fit your most valuable belongings in there – like passports and wallets – but nothing too large. It’s perfect, for example, for locking away the wallets and passports of passengers on your boat for security while they go for a swim in the ocean.

Being small, this one also comes in at the lowest weight of all the waterproof boxes you’ll find on this list. That doesn’t mean it’s light though – it comes in at 17 pounds.

Lastly, we’re impressed that this safe has a nice handle for carrying it around, so in many ways it’s comparable to our top pick.

Why this Safe:

  • Affordable: You won’t find a fireproof safe much cheaper than this one.
  • Decent Waterproof Rating: The 72 hour submersion rating is above standard.
  • Portable: Because it’s the lightest safe on this list, it’ll be the easiest to carry around. You can also use the handle to move it about.

Keep in Mind:

  • Key Lock: For this one, you’ll only be able to lock it via key. That’s pretty normal for small safes.
  • Small: It’s the smallest safe on this list and we’d only recommend it for passports and wallets.

3. SentrySafe HD4100

Quick Review: A nice large safe for protecting your A4 documents from water damage.

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This safe can hold a whole lot of A4 documents (but not legal size documents). We’d recommend this for someone who is concerned about keeping their most important files (or their customers’ files) safe from fire and water damage. What’s super impressive about it is that it’s really a waterproof filing system. You can fit hanging files into the dedicated grooves, but you’ll need to buy the hanging files separately.

In terms of waterproofing, it’s also high standard. It’s ETL Verified for 72 hours of water submersion. It also has the 1/2 hour at 1550°F fireproofing, making this safe comparable to other high quality safes on the list.

One thing that did make us a little weary is that it comes in a a whopping 39 Lbs and has no handles. So, you’re not going to want to be lugging this one around. Find a spot for it and leave it there.

Why this Safe:

  • Large: This is the first of our larger waterproof safes, which is great for storing a whole lot of stuff, but not so great for portability.
  • Good Waterproof Rating: A 72 hour water seal is above industry standard.
  • Great as a Filing System: Specifically designed for helping you keep your documents waterproof, fireproof, and still well organized!
  • Competitively Priced: The price point is great for safes at this size.

Keep in Mind:

  • Heavy and No Handles: This isn’t a safe that’s particularly portable. It’s heavy and there isn’t an easy way to carry it around. The Honeywell 1106W (below) solved that problem with its wheels, but the SentrySafe HD4100 doesn’t have a solution.

4. Honeywell 1106W

Quick Review: A large waterproof box for storing a whole lot of valuables. The thing that gives this safe a leg up on competitors is the wheel tray for ease of transport on flat surfaces.

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Honeywell identified a challenge in this size range and tackled it head on: portability. Mid-size safes like this one are supposed to sit under office desks or at the base of a cupboard – but when you want to move them around you’re a bit hamstrung by their sheer weight.

That’s why they sell the 1106W – the ‘W’ standing for wheels, I’d assume. The safe and wheel tray are separate so you can take it off the tray when you’re not moving it about, but my guess is most people will just leave it on the tray for convenience.

The waterproof rating is 24 hours, which is closer to the standard lower-end rating for waterproofing but hey, 24 hours underwater is still a long time. It’s also got the standard 1/2 hour at 1550°F fireproof rating.

Why this Safe:

  • It’s On Wheels: The obvious reason you’d get this safe ahead of competitors like the SentrySafe HD4100 is that it comes on wheels. The ability to roll it around makes life a lot easier… but it’ll only be useful on flat surfaces.
  • Nice Size: It’s large enough to store a lot of stuff, including stacks of A4 documents.
  • Waterproof: The waterproof rating is 24 hours, which isn’t as good as some, but still decent.

Keep in Mind:

  • Won’t fit Legal Papers: While it’s designed for A4 sheets, it’s still not going to fit those 14″ legal papers. For that, I’d refer you back to the Honeywell 1104 safe that I mentioned earlier in this piece.

5. SentrySafe SFW082F – Most Secure

Quick Review: This safe is a step up to a non-portable option that you’ll embed on a shelf. You can choose from a keypad or combination lock. It’s also got some excellent security features.

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This is our top pick for a highly secure waterproof safe that you’ll want to leave sitting on a sturdy shelf. It’s got 1-inch bolts as well as a pry resistant hinge bar for keeping your valuables secure. There’s also the option to bolt it to the floor so it can’t be carried away.

