Best Firewood Rack – 4, 8 and 12 Foot

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best outdoor firewood rack

Our Pick For Best Outdoor Firewood Rack

‘Woodhaven’ 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Our pick of the best firewood racks is the ‘Woodhaven’ 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover. It’s made in the USA and very highly regarded as the sturdiest rack around.

So here’s what you need to know.

Woodhaven is the premium brand. They’re a made in USA, ship from Kansas from a family owned company, and are made over very heavy duty materials. Their seasoning cover is the best in the market, and the racks are very easy to construct.

Then there’s a step down to the mid-range brands. That’s Landmann’s, Shelter It and Pleasant Hearth. They’re good, but not as good as Woodhaven.

Indoor log racks have more variety. The choice for an indoor rack is more about aesthetics, but there are a few add-ons to look out for. They often come with fireplace tools for stoking the fire and sweeping ashes. Our favorite indoor rack is the Amagabeli kit.

Here’s a fly-by of all 10:

  • Best Outdoor Firewood Rack: Woodhaven 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover
  • Best for 1/2 Cord: Woodhaven 12-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover
  • Best with Full Cover: Pleasant Hearth 4″, 8″ or 12″ Firewood Rack
  • Adjustable Size Rack: Panacea 15206 Adjustable Firewood Rack
  • Best Indoor Firewood Rack: ‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Log Rack
  • Shelter It 8 Foot Kindling and Log Rack with Cover
  • Landmann 82443 Firewood Rack with Cover – 8 Feet
  • Sunnydaze 4-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover
  • Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart Carrier with Cover
  • DoeWorks Decorative Indoor Firewood Rack

Best Firewood Racks for the Home

Woodhaven 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Quick Review: We personally feel this is the best outdoor firewood rack. It’s made in the USA from a respected brand in the industry. It also comes with a rain cover.

This is our pick for the best firewood log rack. We put the Woodhaven rack to the top of the list for their brand reputation and heavy duty steel design. We like that they are a made in the USA product (made in Kansas!) designed by a legitimate brand in the industry.

It’s also one of the best selling firewood racks in North America – attesting to their strong brand presence and following by people in the industry.

Chris Says: “I think the Woodhaven firewood rack is hands down the best rack on the market today. Made in the USA, it’s a brand I trust – and so do many other happy customers!”

The Woodhaven 8 foot rack holds a lot of wood for a family just having regular fireplace or camp fires. This one  fits around about a 1/3 or 1/4 cord of wood – no more. It won’t fit a half cord. But a 1/3 cord lasts a long time, so we’d not be worried about that personally.

But if we were going through a lot of wood (or were expecting to have to store a whole lot), we’d probably consider instead going for the 12 foot version which we review later in this article.

Note that Woodhaven ships their racks with seasoning covers. These cover just the top 1 foot of the stack to allow it to season. It’s possible to buy a full length cover separately for pretty cheap if that’s a concern, or check out the Pleasant Hearth model (later in this review) which provides full covers with their models.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Most Respected Brand (Made in USA): Woodhaven holds the top spot for brand reputation in our opinion. Their racks are made in the USA and known to be very sturdy.

Large: It’s possible to fit about 1/3 a cord of wood on this. A step up to the 12 foot version would be necessary for a 1/2 cord on that one.

Comes with Cover: We like that it comes with a rain cover – but see our critique to the right about this as well.

Heavy Duty: The arc welded end sections and steel design make it a durable product.

Not a Full Length Cover: The rack doesn’t come with a full-length cover on the sides. This is common across all brands – if you want a full-length cover you have buy it separately. There are pros and cons to full length.

The Price: It’s possible to step down to a lower quality rack and save some money.

Woodhaven 12 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover – Best for a Half Cord

Quick Review: In our opinion this is the best log rack for someone planning to store a full cord of wood. Two of this rack hold around about one full cord.

Two of these racks hold one cord of wood.

So if we were buying wood in cords, we’d get two of this one to hold all our wood comfortably.

But we aren’t really interested in buying full cords. A half cord is plenty for us, and you can fit the whole half cord onto this rack. So really, we’d only get one.

