7 Best Jewelry Safes

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Barska jewelry safe

Our top Pick: Barska White Jewelry Safe (AX13104)

Our pick for the best jewelry safe is this white Barska jewelry safe. Most safes on the market aren’t specially made for jewelry, but this one is. It has internal drawers for rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces. It’s aesthetically pleasing but also has good security and fireproof features.

When looking for a jewelry safe, here are the red flags we avoid: single key entry (it’s insecure), safes without pre-drilled mounting holes, lack of live / dead bolts to secure the safe, and poor quality upholstery.

Here’s what we look for: anti-pry hinges to resist crowbar attacks, multiple live locking and dead bolts, multiple modes of entry, quality upholstery, an independent fireproof rating, and (preferably) an attractive internal jewelry organizer.

You can see an extensive overview of our selection criteria at the end of this review article, but first let’s get to our top picks.

Best Jewelry Safes for the Money

The best jewelry safes on Amazon are:

  • Best Overall: Barska White Jewelry Safe (AX13104)
  • Runner Up: TigerKing Home Security Safe
  • Most Affordable: AmazonBasics Security Safe Lock Box
  • Best for Bedside: V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case
  • SentrySafe Fireproof/Waterproof Safe (SFW123CU)
  • Honeywell 5005B Steel Security Safe
  • SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box

This information is shared as personal opinion for our situation only, and does not constitute professional advice to you – so make your choice wisely and if in doubt, consult your nearest gardening shop!

First, we’ll provide a comparison table, then under this we’ll do a detailed review of each product.

Best Jewelry Safes – Comparison Chart

Full Reviews of The Top Jewelry Safes for the Home

1. Best Overall – Barska White Jewelry Safe (AX13104)

Quick Review: Best Overall. Most safes on the market aren’t specially made for jewelry, but this one is. It has internal drawers for rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces. It’s aesthetically pleasing but also has good security and fireproof features.

When searching Amazon for jewelry safes, you’ll end up finding one ugly lifeless safe after the other. This is one of the few luxury jewelry safes on Amazon that’s both attractive and designed specifically for jewelry. To give you an idea, the size of this safe is 1 cubic foot.

The two tan drawers inside the safe open out to reveal specialized compartments for watches, rings, necklaces, anklets, etc. so you can organize your jewelry into a beautiful presentation. The fact the drawers fit perfectly and match the safe design is excellent, but note that the drawer inserts cannot be swapped out changed.

Chris Says: “If price isn’t an issue, this is clearly the standout best jewelry safe on Amazon today. The interior organizing drawers are designed for jewelry and there’s a clear focus on design and visual appeal. This doesn’t compromise quality though – there are some good security and even fireproofing features in this model.”

Entry is achieved through a digital keypad, which is a standard entry mode, but does mean you’re reliant on 4 AAA batteries for the operation of the safe. Upon entry, a motion Sensor LED Light turns on to reveal a fully upholstered safe interior.

The safety features of this model aren’t too bad either. While no home safe is 100% foolproof, it’s great to see Barska has gone to the effort to develop anti-pry door hinges to prevent crowbar attacks, 3 Steel deadbolts to secure the door, and an 11 gauge steel exterior.

The safe can also be mounted either on the back or floor for added security. We tend to prefer to secure our safes to the floor as it maintains the safe’s center of balance to minimize warping issues.

Lastly, (and again – impressively) this safe is UL rated fireproof for 30 minutes at 1400°F. This isn’t the highest fireproof rating, but given that this safe isn’t explicitly sold as a fireproof model, it’s impressive that they achieved this – which is a testament to the safe’s quality.



Visually Appealing: We think it’s the most visually attractive jewelry safe on Amazon today.

Jewelry Organizer: It’s one of the few safes that actually comes with a jewelry organizer with drawers for rings, necklaces, watches, etc.

Glass Shelf: The removable glass shelf adds a sense of class to the safe.

Fire Resistant Rating: We are impressed that they didn’t just focus on looks: the safe has a 30 minutes at 1400°F fireproof rating.

Requires Batteries: Make sure you change the batteries regularly so they don’t fail on you when you need them most!

Some Upholstery Issues: Some online reviewers have noted the upholstery job on some safes could be improved.

Cost: It’s a premium safe, which comes at a price.

2. Runner Up – Tigerking Home Security Safe

Quick Review: This Tigerking safe (no relation to the netflix show!) has a nicely upholstered interior and classy feel about it. There’s a great internal lockbox as well for the most valuable jewelry.

