9 Best Portable Fire Pits (2020) – Affordable & Lightweight

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Our top Pick

The Fireside Outdoors Pop-Up Fire Pit

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This is the best portable fire pit for campers who camp in places not too far from their car. It can pack into a small pack for easy transport and carrying, and is large enough for everyone to gather around.

However, if you are a hiker you might want to choose an alternative like the smaller Trailblazer also by Fireside Outdoors (check it out on Amazon now). This one is lightweight and can fit in your backpack. It also has a cooking grate so you can grill over your fire!

Portable fire pits are a great way to ensure you’re having fires safely while tailgating, camping, on the beach, or on a hike. As avid campers, Chris and I decided we should get one for this summer.

We decided to share our picks for the best portable fire pits in this review. We’ve got a full guide of what to look out for when choosing a portable fire pit at the end of this review. But for now, we know you just want to know the answers!

So, here are our picks for the best portable fire pits:

  • “Fireside Outdoor” Pop-Up Fire Pit – Best Overall
  • “Fireside Outdoor” Trailblazer 3 lbs Fire Pit – Best for Cooking
  • “RedK” Foldable Stainless Steel Firepit
  • “Snow Peak” Stainless Steel Pack & Carry Fireplace
  • “SuchDeco” Foldable Outdoor Fire Pit
  • “Outland Firebowl” – Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit – Best Propane Gas
  • Double Flame Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit
  • “UCO” Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit – Best for Solo Backcountry Hikers
  • Camp Chef Gas Fire Ring

Best Portable Fire Pits

1. “Fireside Outdoor” Pop-Up Fire Pit

Quick Review: The best portable fire pit by a country mile. Well designed, large, and super easy to construct and deconstruct without tools. Plus, it packs away into a small carry bag.

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“Campfire Defender” has created an awesome range of pop-up fire pits, and this is the big daddy of all of them. It’s 24″ by 24″ (e.g. 2 foot wide and 2 foot high). So, it’s nice and big for a group of campers.

But the nice thing is that the size doesn’t come with too much weight. At 7 lbs, it’s not the lightest portable fire pit – but it’s definitely light for its size.

It’s also super easy to set up. It can be set up in under 60 seconds and without tools. When you’re ready to deconstruct it, it’s remarkable that it cools down within 90 seconds after the fire has been put out.

Why? Because it’s made of aluminum.

The carrying case is okay, but potentially a little thinner than you might like. Once it’s all packed down, the overall size of the compact carrying case is 27″ x 5″ x 5″.

It burns quite nice fires as well. It has an underlying fire pit grate that allows for airflow – which makes for a smooth, clean fire. The grate will hold 125 lbs of fuel for the fire. Keep in mind that you can’t use firelighters to start the fire as this may damage the mesh grate. 

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Large for Big Groups: The 24″ x 24″ fire pit can burn a big fire!

Insanely Easy to Construct: You don’t need any tools and can construct and deconstruct it in under 60 seconds.

Burns Great Fires: The airflow underneath helps it burn cleanly and smoothly.

Packs down to a Small Carry Bag: The carry bag is nice and small so you can drive it to and from your campout.

Cooking Grill Sold Separately: They have a grill for cooking, but you have to buy it separately.

Can’t add too many Logs: Don’t throw too many logs on the fire as it’s got a max. weight of 125 lbs.

Can’t add Accelerants: Adding firestarters, gasoline, etc. to the fire will damage the pop up pit.

2. “Fireside Outdoor” ‘Trailblazer’ 3 lbs Fire Pit – Best for Cooking

Quick Review: This is an amazing portable fire pit perfect for someone hiking in and out of their camping spot. Just watch the video below and you’ll be sold.

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Well, this is a first. We’ve decided to give the same brand first and second place in the one review!

Look familiar?

This portable fire pit is the little brother of the winner above.

The main difference with the ‘Trailblazer’ is it’s even more lightweight and portable than its big brother. It comes in at a total weight of just 3 lbs and has a surface area of 12″ x 12″. The downside is it also holds less weight – don’t put more than 25lbs of firewood on this at any one time.

