7 Best Fireproof Bags & Briefcases for Documents

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‘Oxzoh’ Fireproof Bag with TSA Lock

The Oxzoh Fireproof Bag with Lock (TSA Approved) is the best seller among our readers. It’s large enough to store legal size papers, comes with an excellent TSA Lock (far better than many competitors) and can withstand flames up to 2192°F. It also comes with two smaller bags for cash and passports. It’s good for short-term flame resistance, but if you need true fireproofing, you’d have to step up to a heavier fireproof briefcase (see below).

When selecting a fireproof bag for documents, the first choice is between a softshell and hardshell model. A softshell fabric bag can withstand flames for short periods of time, while hardshell models are designed to protect goods in case of a serious house fire. Because of their superior fireproof features, hardshells are more expensive.

For fireproof briefcases, we really liked the Honeywell 1104 as the best fireproof briefcase for ourselves. It is the only one on the market that we could find with internal dimensions to fit up to legal size documents. It’s also designed to be both fireproof and waterproof.

For fireproof bags, we feel the Oxzoh bag is a cut above the competition. But there are other options, including the more affordable ‘Formline Supply Fireproof Bag’ which was our choice for a cheap non-lockable option.

We’ve provided a full selection criteria at the end of this product review to show you how we came to our choices. But we know you just want our picks! Remember though, these are examples selected for our circumstances, and do not represent advice to you or your circumstances, professional or otherwise.

The best fireproof document bags are:

  • Oxzoh Fireproof Bag with Lock (TSA Approved)
  • Honeywell 1104 Fireproof Briefcase
  • Trikton Fireproof Document Safe Bag with TSA Lock
  • Roloway XL Fireproof Bag for Documents (with Bonus Mini-Bag)
  • Blokkd Fireproof Bag for Documents
  • Fireproof and Waterproof Bag by You Buy Trust
  • Formline Supply Fireproof Briefcase

7 Best Fireproof Document Bags & Briefcases

1. Honeywell 1104 Fireproof Briefcase

Quick Review: We feel a hardshell briefcase is much better at protecting documents from fires. For us, the best fireproof briefcase is the Honeywell 1104 – it’s got excellent fireproof and waterproof ratings at a reasonable price.


The Honeywell 1104 is a briefcase for serious fire protection. We like the idea of a hardshell model to protect legal size documents against accidental house fires. It is more than just flame resistant – it can withstand some pretty serious fires. It has been independently certified by UL as being able to withstand 1700°F house fires for up to 60 minutes.

It’s also the only fireproof briefcase on the market we can find that can hold legal size documents – which are a few inches longer than A4 documents (and usually common for bank and mortgage documentation). But if for people who only need to store A4 size documents, they’ve also designed the Honeywell 1103 which is significantly cheaper (links to Amazon) but only holds A4 size documents. 

What we Like:

  • Strongest Fireproof Rating: While softshell fireproof document bags can withstand flames for short periods of time, this briefcase is designed to actually withstand house fires and infernos. We feel we could use it as a document safe in the home.
  • Holds Legal Size Documents: It’s the only hardshell fireproof briefcase that we can find that can hold legal size documents.
  • A Good Shape: It’s shaped like a briefcase, so we could fit it under a bed.
  • Waterproof Rated: The softshell bags in the rest of this review are not waterproof rated.

Keep in Mind:

  • Price: Hardshell fireproof briefcases are more expensive due to their strong fireproof shell.
  • Weight: It’s significantly heavier than a softshell bag, coming in at 56 Lbs. That’s normal for a hardshell fireproof briefcase.
  • Not Theft Proof: While it will probably deter petty theft, it’s not designed to be pry resistant. For that, you’d need to step up to a fireproof security safe.
  • Moisture Buildup Issues: As it’s airtight, it will likely need a moisture absorber such as a silica gel bag to prevent condensation from building up inside.

2. Oxzoh Fireproof Bag with Lock (TSA Approved)

Quick Review: We think this one is the best fireproof document bags. It’s a sturdy bag with a top quality TSA lock. It also comes with two smaller fireproof bags for cash and passports.

We were sold by the three-in-one bag here. We figured we’d use the larger bag for our will and mortgage papers then the smaller ones for valuables like our passports, some cash, and a few USB media drives with important documents on them.

