9 Best Fireproof Gun Safes

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best fireproof gun safes

Our top Pick: Fortress Fireproof Safe

Our pick for the best fireproof gun safe is the Fortress Fireproof Safe. It’s the most affordable fireproof safe we’ve come across that accommodates both rifles and handguns. It is small and no-frills, but saves a ton of money on the big brand safes, and still has a certified fireproof rating.

When looking for a fireproof gun safe, we take into account safe size, security features, whether it’s waterproof, whether there is internal A/C power (great for dehumidifiers!), and of course what its UL Fireproof Rating is.

We’ve got a full selection criteria at the end of this article outlining our research considerations. But first, we’ll show you our favorites.

Here’s our full list of the best fireproof safes for guns:

  • Most Affordable: Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Rifle Safe
  • Best for Handguns: Steelwater AMSWS-610EL Pistol Safe
  • Best for Long Guns: Barska Fireproof Fire Vault for Rifles
  • Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe
  • Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Safe
  • Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe
  • SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe
  • SentrySafe SFW082CTB – For Pistols Only
  • SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof & Waterproof Safe – For Pistols Only

If you would like to find a more discrete safe, read our post on gun safes that fit under your bed.  

Note that these are examples selected for our circumstances, and do not represent advice to you or your circumstances, professional or otherwise.

Best Fireproof Gun Safes

Fireproof Gun Safe Full Reviews

1. Most Affordable: Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe

Quick Review: While the Fortress Fireproof Safe’s UL fireproof rating is only 30 minutes at 1200F, it tops the tables for its pure affordability. Not many other brands can match their value for money.

Fortress has produced an affordable fireproof gun safe that still manages to pass independent UL fireproof tests. The key standout for this safe is that it’s at a very good price point compared to other better known brand safes. Given the high cost of fireproof safes, this value for money pick is a great find.

The safe has nice grey upholstery, groves for 8 long guns, and an adjustable shelf for storage of ammo or handguns. We’d also recommend placing silica gel packs or an electronic dehumidifier on the shelf to minimize moisture build-up, which is notorious in fireproof safes – no matter the brand.

best fireproof long gun safeChris Says: “While this safe isn’t the highest quality, it’s certainly the most affordable. At a good price, it still has a decent fireproof rating which we’re happy with. We’d still rate the Barksa (below) higher for quality overall.”

The safety standard is about average in this category – which is to say these types of safes deter petty theft, but a determined and skilled thief can break into just about any residential safe with a little effort. Nonetheless, they’ve ensured there’s a clear deterrent for thieves with 3x active locking bolts, 2 dead bolts and their patented ‘Notch Bolt’ (which might further confuse a determined thief!)

It’s secured with an electronic keypad lock, which operates on a 9V battery which is included with purchase. Overall, electronic locks aren’t our favorite in terms of security, but run standard in the industry these days.

With two holes in the safe floor and lag bolts included, you can also bolt this safe to the ground for added security.

There are two key things worth keeping in mind for this safe. First, the 30 minute fire rating at 1200F is toward the lower end in the UL fireproof ratings – and you can certainly get a higher fireproof rating from some of the more expensive Steelwater models (below). But, you’ll pay the price for the upgrade.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the warranty only covers the safe itself. The safe’s contents (i.e your guns) need to be insured separately. Again, this runs standard in all safes in the category, but is worth mentioning nonetheless.

Why this Safe:

  • Affordability: It’s hard to find a fireproof gun safe at a price this affordable.
  • Great Upholstery: The interior is simple but well put together, with grey carpet upholstery inside.
  • Bolts to Floor: Many safes don’t provide this option, but the Fortress safe comes with everything you need to bolt it to the floor.

Keep in Mind:

  • Fireproof Rating: This safe comes with a UL certified 30 minutes at 1200F fireproof rating. That’s lower than many competitors, including the Steelwater below.
  • Warranty: The warranty is for the safe only. You’ll need to insure your guns separately.