This Tigerking safe is another safe designed with aesthetics in mind. The safe has a gold trim theme with essentially wallpaper on the inside rather than the typical plastic interior.

But what makes it good for jewelry is the interior locking compartment that can hold your most precious jewelry behind a second locked section. The user experience for this safe is further enhanced by an interior LED light.

Chris Says: “The Tigerking safe is larger than the Barska model, but the Barska safe still takes top prize as best jewelry safe due to its visual aesthetic and internal jewelry organizer.”

The safe is about twice the size of the Barska reviewed above, and would be about two of the Barska safe stacked on top of one another. So, it provides more space for valuables storage.

In terms of security, while there are some decent features here, many other safes have better features. This safe has 6 live locking bolts and 5mm thick steel. There is also electronic security, with a built-in alarm that activates upon intrusive shaking as well as 3x incorrect code attempts.

There are 4x mounting holes in the back, but not extensive mounting hardware. We prefer to mount a safe from the ground, but a rear mount can be effective if done well.

Entry is achieved either via electronic keypad or a backup key. While we tend to be weary of battery operated safes, this safe does have an extra battery pack for when the primary batteries fail. With that said, we’d personally replace the batteries every 6 months just to be sure.



Double Look Protection: We like the idea of being able to set the safe so you need a code and key to obtain entry.

Interior Locking Box: Once you’re into the safe, there’s an additional lock box inside for your most previous jewels.

Interior Light: There’s an LED light that activates when you open the drawer.

Good Internal Upholstery: The upholstery has a good look to it.

Not Fireproof: Without an independent UL fireproof rating, we wouldn’t rely on this safe in a fire.

Requires Batteries: While it makes us uncomfortable to rely on batteries for a safe, we like that this safe has backup batteries for when your main ones fail.

3. Most Affordable – AmazonBasics Security Safe Lock Box

Quick Review: Affordable option. If you’ve got some family jewels you want to keep safe but don’t want to break the bank, you could go for a simple affordable lock box like this one.

AmazonBasics isn’t a dedicated safe brand. It’s Amazon’s “home” brand. We’re usually hesitant to but a no-frills, no-name brand when buying safes, but for people seeking an affordable option, this may be appealing.

The safe is 0.5 cubic feet – so half the size of the Barska that we rated #1. But there’s plenty of room inside to store jewelry, and there is a removable middle shelf to help you make the most of the small space.

The interior is very basic though and doesn’t have interior upholstery.

Chris Says: “This is a very basic safe for the budget conscious consumer.”

Safety isn’t the best for this model either, but there are several decent safety features like live locking bolts and a good pry-resistant concealed hinge (which we wish the Tigerking had). There are mounting bolts and holes, allowing you to mount the safe to the wall, floor, or a shelf.

Our main hesitation in terms of safety is that the override keys. We’ve seen reports of them shaving and no longer working (which is a sign of poor construction) as well as reports that the lock is easy to break into with simple key picking strategies.



Affordable: It’s one of the most affordable 0.5 cu ft safes on the market.

Pry Resistant Hinge: While overall the safety features do leave a little to be desired, it’s good to see there’s a pry resistant hinge to resist crowbar attacks.

Mountable: It comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting.

No Interior Light: It would be good to see an interior light in this model, seeing as it requires batteries for use anyway.

No Fireproof Rating: While it hasn’t got a fireproof rating, we read a very interesting review of this safe showing it survived a house fire.

No Dedicated Jewelry Compartment: The safe is a general safe, and there are no specific features for holding jewelry.

4. Best for Bedside Drawer – V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Security Case

Quick Review: Best for Drawers. This safe fits securely in a drawer, has good strong security features, and is made in the USA! The Simplex mechanical lock doesn’t rely on batteries which is great.

This made in USA safe is designed to fit in the top drawer of a nightstand. It’s widely used for guns, but is also popular for holding small valuables such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewelry.

The interior of the safe is padded on the top and bottom, but many people may prefer to remove the interior padding in order to create more room for jewelry boxes.

Chris Says: “I’m a huge fan of the simplicity of the Simplex mechanical lock on this model. This is a 100% manual locking mechanism, with no tech or battery integration, which makes it feel super secure and unlikely to fail on you.”

But what’s really appealing about this safe is that it is entirely mechanical. No batteries are required. The locking mechanism is the very sturdy USA-made Simplex Lock which has just five buttons and a knob. The buttons jut out and are well spaced out. Enter your combination and turn the knob.

Unfortunately the safe lid doesn’t automatically open using a gas strut, so you have to open it yourself. Similarly, there is no auto locking mechanism, so you have to remember to turn the knob to reset the lock.