We also thought the TSA lock would come in handy. Personally, we think the lock would be mostly useful to keep kids’ prying hands out. But it can also of course provide an extra layer of theft protection when a thief comes by. Unfortunately the bag is quite light, so thieves could just run off with the whole bag!

For many travelers, the fact that there’s a TSA lock and an over-the-shoulder strap would be appealing. The bag’s a lot easier to carry around than a fireproof safe because it’s more lightweight, and the over-the-shoulder strap makes it feel like you’re just carrying a messenger bag.

What we Like:

  • Safety and Security: The TSA lock pushes this one above many competitors. It’s a sturdy lock that you can take with you traveling.
  • Good Fire Resistance Rating: Rated as fire resistant to 2192°F (UL94 VTM-0 tested). This is about the highest rating that we’ve found in the bags category.
  • Easy to Carry: Lighter than a regular safe and can be carried around with the over-the-shoulder strap (included).
  • Holds Legal Size Documents: Legal size documents are slightly larger than A4 documents. This bag will hold both legal size and A4 documents comfortably.
  • Bonus Cash and Passport Bags: You’ll also get two additional smaller fireproof bags for storing cash and documents.

Keep in Mind:

  • Price: It’s not the cheapest bag on the list, but it’s got the best value for money in our opinion. The TSA lock is the best one we have come across for this range of bags and the two additional bags can come in really handy.

3. Trikton Fireproof Document Safe Bag with TSA Lock

Quick Review: This bag was our close runner-up in the softshell category. It’s got everything we wanted in our top bag except doesn’t come with those two extra smaller cash and passport bags. However, it is also a little cheaper to offset that.

If we were not interested in the extra cash and passport bags offered by the Oxzoh then we might have considered this one. It has most of the other benefits offered by the Oxzoh and comes in at a lower price point – so there are a lot of pros to getting this one!

It’s super easy to carry with the over the shoulder carry strap and the XL size version is a bit thinner than the Oxzoh as well so it would be less bulky to carry around. Another benefit of its thinness is that it’ll fit more discretely on a bookshelf or in a safe.

It’s also got a decent TSA lock for security and travel. We noticed a few sellers didn’t include the TSA lock in the sale, but we found this one who does, so we think it’s worth going with this seller on Amazon.

Something else that we thought was an interesting idea was the reflective border. If you shine a light at it at night it’ll light up, which may make recovery of the bag much easier during an emergency.

Lastly, the fireproof rating of 2000°F is toward the higher end of the ratings for fire resistant bags.

What we Like:

  • Safety and Security: The TSA lock pushes this one above many competitors in our opinion. It’s a sturdy lock that you can take with you when traveling.
  • Easy to Carry: This one is lighter than a regular safe and can be carried around with the over-the-shoulder strap (included).
  • Thin: The bag comes in XL and XXL. The XL version is thinner than the Oxzoh which means it’s easier to carry and store discretely.
  • Holds Legal Size Documents: Legal size documents are slightly larger than A4 documents. This bag can hold both legal size and A4 documents comfortably.
  • High Fireproof Rating: This model is rated as fireproof to 2000°F. This is about the highest fireproof rating that we’ve found in the bags category.

Keep in Mind:

  • Thinner than the Oxzoh: We put this down as a ‘pro’ as well. But if we wanted one that holds wide binders, we’d stick to the Oxzoh above or jump up to the XXL size in this model.
  • No Additional Bags: Comes with only the one bag, no internal bags for cash and passports.

4. Roloway XL Fireproof Document Bag (with Bonus Mini-Bag)

Quick Review: We think this is a nice bag with a bonus passport size mini-bag. It’s lockable, but doesn’t come with a lock.

The Roloway bag offers a bit of everything but not the absolute best in any category in our opinion.

This bag is the same size as the XXL Trikton / Oxzoh above. So it’ll fit A4 and legal size documents comfortably, or you could fit a binder into the bag for easy storage.

The bag is lockable, but unlike the above two bags, you have to buy the lock separately. Buying a separate lock alone would push the price of the Roloway above its competitors, which is probably the main reason we didn’t choose this bag.

Similarly, you do get an additional passport size fireproof bag – but you just get one, while with the Oxzoh you get two.

Lastly, this bag has also got a similar fireproof rating of 2000°F using the same UL94 VTM-0 test as the above ones – so in terms of the fireproof rating, the top 3 bags we’ve ranked are equal.

What we Like:

  • