5 Best Fire Extinguishers for an RV, Caravan or Camper

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Our top Pick: Amerex B417T

This is our pick for the best fire extinguisher for a camper, RV or caravan is the Amerex B417T for our circumstances. It’s a compact extinguisher that still packs a lot of power to expel a range of fires you might come across on an RV – kitchen, gasoline and electrical. It’s built by the best quality fire extinguisher brand.

Our top pick of the best fire extinguisher for an RV, Camper or Caravan is the Amerex B417T. When doing our research, we were looking for a small, compact extinguisher that came with a sturdy mounting bracket so it could be discretely stored in an RV.

We also had a minimum standard that the extinguisher should have all-metal pin and valve mechanisms (i.e. not plastic junk) and it should be from a respected brand all at an affordable price. Lastly, we wanted one that would be a multi-purpose ABC dry chemical extinguisher so it would fight the whole range of fires we might come across in an RV:

  • Gasoline and oil fires.
  • Small non-commercial kitchen fires.
  • Electrical fires.

We think the Amerex B417T is the whole package and meets all of our requirements above.

You might notice a lot of RV blogs promoting plastic or aerosol extinguisher. These people clearly don’t know anything about fire extinguishers. We can’t believe people are actually recommending an aerosol extinguisher for RVs! We think they’re junk – and many (if not most) of them are not even UL 5-B:C certified, which is really the bare minimum for fire safety in our opinion! (The US Coastguard agrees with us here in their standards for fire extinguishers for small boats).

The crazy thing is: the difference in price from a plastic aerosol piece of junk to an actual quality fire extinguisher is only a few bucks.

Don’t forget that we’re not professionals and not offering personalized professional advice. This is research for our own circumstances only, so seeking professional advice for your situation is a must.

So with that said, here are our five top choices for affordable fire extinguishers for RVs:

  • Amerex B417T (Best Balance between Quality and Price)
  • First Alert REC5 (Most Affordable)
  • Amerex B500
  • Buckeye 13315 2.5 lbs
  • H3R Performance HG250B (Your choice for a non-corrosive Halotron extinguisher)

Best Fire Extinguishers for RVs, Caravans and Campers


Fire Extinguisher

Canister Size

Quick Overview

Our Rating


Amerex B417T

2.5 Lbs

We feel this one is the best balance between quality and price. It’s a compact but very high quality ABC dry chemical extinguisher. It comes with a quality mount for securing it in an RV. Overall it’s respected extinguisher from the top fire extinguisher brand. Go to Review.



First Alert REC5

2.5 Lbs

This is the option for affordability. It’s affordable and still decent quality, but a clear step down from the Amerex B417T. Its UL rating is lower than most, but it is also quite affordable. It’s also really short which we like for fitting it in tight spaces. Go to Review.



Amerex B402

5 Lbs

The thing we love about the B402 is that it’s a step up from 2.5 to 5 lbs of ABC dry chemical but comes in a similar sized canister. It’s also from Amerex, which is our preferred brand. Go to Review.



Buckeye 13315

2.5 Lbs

Buckeye is a great brand of fire extinguisher that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This is a 2.5 lbs ABC dry chemical extinguisher that has all metal components and comes with a great vehicle mount. Go to Review.



H3R Performance HG250B

2.5 Lbs

This model has a non-corrosive substance that is designed not to cause collateral damage to metals it comes in contact with. It’s very popular with sports car enthusiasts. H3R is the go-to brand for aviation grade anti-corrosion extinguishers. Go to Review.


1. Amerex B417T (2.5 Lbs ABC Extinguisher)

Quick Review: This is a high quality and affordable extinguisher that comes with a vehicle mount. It’s compact enough for fitting comfortably in most RVs. This is by far our top pick.

This is a really nice extinguisher that’s affordable, well-built, and just the right size for most RVs.

The price point is quite competitive for the quality of the product. While it’s about maybe 10 to 15 dollars higher than lower-end products (for example the First Alert PRO5), it’s also a big step up in quality in our opinion.

This is also a fire extinguisher created by Amerex, the best brand in the industry. We like Amerex brand because it’s not suffered from the same safety recall issues as other major brands in the past 10 years. It also has all-aluminum components (pin, valve and trigger). This was really important to us given the number of cheaper plastic models on the market.