Chris Says: “We’ve made it pretty clear that Woodhaven is our favorite brand here at Firefighter Garage. This one’s a good pick for storing large amounts of wood (e.g. a full cord) while seasoning it over the summer.”

As you can tell, again we’re leaning toward a Woodhaven rack for this size point too. Frankly, Woodhaven just keeps kicking goals in each category and remains the best quality rack in the 12 foot category as well.

But – just like the 8 foot Woodhaven rack, they only provide a small top cover rather than a cover that reaches all the way down to the floor. Having both a 1 foot cover and a full-length cover is always our preference.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

It’s Large: We would get this one if we were planning on storing a lot of wood for the winter.

High Quality Brand: Woodhaven in a made in USA brand that is very sturdy and has a great reputation.

Heavy Duty: The arc welded end sections and heavy steel design make it a durable product.

The Cover is Short: Some people prefer covers that don’t stretch all the way down the sides. We’d worry the log would get soaked in a storm.

May be Too Large: We’d only get this if we were planning on storing a half cord of firewood at any one time.

Pleasant Hearth 4, 8 or 12 Inch Log Rack (with Choice of Cover)

Pleasant Hearth have produced an appealing log rack here by allowing you the option of size (4, 8 or 12 Inch) and cover (full length or seasoning) on the Amazon product page. This ‘build your own’ product gives you a greater range of choices than any other option on this list.

The build quality of the racks parallels many other mid-range products in this  review, such as the Secure It and Panacea. The middle legs and tubular metal design should stand up to several years of wear.

There are few racks that offer the choice of full cover rack at the checkout (you usually have to buy them as an aftermarket option), so for people who simply don’t like seasoning covers, this is a good choice to ensure you get what you want from the get-go.

The price is also mid-range, undercutting the more premium models like the Woodhavens, but still being more pricey than some of the DIY models like the Panacea 15206.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Tubular Steel Design: It’s heavy duty with a black powder coated finish, much like others.

Choice of Size and Cover: You can pick and choose between different sizes for the capacity you require.

Good Price: It undercuts many major competitors on price point.

Not as Good Cover: The cover on the Woodhaven has a better reputation.

Panacea 15206 Adjustable Firewood Rack

Panacea is not a well known brand in this space, although they do offer two outdoor log racks that are both low priced and surprisingly well liked amongst the gathered opinions of online reviewers. The one we have featured here is the more popular of the two.

This is an ingenious DIY firewood rack idea. All you’re really getting in this pack are two 48″ high, 10″ wide tubular steel tubes – hence the low price. Then, you’ve got to construct the rest yourself (including sourcing the 2×4 for your base). So, it’s not as easy to assemble as others in this review.

There are several downsides though…

The one key downside (and it’s a big one) is that the rack rests on two lengths of 2×4 lumber. So, you need to have some lengths of 2×4 lying around somewhere (or else go out and purchase it). But even once you’ve done that, there’s the problem that there is a continuous connection between the wood and the ground. That 2×4 is likely to get wet, rot, and absorb moisture up into your stack. Therefore, we’d strongly recommend placing tinder blocks under this rack before use.

Another downside of this Panacea firewood rack is that the width (just 10 1/2 Inches) is not great. Your average log will be between 16″ and 24″ wide. When you stack 200x 24″ logs on top of a 10″ base, there’s potential that the stability will be compromised.

So overall, while we like the ingenuity behind this model, it’s really only good for the DIY handyman, and not a ‘out of the box’ firewood rack that most of our readers are after.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

DIY Dream: This would be good for a DIY handyman who has 2×4 lying around that can be used as the base.

Affordable: You can’t find one much cheaper than this.

No Cover: Chances are this is going to get a soaking in storms.

Requires 2×4 (not included): You need to buy 2×4 to insert as the base.

Continuous Connection to Ground: There will be wood all the way to the ground, whereas tubular steel models break that continuity to protect your logs.

Thin Base: The 10 1/2″ base is thinner than most which may make it less sturdy.

‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Log Rack – Best Indoor Rack

Quick Review: We think this is a quality indoor firewood rack that’d be great to sit near a fireplace. It’s got two shelves for storing logs and kindling and comes with four really hand fireplace tools that hang on the sides.

This is the best indoor firewood rack in our opinion. We look out for two-shelf indoor log racks because we find it helps to sort out the wood more effectively.

You’ve got a few options. One is to put kindling on one rack and logs on the other.

The other thing we’ve seen is that people like to put the driest logs on the top and the wetter ones on the bottom.

Chris Says: “This log rack is impressively practical. It has fireplace tools and two shelves. I’d use the top shelf for dry logs and bottom shelf for the most recent logs I’ve brought inside to give them a few days to dry out by the fireplace before use.”

Bringing firewood into the house is a great way to dry it out. So you can keep a stack of 5 – 10 greener logs on the bottom shelf of the rack to ensure you’ll have dry logs next time you want to turn the fireplace on. This can be useful particularly when it’s a wet season.

On top of all this, this model also comes with four fireplace tools that hang from the rack. The tools include a shovel, broom, poker and tongs. The tools have nice long arms so to allow people to work on their fire from a nice safe distance.

So overall we’re impressed with this product and like the price point, too.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Two Shelves: We like that you can stack your wood on two separate shelves to keep it well organized.

Four Tools Included: It also comes with fireplace tools including shovel, broom and poker to manage a fireplace perfectly.

A Good Price: We think the price point is reasonable.

Assembly Required: Assembly shouldn’t be too hard, but might be a little fiddly.

Shelter It 8 Foot Kindling and Log Rack with Cover – Great Kindling Section

Quick Review: This is a nice large outdoor firewood rack that also stores kindling in a good looking dedicated section.

We were drawn to this one immediately because it’s got such a unique and appealing design. You place your logs in the top section and kindling in the corners.

There is still ample space in this one for storing wood – we’d think you can store about 200 logs in here (give or take) so it’s larger than your regular 4 ft outdoor rack, but due to the kindling sections you’ll not get as many logs stored in this one as a regular 8 foot rack. Overall, we think the trade-off is good as you’ll always have a handy store of kindling when you need it.

Chris Says: “Shelter It’s 8-foot firewood rack is a strong competitor to our favorite Woodhavens. Its small kindling storage section is an innovative design idea which also looks great.”

The cover is pretty standard and doesn’t blow our minds. It’s a regular 1 foot cover designed to decrease how much rain soak gets into the logs. But, because it’s got no side protection, the bottom logs (and yes – the kindling!) are going to get pretty wet at times. This is especially a downside because you need pretty dry kindling to get a fire started in the first place.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Dedicated Kindling Section: We like that there’s a space to store your kindling so you’ll never run out without notice.

Attractive Design: We are automatically drawn to the design of this which we think is pretty appealing.

Cover Included: It’s great that a cover is included – but see our critique about this, too (right column).

The Cover is too Short: Some people don’t like covers that don’t stretch all the way down the sides. We’d worry the kindling on this one would get soaked in a storm.

Landmann 82443 Firewood Rack with Cover – 8 Feet

Landmann has 2x 8 foot log rack models, and of the two we prefer this one because it’s got more feet at the base, which can prevent sag over time. Firewood racks hold a lot of weight, so sag is a serious consideration and we’re impressed that Landmann has made this design which significantly reduces chances of sag.

The other cool thing about this Landmann model is you can deconstruct it and reconstruct it in three different sizes, the largest of which is 8 feet. It’s easy to assemble, fast and painless – it feels a little like an Ikea style construction.

Chris Says: “While there are some very attractive features of the Landmann 8 foot firewood rack, there were two key weaknesses identified in our research: weak points in the end pieces, and a flimsy cover.”

But there are a few downsides of the Landmann which pushes it a little further down our list. First, the end pieces are two separate tubular steel pieces connected together. It appears that this is one key point of weakness in the structure which could sag and bend over time when the rack is stacked full for summer seasoning.

The other issue is that the cover is known to be flimsy. It’s a full length cover with zipperless design (both features we like), but a significant number of online reviewers have voiced their disappointment with just how flimsy it is. Combining this with the potential design issues of the end pieces and we get the picture that this Landmann rack not the most premium model out there.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Good Legs: We like that this rack has multiple legs along the base to minimize sag.

Simple Assembly: It’s easy to assemble with everything you need out of the box.

Full Length Cover: The full length zipperless cover was attractive to us at first (see downsides, though).

End Pieces could be Weak: The two-piece end pieces have been shown to not hold up to some heavy duty stacking.

Cover Flimsy: While we like that the cover is full length, many reviewers have been unhappy with its flimsiness.

Sunnydaze 4-Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover – Best for Small Family

Quick Review: We feel we’d get this one if we were a small family or only have a fire once or twice a week during winter as it’s quality, but quite small.

A 4-foot rack is quite small, but decent enough for a small family or people who only occasionally light their fire. A 4-foot rack will hold a 1/2 face-cord stack, which is 1/6th of a full cord.

Confused? Well, we find that a 4-foot rack has capacity to will hold about 110-140 firewood logs.

If you burn 5 logs every time you have a fire, you’re looking at holding enough wood on this rack for about 20-25 fires.

Chris Says: “This 4-foot rack holds a fair amount of wood but could still conceivably be an indoor rack. I could see myself placing this against the wall in our carport for easy access to firewood throughout the winter.”

Sunnydaze offers their firewood racks at a nice low price point, although as you’ll notice from reviews online, they’re often not as well regarded as Woodhaven in terms of heavy duty build quality or the durability of their tubular steel design. But overall reviews around the internet are generally positive.

The other thing we love about this one is that it comes with a FULL cover! Huzzah! That’s so hard to find – especially at this price point.

This means that sideways rain isn’t going to soak your wood, and it generally keeps it more protected from the weather overall, but may not allow the wood to season as fast as it could also collect moisture. It is also really intuitively designed. You can open it via a velcro strap which makes it super easy to open and close. It’s also got a decent toggle cord and hook fasteners to tie it down so it doesn’t fly away in the wind. Great job, Sunnydaze!

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Full-Length Rain Cover: We think the full-length cover is nice.

Good Capacity for Small Family: This one’s designed for people who only need to store about 110 logs or less.

Reasonably Priced: We think Sunnydaze firewood racks are reasonably priced overall.

May be too Small: This size might be too small for people who go through a lot of firewood through the winter.

Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart Carrier with Cover – Great Portable Option

Quick Review: We like the ingenious idea here. It’s a rack but also a dolly, so users are able to roll your firewood to and from the fire.

We think this is a really cool idea. There is so much versatility with this cart for storing firewood wherever you want. Store it inside a shed or outside – and move it aside if it’s in your way.

Plus, we loved that you can roll the firewood to and from the fire rather than doing multiple trips back and forth with firewood in your hands.

Chris Says: “What I like about this rack is it makes transporting firewood from the yard to the fireplace / fire pit a breeze. The high quality cover is the cherry on top.”

We also like that the cover that’s provided on this one is full-length and covers up all sides of the wood pile (ironically, you’ll probably not need this as you can just roll the wood into the shed in bad weather!

There are two things we’re a little weary of, though.

First – we hear that it’s not the easiest thing to construct. It might take a good hour to get it all put together, so we’d plan to prepare for an Ikea-style afternoon of construction.

Second – it’s not going to hold all that much wood. It’ll hold enough for a small family for a few weeks, but users would still probably need to get regular refills if they’re regularly using your fire.

But overall we’re calling this one a winner in our opinion.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

It’s Small and Portable: Users can roll the firewood to and from the fire without having to lug it around in your arms.

Great Cover: The cover goes all the way to the ground to protect firewood from the elements.

Assembly Required: We have seen a few complaints about it being hard to put together.

Won’t hold much Wood: We estimate it’d only have capacity hold about 30-40 logs.

‘DoeWorks’ Decorative Indoor Firewood Rack

Quick Review: This is a cute decorative rack that can sit by a fireplace, but it’s not for storing a serious amount of firewood.