So it’s little. But it’s perfect for backpack campers.

The other amazing thing about this one is that it has a cooking grill included that can hold a decent sized frying pan or about 6 hamburger patties.

Just like the larger model, this one has a lot of great airflow for a clean burn and low-smoke fire, which is great for clean cooking.

Funnily enough, they claim this one takes 90 seconds to construct whereas the larger one takes 60 seconds. We assume they’ve given you those extra 30 seconds to fit the cooking grill grate on top.

The last thing we wanted to point out is that Fireside Outdoor is a small all-American family brand and we love the idea that you’re supporting an American small business.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Perfect for Backpackers: The carrying case can fit in your backpack for packing in and out of your camp out spot.

Cook with this One: The one big advantage over the larger version is that this small version comes with a cooking grill grate included.

Insanely Easy to Construct: You don’t need any tools and can construct and deconstruct it in under 60 seconds.

Burns Great Fires: The airflow underneath helps it burn cleanly and smoothly.

Watch how much Firewood you Place on It: They recommend a maximum weight of 25 lbs of firewood.

Can’t add Accelerants: Adding firestarters, gasoline, etc. to the fire will damage the pop up pit.

3. Outland Firebowl – Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Quick Review: This is the best portable propane gas fire pit. A great alternative to wood fires – but it doesn’t have a cooking grill grate.

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This product is our pick for the best gas powered portable fire pit.

Personally, we prefer fire pits that burn wood – we just love that natural outdoors feel.

But there are some big pros of a portable gas fire pit.

The main one: often you’re not allowed a wood burning fire in some parks, but you may still be allowed a gas fire pit. So you can get around a lot of the laws and still have a fire. This one’s CSA approved, so you can use it in parks that have campfire bans but still allow CSA approved fires.

Next: you don’t need wood! (You’ll need a propane tank though).

So let’s talk about this propane fire pit specifically.

They have a full range of sizes from small (‘standard’) to x large (‘mega bowl’).

The one we’re linking to here is the middle size which has a 19″ diameter fire pit and comes in at a weight of 25 lbs. All their propane fire pits burn on a natural-looking lava rock platform. This creates a flickering effect that mimics a wood fire. Furthermore, you can simply turn the dial to increase or decrease the flame height.

You can light it up without a match using the matchless auto-ignition, but you’ll of course need a propane tank to fuel it. The propane tank cylinder is not included. 

Lastly, the fire pit comes with a cover, a carry kit, and a 10 foot hose. This means you can keep your propane tank in your RV and run the hose to the fire pit.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

No Firewood Required: This one runs off propane gas, so you won’t need firewood – but you will need a propane gas cylinder.

Mimics a Wood Fire Effect: It flickers like a wood fire.

Use During Fire Ban: Check your local requirements, but a propane fire pit can often be used during a fire ban.

Has Warranty: The 1 year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty means you can purchase it online with confidence.

No Cooking Grate: This one isn’t the best for cooking. There isn’t a grill grate to cook your food.

Not as Nice as a Wood Fire: We prefer wood fires.

4. UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit – Best for Solo Backcountry Campers

Quick Review: It’s a great compact little fire pit, but emphasis on little. It’s perfect for the lone wolf camper who treks out into the wilderness on his own for a few days.

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This firepit / grill is a very nice, well-designed product that can help you to safely build a fire and cook with it, if you want to.

The first thing we noticed about this one is it’s tiny. It folds down into a tiny pack for backcountry campers. The pouch it comes in is sturdy and has a quality velcro strap to keep it shut.

It’s also very quick to construct and doesn’t require tools. It takes less than 10 seconds to get it from the pouch to fully constructed. It’s a simple matter of flipping it out – almost like opening a book.

It also comes with a grill top so you can use it either as a simple fire pit or for cooking.

Now for the things that worried us a little.

It’s small. While that’s great for an individual camper, even two people might be fighting for space on this one. Its regular size is 13 x 10 inches, while the small one is 9 x 6.75 inches.

The other thing we wished was more well thought-out was that the grill’s height isn’t adjustable. It would have been nice to have had the grill sitting a little higher so you can keep feeding or stoking the fire while grilling.

Overall, this is a really nice one-person fire pit for a single camper.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Compact for Hikers: It folds down into an excellent little pouch.

Cooking Grill: You can use it either for heat or for cooking on the grill grate.

Super Fast and Easy to Construct: Takes literally seconds to put it together – without tools!

Too Small for Many: It’s really only big enough for a solo camper, maybe a couple at a stretch.

Grill not Adjustable: We wish the grill say higher so you could work on the fire and cook at the same time.

5. “SuchDeco” Foldable Outdoor Fire Pit

Quick Review: A compact pack-able fire pit that would fit in your backpack for multi-day hikes.

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SuchDeco has developed a nice backpack fire pit for multi-day hikers.

The whole portable fire pit is designed to be carried in a backpack. It packs down to a very small 12.8″ tall bag that slips into a backpack. It’s very lightweight, and the legs fold up like the legs of a tent.

When it’s time to construct the fire pit, it also goes together a bit like a tent. While it’s advertised as easy to put together, it’s a little more complex than others to construct.

The heat resistant mesh remarkably withstands fire, but don’t put accelerants like fire starters or gasoline on the fire as this may cause damage. And what’s really cool is that the mesh is washable – simply hit it with some washing detergent and a garden hose after your camping trip!

You can select this in one of two sizes: The medium option is 16.5″ x 16.5″ when fully assembled. The large option is 22″ x 22″ when fully assembled.

Personally, we’d much prefer the larger version.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Great for Backpackers: It’s lightweight and packs into a backpack.

Washable: We love that you can just wash the mesh after your camping trip, ready for the next one.

Two Size Options: We’d go for the large, as 16 inches isn’t that much.

Can’t add Accelerants: Adding firestarters, gasoline, etc. to the fire will damage the pop up pit.

Not the Easiest to Construct: You can put it together without tools, but there are other more simple ones on the list. (That said – this one packs down really small so the trade-off is worth it for hikers.)

Not for Cooking: There isn’t a grill grate for cooking on this one.

6. Snow Peak Stainless Steel Pack & Carry Fireplace

Quick Review: An amazingly well-built portable fire pit made with Japanese ingenuity.

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This is a really nice portable fire pit.

It’s designed and made in Japan, and it shows. The fire pit folds out from flat almost as if it’s Japanese origami. So, it packs away small but also folds out instantly

It is also known for being incredibly stable.

Once it’s folded out, it’s a cone-shape. Place your wood and kindling inside the stainless steel pit and set it alight!

Then, you can place the grilling grate over the top to grill your food. It’s nice and large so you can cook for a few people. Plus, unlike cheaper designs, the stainless steel doesn’t have gross paints and chemicals on it that causes the food to taste off. Nonetheless, we’d recommend burning any fire pit the first time without cooking food on it in case it burns off any surface chemicals.

It also comes in a nice flat bag which is held shut with velcro straps, making it easy to carry around.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Very High Quality: The Japanese design quality is obvious.

Comes with Carry Bag: It has a sturdy carry bag with velcro straps to keep it closed.

Easy to Construct: It folds out easily and instantly. Anyone could construct it – without tools!

Grill for Cooking: The built-in grill is large and can be adjusted to two heights

Awkward Cone Shape: We don’t feel a cone shape is the best shape for a fire pit.

Only two Grill Heights: We know it’s a petty complaint, but we wish there were more height options for the grill grate.

Is it in your Budget: Check the price on the Amazon sales page before getting your hopes up.

7. Camp Chef Gas Fire Ring

Quick Review: A nice small simple and portable propane fire pit for someone who doesn’t like smokey fires.