Plus, instead of a flimsy key, you’ll be able to step up to either an electronic keypad or combination lock. We love the combination lock because it doesn’t require batteries.

Another cool feature is that it can withstand a 15-foot fall, again a tribute to its security.

The waterproof rating for this one is 24 hour, while the fireproof rating is 1 hour at 1700°F. The reviews of this one on Amazon are worth checking out. There’s a user-uploaded photo of how this safe survived the California Camp Fire (wildfire) which is an awesome endorsement of its endurance.

(PS. This safe also makes an appearance in our review of safes for pistols).

Why this Safe:

  • Good Shelving: The safe is separated by a middle shelf to help you organize and store all your belongings.
  • Digital Keypad: You can choose between a digital keypad or a combination code. We personally prefer a combination code so you don’t have to deal with batter failure, but the digital keypad looks nice, too.
  • Security: 1 inch bolts and a pry resistant hinge bar make this the most secure safe on the list.
  • Backup Key Entry: You’ll get backup keys to gain entry if the keypad fails – which is super important because chances are the day you want to access the safe the batteries will be dead.

Keep in Mind:

  • The Price: While this safe has added security features and a modern access mechanism, you’ll be paying for it.
  • Not Portable: Get this safe if you plan on putting it in a spot and leaving it there.

What to Look for in a Waterproof Safe

a) Price

You need to balance the price point against the waterproof rating and size. Size is the biggest change as you go up the price points. You can get a smaller waterproof safe for under $65, while larger ones will set you back three figures.

As you step up into the $150 and up price range, start looking for extra security features like pry resistant locks and additional locking mechanisms like combination code locks and electronic keypads.

b) Waterproof Rating

Waterproof ratings range from 24 hour waterproof seals up to 100 hour waterproof ratings. Most people would feel as if 24 hours is a good enough rating, depending on why you’re wanting a waterproof safe.

c) Fireproof Rating

Many waterproof safes also come with a fireproof option. Fireproof ratings are independently certified by underwriters laboratory (UL). They usually come in the form of time and heat ratings – so a 30 minute 1550°F rating means a safe should be able to withstand a 1550°F fire for 30 minutes. For reference, a house fire usually burns between 1500°F and 2000°F at its hottest point.

d) Portability: Size & Weight

All waterproof / fireproof safes are heavy. You can’t escape it.

If you want to be able to carry your safe around (e.g. onto and off your yacht, or to and from work), you might want a nice small safe such as the SentrySafe H0100. It will still be quite heavy, but light enough for you to carry around with you. The smaller ones usually also come with a convenient carry handle.

e) Entry Mechanism

All of the smaller safes will just come with a key lock. These safes are mostly used for their water and fire proof ratings. They may deter petty theft, but a determined thief will crack in. As you step up to the higher quality non-portable safes like the SentrySafe SFW082F, you’ll be able to get a more secure entry mechanism like a combination code or electronic keypad.

We personally prefer combination codes because they feel more secure and don’t rely on batteries that will one day run out – which means more maintenance!

Keep in Mind: Smell and Condensation Issues

The final thing we wanted to let you know about is the issue of internal condensation and smell build up.

This is a problem in all waterproof safes.

The only alternative is to get a water resistant bag.

A waterproof safe by definition keeps water out – and IN. All the air in your safe has water droplets in it. Over time that water will start to form condensation on the inside of your safe, and may damage your valuables long-term.

Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of solutions here – except to get Silica mostiure absorbers (links to Amazon) that you can swap out every now and then for fresh ones.

If we plan on putting something in a safe for a long time, we always put it inside a snap-lock bag and ensure there is as little air / moisture inside the bag as possible for just a little more protection. We’ll often put a Silica pad in the bag, too.

Be aware of Condensation: It doesn’t matter the brand, if you get a waterproof safe, you’ll have to contend with internal condensation build-up eventually. That’s why you should get a Silica moisture absorber when you purchase your safe. They’re affordable and will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Final Thoughts

We chose the Honeywell 1103 as our top pick for the best waterproof safe, but we also like the SentrySafe H0100 as a good affordable alternative. The main things to keep in mind on your hunt for the perfect waterproof safe are size and waterproof rating. Remember they can be quite heavy, so only get one as large as you really need it to be. Once you receive your safe, don’t forget to throw in a Silica moisture absorber / dehumidifer to prevent moisture build-up.

We hope this buyers guide has been useful for you in your hunt for a waterproof safe – and all the best!

– Chris & Rosie