This rack is all about interior design. It’s only going to hold about a bag of firewood. The wheels are decorative only. So, maybe it’s good for a Christmas gift for someone?

It is a really nice way to hold firewood to make it look nice and tidy. It also keeps the firewood off your carpet or tiles.

Chris Says: “This is a nice small decorative firewood rack for beside the fire, but in reality it is more decorative than practical. It’ll only hold a few logs.”

So, this firewood rack is a nice small decorative rack designed to hold just enough firewood for the night. It’s possible to sit it by your fireplace and make your night by the fire easier and more enjoyable.

Why This Firewood Rack

Keep in Mind

Decorative: We like the look of it.Enough for a Night’s Fire: We like that it holds just enough wood for the night. You can go out and collect enough firewood for the night and stack it by the fire ready for a cozy night in. Wheels aren’t Functional: Don’t expect to be rolling this around.

Price Point: For just a little more, you could get a much larger indoor firewood rack.

What to Look for in a Firewood Log Rack

Indoor vs Outdoor

The first question to ask is where you want to store your firewood.

Indoor Racks: If we only want a small rack for holding a small number of logs that we’d place by our fireside, we’d go with a decorative rack.

Many indoor racks come with fireplace tools which are an excellent additional resource. The added cost of getting a rack with tools versus a rack without tools is absolutely worthwhile in our opinion.

The other thing to look out for with a fireside rack is the number of shelves. We like two-shelf racks as it helps us sort and organize our fuels more effectively. We will place wetter logs on the bottom rack to let them dry while we take wood from the top rack. We also like to look out for a rack that has dedicated space for storing newspaper and kindling.

But, many people would simply choose their fireside rack depending on how it matches their current furniture and room layout – and that’s okay too.

Outdoor Racks: In our opinion, an outdoor rack is best for people who want to store large amounts of wood. In fact, most people have an indoor rack and an outdoor rack – and that’s obviously the most convenient option.

When selecting an outdoor rack, we think the most important consideration is size – as discussed below.


It takes 24 feet of regular firewood rack to store 1 cord – which is a fair amount of wood. So a half cord will usually fit on a 12 foot rack. Many families are perfectly content getting third cords of wood and stacking them on an 8 foot rack. We think this would therefore be the most popular rack size for most people.

A smaller 4 foot rack will have capacity to hold about 110-140 firewood logs and might last a small family who uses their fireplace or fire pit irregularly for a few months.


There are generally two types of cover. You can get a seasoning cover that only covers the top 1 foot of wood, or you can get one that stretches all the way to the ground.

Full covers that stretch to the ground can protect the wood from rain that doesn’t fall sideways but can also hold moisture in a little too much. However, you’ll notice that most racks will only come with a 1 foot cover to protect wood from the top only – so keep your eye out for that and if it is really important to you to get a full-length cover consider buying one separately.

The other cover is a 1 foot seasoning cover. This type leaves most of the firewood exposed to wind and sunshine while protecting the top from rain. This is so the wood can season effectively. However, sideways rain will soak the wood and can be a setback for the seasoning process – especially during wet summer seasons.

Build Quality

We choose Woodhaven racks as the best firewood log rack brand in our opinion. These racks are made in the USA and have a strong reputation in the industry.

Kindling Storage Space

Some racks also come with a storage space specifically for kindling. We think that’s a great idea to ensure you always have kindling available for your fire.

Note that kindling doesn’t need as long to season as it’s so thin. So you can usually get away with stacking your kindling later in the summer and still have it ready for the winter months.

Firewood Storage Safety Tips

Firewood should be stacked at least 200 feet (60 meters) from the home in our opinion. This is primarily to protect the home during a wildfire. You want to have minimal amounts of fuels close to the house of possible in order to decrease the likelihood that an ember attack will cause the house to catch fire.

Another good reason to keep firewood well away from your home is that it can attract insects and rodents that may cause a pest control issue.

Lastly, we always try to keep debris and loose kindling several feet away from the rack of wood. This helps ensure the area is clear of potential kindling that can cause the rack to catch alight.

Questions about Cords of Wood?