2. Best for Long Guns: Barska Fireproof Fire Vault for Rifles

Quick Review: This is a nice looking safe for a large arsenal and tons of storage space. It’s got a good fireproof rating and really nice interior storage.

This is a nice looking well organized safe. Most people could fit a lot of supplies in here including some big rifles. Its upholstery and door organizer are well designed and look great. You can fit 8 long guns in normal configuration, or take out the shelves to increase this to 16 long guns. There’s plenty of storage space for ammo, and the door has excellent handgun storage slots.

best fireproof rifle safeChris Says: “This is a nice large premium safe with excellent storage options. The handgun and ammo pockets in the door are great, while the upholstered interior is impressive. The fireproof rating is 1 hour at 1200°F.”

The safety standards are about average for fireproof rifle safes. It opens with a keypad and tri-wheel handle. It’s secured with six deadbolt locks which we feel should keep valuables safe from most petty thieves trying to pry their way in. But it would have been good to have seen significantly more deadbolts and it’d have been good to see an EMP proof locking mechanism.

The fireproof rating for this one is 1 hour at 1,200°F. That’s about average, or perhaps a little below average, in this category. It’s somewhat higher than the Fortress 8-Gun safe, for example.

One thing we do wish we saw was a power outlet to install a dehumidifier and some internal lighting. Without this, you’ll have to get a rechargeable dehumidifier, which is a lot more hassle and requires ongoing maintenance.

Overall, it’s a very nice large safe that’s got a great look and decent enough fire protection.

Why this Safe:

  • Really Nice Interior Design: The upholstery looks good and the shelf design is excellent. The door organizer provides a lot of extra space for storing pistols and ammunition.
  • Very Spacious: Lots of room for many rifles and pistols as well as your supplies and tools.
  • Good Fireproof Rating: The 1 hour, 1,200°F fireproof rating is good.

Keep in Mind:

  • No Internal Power: We wish it had an internal power socket for installing LED lights and a dehumidifier, which is pretty essential.

3. Best for Handguns: Steelwater Gun Safes AMSWS-610EL

Quick Review: Steelwater is a the best fireproof gun safe brand in our opinion. And this is a truly premium safe for handguns with strong safety features and a high fireproof rating. 

Steelwater is a dedicated gun safe brand that regularly ranks highly in our safe reviews thanks to their excellent reputation. This safe is a flagship in their lineup as a medium-sized safe for pistols, ammunition, cash, gold and documents.

The safety features of this safe are slightly higher than average, but we don’t want to overstate the safety of domestic safes: determined and experienced thieves can break into just about any residential safe unfortunately.

But this safe makes it harder for thieves, with a combination of 2x 1″ live locking bolts and 2x 1″ dead bolts. The door is 4″ thick and the safe is designed to be bolted down to the floor. This is, in our opinion, a quality set of safety features that exceed the features of most residential gun safes. 

But what really stands out in this safe is the 2 hour fireproof rating (at 1850°F). Given most residential house fires burn at about 1500°F, this safe stands a chance at taking on a serious inferno and keeping your guns protected.

Chris Says: “I’m always impressed by the quality of Steelwater safes, but I also know I’ll be paying for it. The fireproof rating of 2 hours at 1850°F is about the best you can find.”

The interior isn’t upholstered unfortunately, which we would think would have been a nice added touch. But there’s a nice sturdy shelf that’s removable. But we like the idea of keeping our guns on one level and ammo on the other.

Why this Safe:

  • Best Brand: Steelwater is our choice for a very high quality fireproof gun safe brand.
  • Great Fireproof Rating: The 120 minutes at 1850°F fireproof rating is one of the best you’ll find.
  • Decent Security Features: No residential safe is perfect, but this one has a combination of live locking and dead bolts to enhance security, along with a 4″ thick door.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not the Cheapest: Because you’re getting a top brand and quality build, you’re paying for it. The fireproof handgun safes toward the end of this review are significantly cheaper.

4. Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

Quick Review: This is a very nice quality safe at a more affordable price point than most. We feel it has strong security and fireproof ratings, but no spare key or internal A/C power access.

This safe is very appealing to us. The ‘Second Amendment’ emblazoned on the safe is very cool, as is the tri-wheel handle. When you open it up we feel you can fit about 4 rifles comfortably, 8 at a stretch. The door organizer can fit a few pistols as well.

Safety wise, this is impressive and above average. It provides got protection against drill and pry attacks. There are bolt holes in the base to bolt it to the floor, though at 482 pounds it’s a heavy unit as is. It would have been nice to have a EMP proof keypad for added security.

Chris Says: “This is one cool looking safe. With a 60 minutes at 1700°F fireproof rating, its fire resistance outpaces that of many cheaper competitors as well.”

This safe also ticks our fireproof rating boxes, with an independently certified 60 minutes at 1700°F fireproof rating.

One downside is that we prefer the upholstery of some competitor long gun safes. There’s also no internal power access so you’d have to get a rechargeable dehumidifier.

Why this Safe:

  • Affordable: Its price is on par with our favorite safe, the Steelwater 16.
  • Good Fireproof Rating: The 60 minutes at 1700°F fireproof rating is solid in our opinion.
  • Very Secure: The drill resistant hard plate, 10 deadbolts and 2 anchoring holes for securing the safe to the floor are quite good for this size safe in our opinion.

Keep in Mind:

  • Mechanical Lock Option: It comes standard with an electronic keypad lock. You can message the distributor and request a mechanical lock instead, which we’d prefer.
  • Interior not Upholstered: The interior doesn’t have the nice upholstery of some competitors.
  • No Internal Power: We prefer safes that have an internal power socket for installing LED lights and a dehumidifier.

5. Best Quality: Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Safe

Quick Review: We’ve heard great things about this safe and its supplier, Keith. 1. We feel its fireproof rating is more than enough. 2. Its 5 inch door is resistant to prying and drill attacks. 3. It’s one of the most affordable out there, and 4. It looks really cool.

This 16-gun version isn’t just the most affordable in the Steelwater range, it’s also one of the best fireproof safes for rifles on the market today in our opinion.

When it comes to fireproof and safety, the Steelwater brand tends to knock it out of the park. The full Steelwater range goes from this 16 gun rifle safe all the way up to a crazy 45 gun safe for people with an arsenal (see below for the 39 gun version, which we also like).

Chris Says: “I like that you get a white glove experience with Keith, the distributor of this safe. Steelwater remains one of our favorite brands, and we like this as a premium model for those who can afford it.”

The problem of course is the bigger you get, the more it starts to cost.

That said – we feel it’s not realistic that you’ll fit 16 rifles in this one comfortably. We’d probably go for max. 8 rifles, then handguns can be stored in the door organizer. We’re big fans of the look of the upholstered door organizer it feels like something out of The Matrix.

As for the fire rating, this safe is 60-Minute Fire Rated at 1875°F. But the coolest thing is the heat activated door seal. When things start heating up, the door seal expands to keep out heat and smoke to help protect the guns through a fire attack.

Safety wise, this one has some excellent features. It’s got a 5″ thick door to resist prying attacks, punch attacks and drill attacks. The electronic lock is EMP Proof or you can bypass it yourself with a key lock (1 Key Included). While it comes in at a heavy 380 pounds, some people might want to also bolt it down for added security. So, it comes with 1/4 Inch steel plates in all 4 bottom corners for more security when bolted down. Just a quick note: we don’t like to bolt it to a wall – we feel it will ruin the weight distribution of the safe over time, so we’d stick to floor bolts.

As you probably know, all fireproof safes have huge humidity issues. Kieth, the distributor for this safe, sends out a free silica dry pack which is a temporary stop gap for humidity issues. But we’d probably take him up on the offer to install a safe dehumifier before shipping it out. He’ll install one for a reasonable price so all you need to do is plug it into a wall when the safe arrives.