We also like the smaller size because it doesn’t take up too much space in the RV. (You might notice that 4 of the 5 extinguishers in this review are small 2.5 pound extinguishers). This one’s dimensions are just 15.5″ H x 5.75″ W x 3″ D.

Why This Extinguisher:

  • Affordable: It comes in at a decent price for a quality extinguisher that won’t break the bank.
  • Well Built: An extinguisher with all-aluminum valve, pin and trigger components from Amerex, a top fire safety brand.
  • Good Size for an RV: We like the size of 2.5 pound extinguishers for RVs and caravans. They don’t take up too much space. This one comes in at 15.5″ H x 5.75″ W x 3″ D.
  • Vehicle / Wall Bracket Mount: This model comes with a mounting bracket to secure the extinguisher to a wall in the RV. The mounting bracket that comes with this extinguisher is be quite basic though.
  • ABC Rated: It’s an ABC rated dry chemical extinguisher for putting out liquid fires (i.e. gasoline) as well as small kitchen fires.
  • Rechargeable: With a rechargeable extinguisher users can simply reload it after use (at a certified technician) so they don’t need to buy a new one.

2. First Alert REC5 (2.5 Lbs ABC Extinguisher)

Quick Review: The most affordable fire extinguisher on our list, this one’s designed to be small with RVs in mind. It’s also the lowest UL-Rated extinguisher on the list, so it’s a trade-off between power and price in our opinion.

This is an extinguisher that’s on the more affordable end of the spectrum. This extinguisher is marketed for RVs and is nice and compact for fitting in a camper. It’s the shortest extinguisher in this list, meaning there’s a good chance it can squeeze it into a small space to ensure it’s out of the way. Depending on the distributor, it can come with a bracket and strap that can be used to secure it to the wall of an RV.

The dimensions of the extinguisher are: 12.25″ H x 3.25″ W x 3.25″ D inches.

We like that this extinguisher doesn’t come with a hose, which is what we prefer over having to fight with a nozzle; but this also means it’s a smaller model.

In terms of the cons, we must admit we prefer and trust Amerex extinguishers above all other brands – although in reality First Alert doesn’t have a terrible reputation from what we can tell. The mounting bracket is also plastic, which was a bit of a surprise as we would have preferred to see a metal model.

Why This Extinguisher:

  • Affordable: It’s the cheapest extinguisher on this list.
  • Good Size for an RV: It is also the shortest extinguisher on the list, which means it can fit snugly and discretely inside most RVs.
  • ABC Rated: It’s an ABC rated dry chemical extinguisher for putting out liquid fires (i.e. gasoline) as well as small kitchen fires.
  • Rechargeable: With a rechargeable extinguisher user can simply reload it after use (by taking it to a certified technician) instead of buying a new one.

Keep in Mind:

  • Plastic Bracket: We don’t hate the bracket, but it’s plastic and we would have liked it to have been metal. The mounting bracket that comes with an extinguisher is often quite basic.
  • Brand: We feel that this is a mid-range brand, and doesn’t have as high a reputation as the Amerex in our opinion.

3. Amerex B402 (5 Lbs ABC Extinguisher)

Quick Review: This is our choice for a step up to a more powerful 5 pound extinguisher. It’s still nice and small but the hose hangs a little clumsily and gets in the way.

This extinguisher has a little more fire power than the other two we’ve looked at so far. The thing we love about the B402 5 pound extinguisher is it doesn’t feel that much bigger than a 2.5 pound extinguisher. So it provides a lot of extra power in a package that’s not too much bigger than the other extinguishers in this list. However, the hose can awkwardly take up some extra space. (We also rated this as one of the best home fire extinguishers.)

The other thing about the hose is that can take some time to figure out how to hold the hose, handle and canister all at once. We find it so much easier to use a little extinguisher where we can just point with the nozzle.

The discharge time and range of this extinguisher is also toward the higher end. Its discharge time is about 14 seconds, meaning users can stand back a bit more while having some extra power in there to get control over the fire.

