12 Best Under Bed Gun Safes

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best under bed safe

Our top Pick: The Vaultek Essential Series Safe

This is pick for the best under bed gun safe for handguns. This safe’s backlit lights activate as you approach, it has strong security features, and allows for fast access. For a rifle case, check out the awesome Eylar rifle case.

Residential gun safes are notoriously bad for both security and fireproof rating. In this article, we’ve gathered some samples of under bed gun safes available online and reviewed them on several key criteria – with fireproof and safety features being central concerns. While not all safes meet every criteria, we’ve managed to find some diamonds in the rough.

Check out all the reviews below.

The 12 Best Under Bed Gun Safes

The best under bed gun safes are:

This information is shared as personal opinion for our situation only, and does not constitute professional advice to you – so make your choice wisely and if in doubt, consult your nearest gun or safe shop!

First, we’ll provide a comparison table, then under this we’ll do a detailed review of each product.

Under Bed Safes Comparison Chart

Full Reviews of the Best Underbed Gun Safes

1. Best Overall: Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

Quick Review: The best under bed gun safe. Its backlit lights activate as you approach, it has strong security features, and allows for fast access.

We’re starting this review off with the biggest hitter in this category: the Vaultek quick access handgun safe. This and the SentrySafe QAP1BLX (reviewed next) are the two undisputed kings of under bed handgun safes. We lean toward the Vaultek combination entry safe because we don’t quite trust biometric safes as much as combination code safes at this stage.

Chris Says: “This personal handgun safe boasts some of the best user-friendly features on the market – from motion sensor backlights to pry resistant safety features, it smokes most of the competition. I also like that it uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries rather than AA batteries like most competitors.”

The Vaultek also has unparalleled security features for an under bed handgun safe. Its 18 gauge steel exterior is complimented by anti-pry bars around the lip to frustrate thieves trying to enter by brute force. The rear hinge is interior mounted to minimize chances of access through the hinge, too. While no personal residential safe is perfect against thieves, this one has some good features designed to deter thieves.

The entry system is via a combination code of numbers between 1 and 5, and relies on lithium-ion batteries to operate. While we’re generally not fans of battery operated safes (they tend to fail at inopportune moments), the fact this safe uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries rather than AA batteries makes it stand out above the competition.

We really like that the backlit light behind the five buttons use a motion sensor to turn on when your hand hovers near the safe. There’s also an interior LED light for seeing your gun in the dark. Very impressive.

The safe can be bolted to the floor or cable locked to your bed.

We also rated this safe highly in our review article on the best bedside gun safes.

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Fast Access: Enter a combination code on the backlit panel and the lid pops open.

Strong Security: This is one of the few personal handgun safes with advanced security features like pry-resistant hinges.

Great Battery Solution: We like that this model’s battery is a lithium-ion battery rather than AA batteries. Recharge it just like a phone.

Motion Sensor Lights: This is one of the only personal handgun safes on the market that has backlit buttons operated by motion sensor.

Not Fireproof: If you want a fireproof gun safe for under your bed, you’ll need to get either the Honeywell 1103 or FireKing SureSeal safes (reviewed later in this article).

Not for Rifles: Our top choice for a Rifle is the Eylar Rifle Case reviewed later in this article.

2. SentrySafe QAP1BLX Quick Access Pistol Safe

Quick Review: Sleek Design. With biometric access, a fast open lid and interior light, this safe is very stylish and appealing. It’s also got a low height profile for slipping under the bed.

We’re impressed by this safe’s simple and intuitive design. It’s no bigger than it needs to be – with space to hold a handgun and a few small extras such as a wallet, passport or watch. It’s available in two sizes so you could also step up to a slightly larger safe if need be. They state the central model is for 1 handgun and the next size up is designed for 2 handguns.

To get access, you can use the biometric fingerprint reader, a backup combination code, or the backup key. While some competitors allow for 10 different recordings of your fingerprint (to minimize false negatives), this one only allows 10 scans during setup.

Chris Says: “I’m very impressed by the sleek design of this safe. It’s definitely one of my favorites on this list.”

Once you’re in, the lid pops up of its own accord, allowing for fast access to your weapon. We like that the lid doesn’t pop all the way around, but only up to 79 degrees, which is a comfortable position for accessing the handgun quickly.

We’re also impressed by the blue interior LED light that looks great while also serving the practical purpose of helping you see in the dark.

The clearance for this safe is just under 3.5″, so it should fit nicely under most beds, on a bedside table, or in a drawer.