In terms of the looks of this safe, we’re fans. It’s got an internal LED light and, as mentioned above, there’s a very cool door organizer. The whole internal area is fully upholstered in grey, including the adjustable & removable shelves. Lastly, we love the tri-spoke handle which makes you feel like George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 every time you open the door.

Why this Safe:

  • Top Brand: Steelwater is our favorite brand in this category.
  • Great Fireproof Rating: The 60 minute 1875°F rating is more than enough.
  • Great Safety: Its 5 inch door is resistant to prying and drill attacks.
  • It looks really Cool: We love the internal LED light, grey internal upholstery and door organizer.

Keep in Mind:

  • Delivery: It doesn’t deliver everywhere. You have to check with the supplier about whether it can be delivered to you.
  • Dehumidifier: We’d personally contact the supplier and ask them to install a dehumidifier for us. He does it for a small fee and it saves a ton of hassle.

6. Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe

Quick Review: The bigger version of the 16 gun safe, this one’s great for a really (really) big arsenal – it still has the same security and fireproof ratings as our favorite.

This safe is the big brother to the 16 gun safe above. If we had a huge arsenal of rifles we’d personally go with this one.

It’s got a classy interior design. It is well upholstered with tons of shelf space. But we think if you want to fit all your rifles inside you’d have to remove the shelves. The door has seven spots for pistols and tons of space for supplies and ammo. The interior LED light adds to the classy feel, as well as the flywheel handle (you can see it in the picture above).

Chris Says: “This larger Steelwater safe is the big brother of the one we reviewed above. Overall, we’re big fans of both these safes and if we had no financial limitations, we’d be leaning towards these two as our favorite premium fireproof gun safes.”

It’s also got amazing safety features in our opinion, as we’d expect of Steelwater. The door has 20 x 2″ bolts covering all four sides of the door. It’s equally as strong against pry, punch and drill attacks as its little brother. The digital keypad is EMP proof, or you can upgrade to a biometric thumbprint entry system. As you’d expect, there’s also a backup key.

One thing that’s a big step up from the 16 gun version is the internal A/C electrical outlet so you can install your own dehumidifier.

Lastly, we like the fireproof rating. It’s got the same UL 60-Minute fire rating at 1875°F as the 16 gun version, which is plenty. It also rocks the same heat activated door seal which adds to the fireproofing. This also helps to block out smoke during fires, which could otherwise seep into the upholstery.

Why this Safe:

  • Best for Big Arsenal: This one holds a lot of rifles.
  • Awesome Interior: We love the upholstery and LED light.
  • Unrivaled Safety: It has an EMP proof keypad and 20 x 2″ bolts on the door to prevent pry and drill attacks.
  • Great Fireproof Rating: The UL 60 minute 1875°F rating is more than enough for us.
  • Internal A/C Outlet: Great for personalizing the safe, or plugging-in a dehumidifier.

Keep in Mind:

  • It’s Big: This one might be overkill unless you’ve got a large arsenal.

7. SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe

Quick Review: This is a nice small rifle safe with a good fireproof rating. Our main concern is that it’s more expensive than competitors.

We feel this is a good fireproof rifle safe for a smaller cabin where space is limited. We think it’s possible to even store this one in a cupboard discretely.

The fireproof rating is good in our opinion. The independent fireproof rating of the safe is 60 minutes at 2300°F. It also has heat activated door fire seals, much like the Steelwater safes.

Chris Says: “The high fireproof rating is appealing for this model, but at this price point, I’d lean toward the Steelwater safes purely because I like the Steelwater brand personally.”

This safe also ticks our boxes in terms of safety. It’s rocking eight 1-inch steel locking bolts, which by the numbers is actually better than some larger and more expensive safes. There is an electronic keypad with a backup key which is used by removing the keypad and accessing the lock in behind it, which is nice and discrete.