While we doubt many people would mount this safe, there are predrilled mounting holes in order to secure it to a drawer.

For more small safes that fit in nightstands, see our review of the best bedside safes.



Made in USA: This is an all-American company.

Sturdy Mechanical Lock: The made in USA Simplex locking mechanism doesn’t require batteries, and has a very good reputation.

Fits in a Nightstand: You can put this in the top drawer of a nightstand.

Not Fireproof: This safe has not got an independent UL fireproof rating.

No Internal Jewelry Organizer: The insides of the safe don’t have specialized compartments, although it would fit small jewelry boxes inside.

5. SentrySafe Fireproof/Waterproof Safe (SFW123CU)

Quick Review: A Great Brand. We implicitly trust SentrySafe and we like the combination code entry system. Internally it doesn’t have the upholstered classy feel like the Barska that we ranked #1.

We tend to rate SentrySafe very highly in our roundup reviews of safes. It’s a brand we implicitly trust and respect.

What appeals to us about this particular safe is that it operates using a manual dial combination code system, meaning no batteries are required for the operation of the safe. This minimizes chances that the safe will be unresponsive due to technical failures.

Chris Says: “I would usually rate SentrySafe models much higher in my round up reviews, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear SentrySafe has a safe optimized for jewelry storage.”

The security features are about average for the category. The safe has four live-locking bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar to resist crowbar attacks. These are standard and what we’d expect.

The inside of the door has space to hang keys and store passports, but the shelves have no specialized areas for jewelry.

One thing that we don’t particularly like is that the interior feels a little like a refrigerator. The edges have grooves to allow you to remove the shelves and adjust them up and down. These edge grooves feel plastic and don’t scream ‘class’.



Top Brand: We trust SentrySafe as a brand. They usually create good quality products.

Fireproof: The 1 hour at 1700°F UL fireproof rating is just about the best you can get.

Internal Door: We like that the internal drawer has a slot for paperwork and hanging some keys.

Interior Isn’t Visually Appealing: The insides look a little like a refrigerator, which isn’t a compliment!

No Internal Jewelry Organizer: The insides of the safe don’t have specialized compartments, although it would fit small jewelry boxes inside.

6. SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box

Quick Review: Affordable and Portable. This safe is small but deep, and is one of the most affordable small fireproof safes on the market today.

The SentrySafe fireproof box is a small personal safe that can fit under a bed, in a cupboard or in a drawer. Inside, it’s a deceptively deep safe that can hold a fair amount of jewelry, but you’ll need to do your own jewelry organizing and – perhaps – get your own small jewelry boxes that you can place within the safe.

But what’s appealing about this safe that puts it head and shoulders above several other small safes like this is its fireproof rating. Of course, this is something we’re particularly interested in here at Firefighter Garage. The fireproof rating (or perhaps more accurately fire resistant rating) which is UL certified at 1/2 hour at 1550°F.

Chris Says: “This is an affordable, small safe that can fit in the cupboard. We are impressed by the fireproof rating. One key downside is the interior doesn’t have organizer compartments for jewelry.”

There are some things we don’t particularly like though. First is the interior – it feels quite cold and could have been enhanced with some upholstery. It’s also only key operated, and we’d prefer multiple modes of entry in case of failure.



Good Brand: We’re generally big fans of SentrySafe branded safes.

Affordable: The safe is very affordable compared to many competitors.

Fire Resistant: We are impressed that this safe is so affordable but still has a 1/2 hour at 1550°F fireproof rating.

Fits in a Cupboard: This could easily be a cupboard, drawer or under bed safe.

No Interior Upholstery: It would have been good if more work was put into improving the feel of the interior.

No Jewelry Organizing Compartments: You’d most likely want to place your jewelry in small jewelry boxes before placing them in the safe.

Only Key Entry: It’d be nice to see a 2nd form of entry such as a manual combination code or electronic keypad.

7. Honeywell 5005B Steel Security Safe

Quick Review: We couldn’t complete a safes round-up review without a Honeywell entry. They’re a top safes brand, but this is about the closest you’ll get to a jewelry safe from their range.

Alongside SentrySafe, we implicitly trust Honeywell safes, which have a strong reputation in the industry. While Honeywell doesn’t have a safe with dedicated jewelry storage compartments, they do have some nice small safes that can be stored on shelves and that can securely store jewelry, such as the 505B.

The safe has a nice carpeted floor (but not compartments), giving it a better feel than some of the more plastic looking interiors of some of the SentrySafe models reviewed earlier in this article. The colorful exterior is also great – you can choose your color between blue, pink, grey or black.