One key downside with this model compared to others is that it relies on alkaline AA batteries that could fail in a time of need. Other alternatives are available, such as safes with combination codes that don’t require batteries, and lithium-ion battery operated safes.

It’s also not fireproof.

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Sleek Design: It looks really nice, and at just 3.2″ high, it should fit under most beds.

Interior LED Light: The blue LED light helps you to get access in the dark.

Automatic Pop-Up Lid: Once your fingerprint scan is successful, the lid snaps open for fast access to your weapon.

Battery Operated: It uses AA batteries to operate. Hopefully they won’t run out of puff right when you need to get access.

Not Fireproof: There is no independent fireproof rating for this safe.

3. Best Under Bed Rifle Safe: Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case

Quick Review: We’ve recently added this safe to the list and we’ve propelled it to our top pick for the best under bed gun safe. We’re big fans of its portability and strength.

While it’s a little heavy, this under bed rifle safe is still one of the most portable on the market. They’ve done well to include a user-friendly handle for carrying as well as wheels for rolling it. And when you compare the 25 Lbs of this safe to the 140 Lbs of the Monster Vault below, it doesn’t seem that heavy after all!

Adding to the portability features of this safe is the TSA approval which allows you to transport rifles on airplanes (check requirements with your airline first, of course).

Chris Says: “It’s hard to look past this safe as an all-round rifle safe. While it fits under the bed, it can also be carried around and put in the trunk of your car. The rollers and handle make it easily portable.”

Inside, the safe is well padded to hold the rifle snug. The one featured here is a 53 Inch model, but if you don’t need that much interior space, they have a 44 inch version as well. You should easily be able to find it on Amazon.

While it’s waterproof and crush proof, it’s not certified fireproof like some other types of safes. Unfortunately for under bed rifle safes there aren’t really any fireproof options.

Check the clearance height below your bed – the exterior height of this safe is  6.12″.

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Portable: This is the most portable fireproof rifle safe in our opinion thanks to its handle and wheels.

TSA Approved: Adding to the feeling of portability, the safe is TSA approved for travel.

Durable: We feel that this safe is quite durable, with a crush proof design and waterproofing exterior.

Not Fireproof: Most under bed weapon safes are not fireproof.

Not Fast Open: You need to get your own padlocks to lock it, and they’re usually pretty slow to open.

4. Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe

Quick Review: Probably equal first for the best under bed rifle safe. This is one of the very few under bed safes that fit rifles. It can also fit snugly into the trunk of many cars.

The Monster Vault dual lock safe is as  horizontal slide out drawer that fits well under a bed. It has a 7″ high in the exterior, enabling you to fit it under most raised beds. But the external width is significant – 48″ – so it’ll take up most of your under bed area.

The internals of the drawer are 44.75″ wide and 51.5″ at a diagonal. This means you can fit many rifles in this safe, which you can’t say about many under bed gun safes.

You’ll notice on many of the Amazon images that people have also placed this safe in the trunk of their car, and it fits snugly in many larger family vehicles.

The size and heavy weight of the product (about 140 lbs) makes it harder for a thief to run off with the safe, although we would still want to lock it to some surrounding furniture such as the bed frame.

Chris Says: “I really like that this is a large, deep under bed safe for rifles. The drawer rolls out, so you never need to move the safe itself – simply enter the code and glide out the drawer when needed.”

To get access, you use a programmable combination code then turn the knob which detaches the horizontal rod that locks the drawer to its casing. We think the security of this safe is okay, but not amazing. A determined and skilled thief would likely be able to pick the backup key lock or even wedge open the drawer with brute force as there is a significant gap between the drawer and the walls of the safe when it’s locked.

Once unlocked, the ball bearing drawer glides smoothly, and you’ll notice that it’s a very deep drawer, allowing you to store a significant amount valuables as well as your weapons inside.

The other thing that appeals to many of our readers is that this model is made in the USA.

One thing we wish we saw was an interior light built-in to this model. Given its size, it would probably be easy for them to include an interior light that turns on when the correct code is entered in the safe.

This safe is also not fireproof, and is quite costly. We do think the cost is justifiable given the size of this safe, though.

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Made in the USA: We know this is a huge appealing factor for many of our readers.

Big Enough for Rifles: This safe’s one of the few dedicated under bed safes for rifles. Its interior width is 44″.

Very Deep: This safe is surprisingly deep, meaning you can fit a lot of weapons in there – or other valuables as well.

Not Fireproof: Most dedicated under bed weapon safes are not fireproof.