But, there is lack of A/C power connectivity. We probably wouldn’t need LED lights in a little safe like this. But it would be nice to be able to plug a dehumidifier into the wall. So we’d have to get a rechargeable battery operated dehumidifier for this. That means ongoing maintenance.

Why this Safe:

  • Good for just a few Rifles: It’s a good small safe that could fit in a small space.
  • Great Fireproof Rating: The fireproof rating of 60 minutes at 2300°F ticks that box.

Keep in Mind:

  • The Price: We thought it would be less.
  • No Internal Power: We prefer safes that have an internal power socket for installing LED lights and a dehumidifier.

8. SentrySafe SFW082CTB – For Pistols Only

Quick Review: This is a small and affordable alternative for pistol storage. It still has a good fireproof rating and locking mechanism.

This is our pick for the best safe for pistols. It’s one of the most affordable smaller fireproof safes that still has decent security against break-in thieves in our opinion.

The fireproof rating of this one is 60 minutes at 1700°F which is equal to many of the larger rifle safes.

We particularly like the combination code lock in this one which doesn’t rely on batteries to operate. But you can also grab this one with a digital keypad instead of the combination code. We personally prefer the combination code because it feels really secure. But the digital keypad knocks a bit off the price.

Chris Says: “When looking purely from a value for money perspective, this one rates as the best fireproof handgun safe. It’s not a Steelwater safe, but it’s also a lot more affordable than many comparable Steelwater models.”

One thing we’re not a huge fan of is the interior which feels plastic and not all that classy. But, if fireproofing is a main concern, there aren’t many options for super classy looking interiors in our experience.

It might be worthwhile checking the laws in your jurisdiction about what you need in a pistol safe before making a decision. Laws change in different places, and we can’t guarantee that every safe meets all legal requirements.

Why this Safe:

  • Affordable: You can save a lot of money if you step down to a small safe rather than getting a full-length rifle safe.
  • Fireproof: The fireproof rating is 60 minutes at 1700°F, which is as good as the larger safes.
  • Nice Combination Code Lock: we really like the locking system which feels sturdier than an electronic keypad.
  • Nice Key Rack: We like the internal key rack for storing keys.

Keep in Mind:

  • Only for Pistols: Clearly this won’t fit a rifle.
  • Interior feels Plastic: We’d personally try to class up the interior when we get it as the plastic feel isn’t too nice.

9. SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof & Waterproof Safe – For Pistols Only

Quick Review: This is a bigger and nicer safe that could hold pistols, but comes in at a slightly higher price. We also like the carpeted interior of this one.

This safe is a bit bigger than the other pistol-size safe. We’re fans of the internals of this one with its carpeted walls and shelves.

This safe also steps up in terms of providing two backup keys, which is important in our decision making. If a fire did rip through the building, the keypad would burn up and we’d have to get in using the backup keys.

Chris Says: “This safe is an interesting mid-sized model, with three shelves for great storage of both handguns and ammo.”

The fireproof rating is 30 minutes at 1400°F. That’s less than some other safes, but it’s still not terrible in our opinion. It’s also got a solid 72 hour waterproof rating to protect pistols from water damage as well.

Why this Safe:

  • Nice Carpeted Interior: The interior feels much nicer in this one than some other safes.
  • Backup Keys: We like that it comes with two backup skeleton keys for opening it when the key code fails.
  • Good Size: We like that it’s not huge but would fit most things we want to keep safe like pistols, but also ammo and even goods like laptops.

Keep in Mind:

  • Strange Price Point: For just a few hundred more you can get a rifle safe, so it’s almost worth just stepping up to the Steelwater 16, especially if we thought we might like a rifle in the future.
  • Only for Pistols: Clearly this won’t fit a rifle.
  • Lower Fireproof Rating: The fireproof rating is lower than others, but still good enough for us.

What we Look for in a Fireproof Gun Safe

Independent Fireproof Rating

The premier company for independent fireproof ratings is Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

UL does standard fireproof ratings for safes as well as thin materials (e.g. on fire resistant bags) and typical home fire extinguishers. It even provides the official standards for the US Coastguard’s fire extinguisher (for vessels) regulations.

So, UL certification carries some weight.

When it comes to safes, UL will give a rating for the amount of time the safe is fire resistant and at what heat.

The time rating will usually either be for 30 or 60 minutes. A wildfire may pass over a house within 5 minutes and leave it in tact, in which case a 30 minute safe may survive the onslaught. But, the house may catch and let the fire burn for well over an hour (albeit at a lower heat after the first 20 minutes). For us, either 30 or 60 minutes was fine.

The heat rating will usually be between 1400°F and 2000°F. A house fire will usually burn somewhere between 1550°F and 1850°F.

(Note that UL ratings for lightweight fireproof bags follow a different testing strategy).


Security varies widely. Things to look for are drill resistant plates and nice thick 2-inch deadbolts on all four sides of the door. We think the best security comes with the Steelwater 39 Long Gun Safe but all the Steelwaters are good.

Another great addition in the Steelwater range is EMP resistant keypads which is another layer of security.

Locking Mechanism

You’ll generally get one of three types of locks: electronic keypad, combination code, or key. We personally go for combination codes and keys because they don’t need batteries, so We feel more secure. It also means We need to do less maintenance. Nonetheless, I’m aware keypads are very popular these days.

You’ll also want a set of backup keys in case the combination code or electronic keypad fail. This is particularly important for electronic keypads which are prone to failure eventually, e.g. due to the battery running low.

Water Proof

Some safes also come with 72 hour waterproof ratings. To learn more about waterproof ratings for safes, see here.


We really like an upholstered interior. It makes the safe feel a lot nicer and classier. But this is obviously personal preference.

Other great options for the interior are a door organizer with pouches for handguns and ammo, as well as removable shelves. If your arsenal grows, you might find yourself needing to take some shelves down or needing to rearrange them to fit your rifles neatly.

Internal A/C Power

Internal A/C power is good for a few things.

The most important is that you’ll want to fit a dehumidifyer into any fireproof safe. The fact that it’s fireproof means moisture won’t be able to get in or out. In other words, moisture build-up from the air that’s already inside the safe is inevitable.

The best option is to have a dehumidifyer that you can plug into a wall in our opinion. It means you don’t need to replace or recharge it once it runs out of puff. This will decrease maintenance issues, especially if your gun safe is in your hunting cabin that you only go out to intermittently.

The other thing A/C power is good for is internal lighting. We love how the Silverwater range have internal LED lighting, which adds a touch of class to your safe.


There are basically three sizes we considered for gun safes.

The smallest is pistol-only. A safe just for your handgun usually just needs to be a regular house safe (check your county and sate requirements). So, you could save a lot of money doing this – we look for a price range from $150 to $700 for a fireproof safe of this size.

The next size is a regular rifle safe such as the Blue Dot Safe in this review. They should hold between 4 and 8 rifles comfortably These safes vary in price from $750 to $2000. I’d lean to either the Steelwater 16 or Blue Dot.

If you’ve got a big arsenal, you’re going to be paying $1500 plus for a good fireproof rifle safe. The one we really like is the Steelwater 39.

Final Thoughts

Safes come in a range of sizes and prices. Personally, we think the Silverwater safes are the best fireproof safes for guns. They’re comparatively affordable and also have a really good range of features. When looking for a good fireproof gun safe, we look for key features like a UL fireproof rating, internal A/C, and strong protection from drill and pry attacks.

We hope this review has helped you with your selection! But remember, this article has shared our opinions and a range of examples for our circumstances only, and is based on our online research. It does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise. Your circumstances or experiences will differ from ours. Make sure you do your own research and due diligence and adhere to the rules laid out in our terms and conditions and disclaimer.

– Chris