The security features are about what we’d expect – 2x live locking steel bolts and mounting hardware for mounting the safe to a bench or floor.

Chris Says: “This is a nice small safe, and could be good as a small jewelry safe to place on the shelf, but it doesn’t have any specific features that compel me to rate it higher on the list.”

Downsides are that this safe is quite small (0.17 cubic feet), reliant on batteries to operate (although you can always use the spare keys), and that it’s not fireproof or waterproof. But on the upside, the safe does come with a 7 year limited warranty.



Top Brand: Honeywell is a brand we like and tend to trust. We rate them highly in many of our review roundups.

Multiple forms of Entry: You can get into the safe using the digital keypad or backup keys.

Choose your Color: You can choose between blue, pink, grey and black.

Not Fireproof: This safe has not got an independent UL fireproof rating.

No Internal Jewelry Organizer: The insides of the safe don’t have specialized compartments, although it would fit small jewelry boxes inside.

Deceptively Small: At only 0.17 cubic feet, this safe is smaller than many.

What we Look for in a Jewelry Safe

Internal Jewelry Organizer

It’s hard to find affordable safes that are specifically made for jewelry. There are some premium brands that will charge you $3000 and up for premium safes, but for most of us, we don’t want to fork out that much money.

On Amazon, we did find a good safe with an internal Jewelry Organizer – the Barksa model at the top of this list. Others on this list are general purpose safes, but which would effectively hold jewelry. Some of these all purposes safes won’t have jewelry organizers, and would therefore require you to use your own jewelry boxes to keep your jewelry arranged appropriately.

Internal Upholstery

Many safes are quite bland and cold on the inside. This is often so you can clean the safe easily and so it doesn’t hold smells. But other designers have put some thought into creating a soft and visually appealing interior. We like a safe that has an upholstered inside … but the upholstery needs to be done well.

Something to keep in mind is that it’s a good idea to place silica gel packs or safe dehumidifiers inside an upholstered safe to ensure it doesn’t collect smells.

Safety Features

No residential safe is secure from theft. A determined and skilled thief will be able to get their way in. But there are some good security features that can deter and slow down most thieves.

Most safes include thick steel exteriors. 10 to 18 gauge steel can help resist attacks from tools for a short time. But not all safes involve anti-pry edges, which can be very useful for resisting a crowbar attack. Similarly, ensuring the safe has internal hinges can minimize weak spots that thieves can attack.

There is also technology that can help. An alarm that activates upon vibration and a keypad that freezes after three incorrect attempts can enhance security somewhat.

Type of Lock

There are four key types of locks for safes today. These are: key, digital keypad, manual keypad (e.g Simplex locks), and manual combination code.

We think there should always be a backup key as a mode of entry, and we prefer it not to be a tubular key (which is easiest to hack). You’ll find backup keys are usually quite weak, so a safe with a strong backup key is a rare positive.

On top of the backup key option, there should be a primary form of entry. Digital keypads are the primary entry format these days. The upside of these is they’re usually backlit making it easy to access at night. But on the downside, they rely on batteries which are prone to failure.

To avoid the need for batteries, you can go for a manual dial combination code system. We’re big fans of these as they often feel very secure.

Alternatively, you can go for a Simplex mechanical lock, which is a made in USA solution that requires you to enter a code, but doesn’t require batteries.

Fireproof and Waterproof Features

Not all the safes on this list are fireproof or waterproof, but we’ve attempted to find some quality safes that do meet that criteria. The Barska luxury jewelry safe, for example, has a decent fireproof rating.

Fireproof ratings are usually set by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Common ratings include:

  • 30 minutes at 1200F
  • 30 minutes at 1400F
  • 1 hour at 1550F
  • 1 hour at 1700F

Waterproof ratings are usually set by ETL and often involve a test where the safe is submerged 8 inches below the waterline for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Made in USA Jewelry Safes

There are several brands of safes that produce their products in the USA. V-Line has many USA made and manufactured safes. The Simplex locking system, which you find on many top gun safe brands such as Fort Knox safes, is also a made in USA type of mechanical lock that we’re big fans of. It avoids the hassle of batteries and feels very sturdy.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find a good jewelry safe online. This review of the best jewelry safes has provided some examples and our ratings of them for our personal circumstances. Personally, we’re quite bullish on the Barska model for ourselves. It has a great internal jewelry organizer.

Of course, none of this constitutes advice – professional or otherwise – for you or your circumstances, so do your own due diligence and consult a professional.

We hope this general information has been useful though as you go about searching for the best jewelry safe for your needs!