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This is the other propane powered portable fire pit that we wanted to show you. It’s a nice small one that’s really simple – which we like. It’ll be great for smokeless fires but won’t give you that nice wholesome feel of a true wood fire pit.

This one comes with a 5 foot hose which is smaller than the 10 foot hose provided in the other propane fire pit we reviewed on this review article.

At 15″ in diameter and 7″ tall, this fire pit is small but not tiny – there are certainly smaller ones out there. So it’s not for a big group, but surely big enough for a couple. 

It comes with a 12 lb. bag of lava rock which you can throw straight on into the fire pit to make it look a whole lot nicer.

The next thing that jumped out at us was that it had a nice carry bag included. We love a good carry bag – so this really appealed to us.

The last thing we thought you should know is that it includes 2 extendable roasting sticks. So, while it doesn’t come with a cooking grill, you could still roast some smores and maybe some sausages on this.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Compact with Carry Bag: We like that you can pack it away and throw it in the trunk of your car.

Smokeless: If you hate smoke, a propane fire pit is best for you.

Comes with Roasting Sticks: While we wish it had a cooking grate grill, the roasting sticks are a decent compromise.

No Cooking Grate: This one isn’t the best for cooking. There isn’t a grill grate to cook your food.

Not as Nice as a Wood Fire: We prefer wood fires.

8. “RedK” Foldable Stainless Steel Firepit

Quick Review: A simple and genius design – you’d think it was cheap given the simplicity, but… maybe not. Check the price for yourself.

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on Amazon.

It’s incredible how the traditional steamer basket has been given an all new purpose.

When I saw this I thought a few things: (1) I’ve seen this in my kitchen! (2) This is genius! (3) It better not cost too much!

Let’s go through them one at a time.

It looks just like a fold-up steamer basket. Literally – I got my steamer basket out of my kitchen and it looks the same! The only difference is the size. My steamer basket is maybe 8 inches in diameter and this is 12 inches in diameter.

Don’t be fooled by the images on Amazon – it’s only 12 inches in diameter. So, it’s pretty damn small.

But it’s still genius! The holes in the steamer basket – (I mean portable fire pit) – allow a lot of air flow to get in to ensure the fire has tons of oxygen to fuel it. Basically, it acts as a portable fireplace grate, giving the fire air to breathe and leading to a smoother, cleaner fire.

My last thought? It better not cost too much! Amazon doesn’t let us share prices on our posts – but click the ‘check the price’ button above to see the price on Amazon.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

Compact: It folds up to basically nothing.

Really Light: It only weighs 0.56 lbs.

Smooth Fire: The holes in the bottom let air in to give it a nice smooth fire..

Check the Price: If you want to know more, check the price on Amazon. You might be surprised (sorry, we’re not allowed to display product prices).

Very Small: Honestly, it’s smaller than it looked in the images, and when we measured out a 12 inch diameter circle, that was enough to turn us off.

Not for Cooking: There isn’t a grill grate for cooking on this one.

9. Double Flame Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit

Quick Review: A really nice fire pit that’s often considered to be in the portable category, but is too heavy in our opinion to be truly portable.

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This fire pit has an awesome reputation and many, many happy buyers.

The main appealing aspect of this one is that it is designed for your wood fires to be ‘smokeless’ – or at least, very low in smoke. So, you’ll not be running around the fire avoiding the smoke!

They claim to achieve this by letting air rush through the walls of the fire pit and, as the air comes out the top, it forces the smoke to ‘re-burn’ rather than float into the air. Does it work? Well, it sounds like it does from the happy buyers.

The other nice thing about it is that it’s made of very solid, durable stainless steel. This means it shouldn’t rust over time.

But we do have some concerns

It’s advertised as portable but its weight might suggest otherwise. It’s quite heavy compared to others on this list.

Adding to this – it doesn’t fold down like other fire pits. So while it’s advertised as ‘portable’, we’re not so convinced. Apart from that, it seems great.

Why This Portable Fire Pit

Keep in Mind

High Quality Stainless Steel: Can withstand the elements without rusting over time.