What is a Cord of Wood?

A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet of racked and stowed wood. The wood should be stacked and packed so that it is compact and neatly arranged in order to measure it.

128 cubic feet corresponds to an 8 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot rack of wood.

In terms of single-file racks of firewood logs, it usually will have capacity to fit on between 24 and 32 feet of single-file rack, depending on how high you stack the rack.

A cord and a face-cord are different. A face-cord is about 4 feet by 8 feet by 1 foot and will fit snugly on an 8 foot firewood rack.

How much should a cord of firewood cost?

Anywhere from $120 to $250.

How many pieces of firewood are in a cord?

A cord of wood will typically have 600 – 800 logs of firewood, while a face-cord will have roughly 200 – 275 pieces.

Questions about Seasoning Firewood

Do I need a firewood rack?

A firewood rack helps to protect and season firewood. Its main purpose is to keep firewood off the ground, allowing it to dry and season more effectively. It also ensures that your wood gets appropriate air circulation around and under the wood, helping it to season more effectively.

A rack should also be equipped with a cover to protect the firewood from weather elements.

A firewood rack also serves the function of keeping firewood stacked neatly on a property, ready to be taken to a fire pit or fireplace when ready.

How can you tell if firewood is seasoned?

Seasoned wood should appear cracked and very dry. The bark on the outside of the wood will be peeling off. The wood should have lost its fresh sappy smell and become a much more faded color. Instead of a rich brown, the wood will now be a grey or yellow color.

If you’re still not sure there’s an easy way to check if wood is seasoned – try to burn it.

How do you season firewood quickly?

Exposing firewood to air and sun are the best ways to season your firewood. Leave the firewood out in the sun and wind throughout the summer to ensure it is seasoned for the winter months.

Furthermore, ensure the wood is all sliced into similar thicknesses so the whole rack seasons at roughly the same pace.

A key factor for seasoning your wood is the time of year you choose to put it out for seasoning. If you put it out too late in the summer or into the fall it won’t be seasoned for the winter season. It’s best to put your firewood out around April or May so that it’s ready for use the following winter.

There are also artificial ventilation and kiln seasoning options but they’re usually too much work and too expensive for your average person.

Should I cover my firewood?

Firewood will usually season faster if it is placed in a sunny, windy location and uncovered. The sun and wind will dry out the wood and make it ready for you to burn.

But you also want to protect your wood from rain and snow which can wet the wood.

So the best situation is to cover your firewood before a storm. Alternatively, consider covering the wood during the rainy and wet seasons but leave it uncovered during good weather.

Can firewood be too old?

Yes. The best wood is seasoned for about 2-3 years, although most people only season it for one summer.

After 4-5 years you might find that the wood will start to rot.

Another way wood can go sour is if it’s infested with termites or other insects that undermine its structural integrity.

How long does it take to season firewood?

The length of time it takes to season firewood is in its name: a season. Put your firewood out in the spring and leave it to be exposed to the sun and wind until around October. This may vary depending upon the type of firewood.

But it can take up to two years for some firewood to fully season. As a general rule, the longer wood is left to dry out the better it will burn.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately there isn’t one best rack for everyone. You need to keep in mind the purpose and your circumstances – and how often you have a fire at your fireplace or fire pit.

One thing for us, for example, is we determine whether we want an indoor our outdoor rack.

If we want an indoor rack, we’d likely be only storing a little firewood close to your fireplace – so we’d personally get one that suits our living space and consider also getting one that includes fireplace tools.

If we want an outdoor rack, we’d consider how much wood we’ll store. This should determine if we want a 4 foot, 8 foot or 12 foot rack. A 12 foot rack will store half a cord of wood.

We choose Woodhaven as our favorite brand for outdoor firewood racks as in our opinion they’re the best quality brand on the market today.

But remember, this article has shared our opinions and a range of examples for our circumstances only, and is based on our online research. It does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise. Your circumstances or experiences will differ from ours. Make sure you do your own research and due diligence and adhere to the rules laid out in our terms and conditions and disclaimer.

Thanks for reading and all the best with your decision making!