As with the B417T, this extinguisher is also an Amerex that features all aluminum pin, valve and triggers. In other words, it’s a well built and sturdy bit of equipment. As you can tell, we do like the Amerex brand!

And of course, this too comes with a mounting bracket for securing it to the wall of the camper while driving around.

One last note: this is the newer model that supersedes the 500B model from Amerex.

Why This Extinguisher:

  • Good Power: As a step up from a 2.5 Lbs model, it also provides extra discharge time and range.
  • Top Brand: Amerex is the premium brand in fire extinguishers in our opinion.
  • ABC Rated: It’s an ABC rated dry chemical extinguisher for putting out liquid fires (i.e. gasoline) as well as small kitchen fires.
  • Rechargeable: With a rechargeable extinguisher users can simply reload it after use (at a certified technician) so they don’t need to buy a new one.

Keep in Mind:

  • The Size: This one’s a little bigger than the others on this list, but we still think it’s quite compact.
  • The Price: As there’s more dry chemical and more powerful than smaller models, it’s reasonable to expect to pay an extra $15 – $20 for the 5 lbs of substance.
  • The Weight: With the extra power comes extra weight when it’s full. It comes in at about 9.5 pounds (5 pounds chemical + 4.5 pounds canister).

4. Buckeye 13315 (2.5 Lbs ABC Extinguisher)

Quick Review: We’re impressed by the Buckeye brand. This model is small, comes with a really nice mount, and is built with high-quality metal materials.

This extinguisher is nice and small (about 15 inches by 5 inches) and has a nice simple mount that can be screwed to a wall by someone with some handy tool skills. This model is actually a really popular model for cars and our top rated car fire extinguisher.

Buckeye has a good reputation in the industry. Like the Amerex, Buckeye tends not to trade in plastic handles, valves and pin mechanisms – certainly not with this model, at least. So, it makes sense that the 2.5 Lbs Buckeye comes in at a very similar price point to the 2.5 Lbs Amerex that we put at the top of our list.

The discharge time is 9 seconds with a 15 foot range – again, this is comparable to the Amerex 417T.

The one big drawing card of this one, though, is the nice metal mount that comes with the extinguisher.

Why This Extinguisher:

  • Nice Small Size for Discrete Installation: At about 15″ by 5″ we like this size for an RV or camper. It’s small enough to be put in a corner and it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Good Brand: Buckeye is a respected brand that provides a high quality range of extinguishers.
  • Metal Mounting Bracket: This model comes with a nice simple mounting bracket. It might take some skills or a professional for installing it though.
  • ABC Rated: It’s an ABC rated dry chemical extinguisher for putting out liquid fires (i.e. gasoline) as well as small kitchen fires.
  • Rechargeable: With a rechargeable extinguisher users can simply reload it after use (at a certified technician) so they don’t need to buy a new one.

Keep in Mind:

  • Mounting: Users might need to drill some holes to get the mount where they want it. This will require some skills or a trained technician.

5. H3R Performance HG250B Halotron (2.5 Lbs Halotron BC Extinguisher)

Quick Review: Halotron extinguishers are designed to be less corrosive on metals than dry chemical extinguishers, making this one the go-to pick for many enthusiasts worried about additional corrosive damage to their vehicle after discharge.

This one is a popular choice for people concerned about the corrosiveness of dry chemical extinguishers.

This extinguisher is a bit different. It uses a substance called ‘Halotron’ rather than a dry chemical to extinguish fires.

Halotron is less corrosive than dry chemical so is preferred by the airline industry, some sports car enthusiasts, and yacht owners. It is less likely to cause collateral damage to a car when discharged, yet doesn’t have the greenhouse gas effects that its precursor Halon had.

But halotron is also a little less effective and more expensive than dry chemical – so most people don’t bother with it.

H3R have become the go-to brand for providing Halotron fire extinguishers for cars. They provide sleek extinguishers designed to both look good and provide a UL-rated Halotron fire extinguisher for enthusiasts concerned about protecting their vehicles.

Why This Extinguisher:

  • Small to fit in your RV: It’s possible to mount this under the front seat of many RVs.
  • Non-Corrosive: The biggest appeal of this one is it’s less likely to cause damage to the surface of a vehicle.
  • Black Design: H3R is known for their sleek looking extinguisher designs – they also have a chrome version.
  • Mounting Bracket: This model usually comes with an under seat mounting bracket to mount it under a seat in an RV.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not as Effective as Dry Chemical: By H3R’s own measure, haltoron is not as effective as dry chemical in putting out fires. Its UL rating is 2-B:C as opposed to the pretty standard 5-B:C dry chemical extinguishers.
  • Expensive: Halotron extinguishers are usually more expensive than dry chemical extinguishers.

What to Look for in a Fire Extinguisher in an RV

a) Small and Compact

In our research, we looked for a small extinguisher that wasn’t going to take up a ton of space in an RV. We wanted to find one that could be tucked away on a wall or under a seat so it wouldn’t take up extra space.

To achieve this, we decided we liked the idea of a 2.5 Lbs extinguisher. Most 2.5 Lbs extinguishers have dimensions of about 15″ H x 5″ D x 5″ W.

b) ABC Fire Rating

Fire extinguishers have different ratings depending upon the sorts of fires they’re capable of suppressing. The basic fire ratings are:

  • Class A: General combustible materials such as wood, cardboard, plastic…
  • Class B: Combustible liquids and gasses such as gasoline, oil, etc…
  • Class C: Electrical fires.
  • Class D: Combustible metals commonly found in industrial manufacturing.
  • Class F: Commercial kitchen fires.

The most common form of extinguisher is an ABC extinguisher. It’s the most versatile type of extinguisher that will be effective for most non-industrial fires.

So, we went for an ABC rated extinguisher for a caravan/camper.

c) Quality Brand

Brand matters when it comes to fire extinguishers. Some brands have been plagued with recall issues in recent decades. And while we respect them for doing their due diligence and doing the recalls (so we’re not going to name names), we are also inclined to gravitate toward trusted quality brands that haven’t had recent issues. For us, that’s Amerex, Ansul and Buckeye.

d) All Metal Components

There are some really low-quality plastic extinguishers out on the market. We’re sad to say some other blogs out there highly rate low-quality extinguishers for RVs too, so be warned!

We like all-metal components in extinguishers. Aluminum or chrome metal pins, handles and valves are a sign to us of quality and a focus on reliable components.

Furthermore, we aim to avoid aerosol extinguishers. Unless we’re going hiking and need to pack a lightweight extinguisher in our backpack, aerosol extinguishers don’t make the cut for us. They also tend not to have very good UL ratings.

e) Pressure Gauge

We always aim to get an extinguisher with a pressure gauge. Again, we feel any extinguisher that’s worthwhile will have one clearly showing whether or not the extinguisher is in the “green” (no need to recharge) or “red” (recharge or discard extinguisher).

f) Rechargeable

It’s possible to get a fire extinguisher that is rechargeable or one that is disposable. If you discharge a rechargeable extinguisher, you can go to a fire extinguisher professional (your local fire department can point you to one) for a refill. If you discharge a disposable extinguisher, you have to throw out the canister and buy a new one. We prefer to go with rechargeables because they tend to be build more sturdily. Plus, it’s less wasteful.

g) Mounting Bracket

Most of the extinguishers above come with basic mounting brackets. But you still need to find space to drill it into a wall (and you might need a professional to do this for you!). You might want to buy a specialized fire extinguisher bracket that is designed to fit onto a car seat, which is easier to use and install.

Final Thoughts

The biggest takeaway here for us was to make sure to get a decent quality fire extinguisher, not a plastic or aerosol piece of junk. It’s with the extra 10 to 15 dollars to have a quality fire extinguisher in our opinion.

The other thing we took away from our research was to try to get a small one that can be mounted on a wall or under a seat discretely.

We went with the Amerex B417T as the best fire extinguisher for an RV, but we think all 5 extinguishers on this list make the cut for our own personal circumstances.

And with that we’d like to conclude where we started: this article has shared our opinions for our circumstances only, is based on our online research, and does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise. Your circumstances or experiences will differ from ours. Make sure you do your own additional research and due diligence and adhere to the rules laid out in our terms and conditions and disclaimer.

We hope this review has been helpful to you, and all the best with your purchase!