Smoke Reduction Technology: It’s designed to minimize the amount of smoke your fire emits.

Too Heavy: We’re not convinced it can be all that portable when it weighs 42 pounds.

Doesn’t Fold Down: Other portable fire pits fold down, while this one doesn’t.

No Cooking Grill: A cooking grill is sold separately.

What to Look for in a Portable Fire Pit

Surface Size

Some portable fire pits are small – very small. There are tiny ones like the UCO portable pit that’s just for a solo hiker heading out into the wilderness. Then, there are larger ones for the whole family like our top recommendation – the Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire pit.


You can choose between a wood fueled fire pit and a propane faux fire pit.

Most people (ourselves included) love a wood fire. The crackling of the wood and the smell of the smoke is what we crave.

But others hate smoke and like a smooth, no fuss flame. For you, you might want to invest in a propane fire pit with a propane gas cylinder. Remember that you’ll need to get the gas cylinder separately and it needs to be refilled regularly.

(Quick note about wood powered portable fire pits: don’t use accelerants like fire starters or gasoline. You will damage your fire pit.) 

Cooking Grate

We want a cooking grate with out fire pits. That’s a bit of a deal breaker for us. But many don’t come with one. When selecting a cooking grate, see if you can find one that’s raised above the fire or adjustable so you can work on the fire while cooking at the same time.


Weight is a huge consideration for hikers. If you’re going to be carrying your portable fire pit around, you’ll need to get one that’s designed to be lightweight. We like the Trailblazer pop up pit or the UCO portable fire pit for a hiker.

Pack Size

Pack size is another important consideration for hikers – your fire pit will need to be able to fit inside your backpack. In fact, it need to fit inside a corner of your backpack so the rest of your belongings can squeeze into your bag, too! So, ensure you get one that either folds flat or rolls into a really compact bag.

But pack size is also important for drive-up campers. You’ll still want a small portable fire pit that fits in your trunk nice and snugly so it’s not taking up too much space.

When do you need a Portable Fire Pit?

Portable fire pits are common in the following situations:

RV, Drive-Up or Van Camping. If you are a casual camper in the summer months, you might want a portable fire pit to keep in the back of your car incase you come across a campground with insufficient fire pits. You might also need one for those nights when you’re just pulling up somewhere remotely on the side of the road.

Tailgating. If you’ve got a tailgating party on the weekend, you might want a fire to gather around for the party. Get yourself a fire put so you can have a fire while tailgating in a parking lot.

Beach parties. A fire pit can be used on a beach to leave no trace while cooking.

Backcountry Camping. Many backcountry campers like to use fire pits because they’re raised, compact and safe. You can do leave-no-trace camping much more easily with portable fire pits than in-ground fire pits.

Why use a Raised Portable Fire Pit?

A raised portable fire pit is necessary when:

The ground is wet or It’s snowy. When there’s snow on the ground, it’s hard to start a fire. Not only will the snow prevent a fire from starting, but the frozen ground also makes it very hard to light a fire. Those few inches above the frozen ground make your fire significantly better.

There aren’t already dedicated fire pits. If you’re camping somewhere that is thick with brush and green grass, it’s hard to find a spot to light a fire. If you’ve got a portable fire pit, you can whip it out and have a fire anywhere. 

To add Oxygen to your Fire. A raised portable fire pit will often have space for oxygen to get into the fire from below and the sides. This adds fuel to the fire for a better, cleaner and easier burn.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best portable fire pit is the Fireside Outdoors fire pit. It’s easy to construct, very well made, and can be reused over and over again – we love it! But if you’re a hiker, we’d probably lean toward the Trailblazer or UCO flat pack.

Don’t forget when you’re camping to try to leave no trace, have fires in safe and contained fire pits. This can help prevent wildfires. If you’re camping near your car or RV, don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher in your car as well.

We hope this review has been helpful for you and we’ve helped you make your decision.

Until next time,
Rosie & Chris