No Interior Light: We would have liked it if a light turned on when you enter the correct code.

Price is Prohibitive: It’s a nice large safe, but you’re paying for it.

5. Best Fireproof Option – Honeywell 1103

Quick Review: A Portable Option. We’re big fans of Honeywell’s fireproof briefcases. They’re a great size for fitting under the bed and

Honeywell’s 1103 and 1104 fireproof briefcases fit under the bed, have independent UL fireproof ratings, and have easy carry handles. The 1103 (featured above) is cheaper and lighter but has a lower fireproof rating. A step up to the 1104 gives an excellent fireproof rating at the expense of a little extra weight and a higher price point.

We like that you can carry this safe like a briefcase (although it’s really heavy) and place it inconspicuously anywhere – people will just think it’s a regular briefcase!

Chris Says: “This is a great pick as a fireproof under bed safe, but it won’t hold the gun firmly so it’ll roll around in the safe. It’s best to find a way to secure it in the safe. But there are some great pros – it’s fireproof, and it can hold multiple personal items.”

This safe would also be good for multiple belongings, and can be used as a multi-purpose under bed safe. It fits legal size documents and could store additional valuables like passports, watches, etc.

The one major downside of this model as an under bed gun safe is that it doesn’t have a way to securely hold the gun in place. So, the contents will roll around if you move or tip the safe.

Many safes for handguns on this list have quick access options, whereas this one’s entry is through a key lock only. The key lock doesn’t appear particularly secure, and we wouldn’t rate this safe highly for deterring serious thieves. Nonetheless, it should give petty thieves pause.



Fireproof: We like that it’s got an independent UL fireproof certification. For more fireproofing, step up to the Honeywell 1104.

Looks like a Briefcase: We like that it looks and feels like a briefcase, which makes it a subtle safe to have lying around.

Fits Other Valuables: You should be able to keep cash, a passport, gold, documents, etc. in this under bed safe as well.

Portable: Designed to be carried around, although it’s quite heavy.

Heavy: The fireproofing layers make it quite heavy. This will be true for all fireproof safes.Not for Rifles: Long guns won’t fit.

Nowhere to Secure a Gun: The guns will be loose in the safe and can roll around in there, which is unsafe! You’d need to find a way to make it more secure.

6. HORUSDY Lockbox for Guns and Valuables

Quick Review: Smallest Gun Safe. This is a very small, compact handgun safe that fits under low clearance beds. It’s also great for travel.

This is one of the smallest firearm safes in our list, but there’s a lot to like about it. First and foremost – it will fit under beds that only have minimal clearance, because it’s only 1.8 inches high. It could even conceivably be placed between mattresses.

Being so small and lightweight, it needs to be secured to the bed somehow – which is why it comes with a 4 foot cable with steel tethering designed to resist cable cutters.

Chris Says: “I like that this safe could fit into a backpack, placed under a low clearance bed, or even between mattresses. The manual combination code lock is nice, too, because you don’t need to rely on batteries.”

We’re also big fans of the simple manual combination code that doesn’t rely on batteries or a key. Combination code locks are some of our favorites due to their strong security specs.

The interior of this handgun safe is padded to protect the handgun and prevent it from rolling around.

Another really nice thing about this safe is that it’s Transportation Security Administration approved allowing you to carry your unloaded firearm in your luggage when you travel (check for additional requirements and regulations before doing this, though!).

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Padded Interior: This safe is designed for guns, with a padded interior that hugs your handgun to keep it secure in transportation.

Low Clearance: Can fit under beds that only have 2″ clearance.

No Batteries Required: The manual combination code means you don’t rely on batteries – which fail at the worst moments.

It’s Small: This safe will only fit one – maybe two – handguns max.

Lock Jams: Some people have reported trouble with the lock jamming even when it’s in the right combination.

7. V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case

Quick Review: This made in the USA handgun safe is designed to fit in a drawer, and with its low clearance, could easily fit under a bed as well.

The V-Line 2912-S is a made in USA firearm safe approved by the California Department of Justice for holding firearms.

This safe opens with the Simplex Lock system which – as the name suggests – is very simple. It’s essentially a combination code lock, but the buttons are all in one line and spaced out carefully so you can open the safe by feel in the dark – just remember to practice in advance.

The combination lock buttons are designed to operate without batteries to eliminate the chance that batteries fail on you in the moment of need. This would appeal to someone who doesn’t trust battery and biometric locking systems.

Chris Says: “This is an impressive all-American safe that’s compact and has low clearance for fitting under a bed. It’s designed for quick access and – appealingly – opens without reliance on batteries.”

One thing we think would be good would be if the safe opened automatically after entering the code. As the safe doesn’t pop up on its own, you need to remember to lift it after you turn the knob. The knob also needs to be turned fully before the lid is released.

The height (including the knob on top) is about 3 1/2 Inches. This makes the safe one of the lowest clearance safes on the market and good for low clearance beds, drawers or even under seats.

The safe can also be secured to surfaces using bolts or by buying the V-Line Quick Release mounting bracket (sold separately).

Inside the safe, there is soft padding around the walls, but be careful when using the safe as weapons can still move around inside. It should fit 1 or 2 handguns easily.

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Doesn’t Require Batteries: Sometimes batteries can fail at the most inopportune moments.

Low Clearance: Would fit under a bed with 3.5″ clearance.

Made in USA: Many of our readers prefer made in USA products.

Doesn’t Open Automatically: You need to manually lift the lid rather than have it open using an air pressure system (which we’d prefer).

Not for Rifles: It’s obviously only designed for handguns.

8. V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe

Quick Review: Best drawer safe for handguns. Made in the USA, this is a drawer safe that can pop out from under the bed for fast access. It’s deep and spacious.

The most appealing feature of this safe is the deep drawer that can pop out from under the bed, meaning you don’t have to physically move the safe to access your handgun.

This drawer safe uses the 5 button Simplex locking mechanism to open the safe. We’re personally fans of this locking mechanism because it’s totally mechanical. It doesn’t rely on batteries or biometrics (both of which could fail).

The other thing we like about Simplex locks is the buttons are always large and well spaced-out, so while they aren’t backlit, they are easy to find by touch in the dark.

When the code is entered, you need to turn the knob, and then the safe ‘pops’ out a little, allowing you to pull the drawer smoothly toward you on its ball bearing roller.

Chris Says: “This safe acts as a drawer. By placing the safe facing out from under your bed, the drawer can ‘pop’ out, allowing for fast access. The spaciousness and security are also good features of this safe.”

The insides are spacious – room for handguns plus valuables – and we feel this is a huge advantage of this safe over many others. This is one of the more spacious handgun safes on this list.

Security is also impressive, with anti-pry brackets and 12 gauge steel, although like all personal safes, it’s not fool proof and a determined or skilled thief will be able to break their way in before long.

The height of the safe is 4.37″ – so check the clearance of your bed before purchasing. An interesting feature of this safe is that it has a top mounting bracket (they’re usually bottom mounts), which means you could potentially mount it directly to your bed if you’ve got a sturdy wooden bedframe, although we think that might be a little difficult for most beds.

The fact it’s made in the USA will appeal to many of our readers, and for the Californians – yes, it’s DOJ Approved.

One small irk we have is that this safe doesn’t lock unless you turn the knob after closing it. It would have been nice if it snapped shut upon closing, but it’s not a deal breaker for us.

> Go to our full review of the V-Line Slide-Away security safe



Made in USA: Many of our readers prefer to but all-American products.

No Batteries Required: The Simplex lock system is all mechanical.

Pop-Out Drawer: This means you don’t need to physically lift the safe out from under the bed to get access.

Spacious: The draw is deep, allowing you to fit more valuables in the safe.

No Lighting: As it’s not powered, there isn’t a backlit keypad or internal LED light.

Doesn’t Auto Lock: When you shut it, you need to turn the knob to activate the lock.

9. SentrySafe X075 Security Safe

Quick Review: Power Access! This is a small safe that’s about the size of a laptop, and 7 inches high. The big drawing point for this safe is that you can run a power cord through a hole in the back.

The SentrySafe X075 is a 7.1″ high safe that slips discretely under a bed, in a deep drawer, or could even sit on a desk. It’s about wide enough to fit a regular sized laptop, but is also certainly deep enough to hold a handgun.

The safe is locked by a digital combination code and two live locking bolts. These live locking bolts significantly outdo the flimsier rods of many competitors in our opinion, enhancing the security of this model.

To further add to the security features, it’s possible to bolt the safe down to the floor, and it comes with a full bolt down kit for you to do it yourself.

Chris Says: “This is a safe that could just as easily be a valuables safe as a gun safe. The 7″ height makes this one small enough to fit under many beds. I also really like that there’s a hole for power cord access.”

But the one thing that’s a real standout of this safe is that there’s a power cord access hole to enable you to run power into the safe. While the safe is quite small, it does fit most laptops, so you can conceivably place your laptop in the safe and put it on charge at the same time!

Note that this safe is not fireproof or waterproof, and is not a quick release handgun safe like many others which have dedicated sections for holding the gun so it doesn’t roll around in the safe.

> Go to our full review of the SentrySafe X075



Compact: It fits in a small space, such as under a bed.Power Cord Access: We like that you can run a power cord into the safe to power things inside.

Fits Laptops: Many laptops can fit – check the interior dimensions of the safe to check for your own laptop.

Requires Batteries: We often find batteries fail on us in the most inopportune moments!

Not Exclusively for Guns: This safe was designed as general purpose and has no special features for handguns.

Nowhere to Secure a Gun: The guns will be loose in the safe and can roll around in there, which is unsafe! You’d need to find a way to make it more secure.

10. Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe

Quick Review: This biometric safe has quick access, an attractive padded interior, and space for several handguns. The downside is it’s quite tall, and might not fit under many beds.

There is one main hurdle with the Liberty HDX-250. It’s 9″ tall. If you don’t have 9″ clearance under your bed (or wherever you plan on storing it – e.g. in a cupboard – then you may as well move on to the next safe on our list.

But for those who are okay with a 9″ tall gun safe, this one is definitely worth a good hard look. The biometric fingerprint entry system is clean and subtle on the top of the safe. To program the biometric safe, there’s a small interior button that can be awkward to access, but it’s manageable. You also sometimes have to scan your finger twice because the first time it takes a second for the scanner to ‘wake up’.

Chris Says: “This safe won’t be for everyone, but it will also be some people’s favorite choice. It’s a nice size and can fit several firearms as well as goods like cameras. It opens with a nice biometric entry system, but the 9″ height might deter some people whose beds don’t have the clearance.”

Once the fingerprint scanner accepts your fingerprint, the door slams open fast – perhaps too fast. It’d be fine on carpet, but on a delicate floor it may leave marks.

Then, once you’re in, the inside is padded to protect your gear, and there’s room to store several handguns and other valuables.

Overall, this safe feels quite secure and easy to access. If you’re okay with a safe that’s not fireproof and is a little tall, it’s worth a look.

> Go to our full review of the Liberty HDX-250



Fast Access: Fingerprint access and a fast opening door allows you to get to your gun in great time (if the fingerprint works!).

Padded Interior: The interior is very nice, with good padding to protect your property.

Fits Several Handguns: It’s large enough to fit some personal valuables as well as your handguns.

Door Slams Open: The door opens fast, but quite aggressively, and could damage the floor it opens onto.

Not Fireproof: This model has no independent fireproof rating.

Battery Operated: This model is battery operated, but you can also plug it into AC.

11. SureSeal by FireKing Fireproof Briefcase

Quick Review: The SureSeal by FireKing safe is very similar to the Honeywell 1103 reviewed above, but slightly taller.

FireKing’s SureSeal safe is hugely popular. We’ll often find people click on one of our links over to Amazon to take a closer look at the Honeywell, and they end up buying this one instead! In our opinion, the Honeywell 1103 and SureSeal by FireKing are both direct competitors to one another and more or less the same.

One minor advantage the Honeywell has is that it’s slightly shorter, meaning it may fit under beds with lower clearance.

But, the SureSeal is 1 hour fireproof, while the Honeywell 1103 is 30 minutes fireproof. You’d have to step uo to the 1104 in the Honeywell range to get the same fireproof rating as the SureSeal featured here.

Chris Says: “The SureSeal safe by FireKing is a fireproof briefcase more than anything. It’s multi-purpose and could conceivably hold handguns alongside other valuables. The fact you can slip it easily under the bed (and of course that it’s fireproof) meant we feel it’s worth featuring in this review.”

It’s worth noting that this safe doesn’t have a specified retainer for holding a handgun in place, meaning it will roll about when the case is lifted unless you secure it firmly using your own ingenuity.

The safe can be lifted and carried like a briefcase, and is quite spacious inside, allowing room for legal documents, small valuables and of course a handgun (but not a rifle).

Overall, FireKing’s SureSeal safe is an impressive personal safe that we’d lean toward if we wanted a fireproof rating for our under bed gun safe.

> Go to our full review of the FireKing’s SureSeal safe



Fireproof: We like that it’s got an independent UL fireproof certification. For more fireproofing, step up to the Honeywell 1104.

Looks like a Briefcase: We like that it looks and feels like a briefcase, which makes it a subtle safe to have lying around.

Fits Other Valuables: You should be able to keep cash, a passport, gold, documents, etc. in this under bed safe as well.

Portable: Designed to be carried around, although it’s quite heavy.

Heavy: The fireproofing layers make it quite heavy. This will be true for all fireproof safes.

Not for Rifles: Long guns won’t fit.

Nowhere to Secure a Gun: The guns will be loose in the safe and can roll around in there, which is unsafe! You’d need to find a way to make it more secure.

12. AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device (with Biometric Fingerprint Lock)

Quick Review: An Affordable Choice. This is a very affordable handgun safe from Amazon’s house brand – Amazon Basics. We like the biometric access option.

We’re always touch and go about AmazonBasics products – they span just about every product category so aren’t niched down in any one category. They are Amazon’s “home brand” that’s cheap and accessible across all major product categories. In other words, these guys aren’t experts in safes.

But we also think this safe does tick a lot of important boxes. It’s California DOJ approved – so great for Californian residents – and can hold two handguns quite comfortably. The 2 gun option (there’s also a single gun option at checkout) is about $10 extra, and definitely worth the cost in our opinion.

Chris Says: “This is an affordable biometric fingerprint safe from Amazon’s house brand: AmazonBasics. It’s got some great entry features and is good value for money, but doesn’t stand out above some of the more premium options on this list.”

The biometric fingerprint access allows for quick access in an emergency. We’re impressed that the fingerprint pad holds 50 iterations of your fingerprint in its memory, which increases its chance of working from multiple angles.

If the biometric access fails, there is also a combination entry system and an override key. The three entry options is nice. We’re also impressed that the override key is a laser-cut ‘sidewinder’ key (a bit like a car ignition key) which is a lot better than some of the flimsy keys on many competitor safes.

Once access is granted, the safe opens with a gas piston which pops open quietly. We would have liked to have seen an internal light to turn on when it opens, but you can’t have it all!

The included bottom mounting holes can also allow you to anchor the safe to a wall or the floor, for added security.



Biometric Fingerprint Access: The fingerprint panel allows quick access to your gun in an emergency and it seems to work most of the time.

Backup Access Options: There is a keypad and quality backup key if the bimetric pad fails.

Affordable: One thing we can say about AmazonBasics is they create affordable products.

Not a Known Safes Brand: AmazonBasics isn’t a dedicated safes or home safety brand like some others on this list.

Not for Rifles: Long guns won’t fit.

Not Fireproof: This safe is not independently certified as being fireproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bedside gun safe?

This review has looked at the best under bed gun safes, but most of these safes will be just as good as bedside gun safes. One benefit of having the safe on the nightstand rather than under the bed is that you can usually access it from above more easily (without needing to pull it out from under the bed). Height clearance is less of an issue when you don’t have to fit it under a bed as well.

Is it OK to put ammo in gun safe?

Check the requirements in your own jurisdiction. In general, one of the main problems with keeping ammo in a safe (particularly a fireproof gun safe) is that the moisture could cause damage to it. Sprinkling sawdust in the safe, using silica gel pads, or using a safe dehumidifier can all help to protect your ammunition while it’s stored in a safe.

How secure are personal handgun safes?

Personal handgun safes are not particularly secure. The main benefit is to keep out petty thieves and children. To get a safe that has strong security features, you’re looking at spending A LOT of money. However, there are some things you can do to ensure they’re more secure. One thing to do is tie the safe down to a surface (using the mounting bracket on the safe) or to tie it to a piece of furniture using strong cables.

Usually, small personal safes do not have deadbolts. You’d have to step up to a full size gun safe for additional security features like dead bolts.

However, many small safes can have security features like pry resistant bars to prevent crowbar attacks and biometric locks.

Should my gun safe be fireproof?

Most people don’t find fireproof safes necessary for their weapons. But, it’s also a very appealing feature to many people. When looking for the best fireproof gun safe, make sure it’s got a UL certification for 1 hour at 1700F. Fireproof bags are not able to withstand fires for very long at all, so we tend to avoid them if we want true fireproofing.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find the right under bed gun safe for your needs. This review of the best under bed gun safes has provided some examples and our ratings of them for our personal circumstances. Personally, we’re quite bullish on the Vaultek Essential Series quick access handgun safe for ourselves. We like that it’s got good security features and provides a user friendly experience.

Of course, none of this constitutes advice – professional or otherwise – for you or your circumstances, so do your own due diligence and consult a professional.

We hope this general information has been useful though as you go about searching for the best under bed gun safe for your needs!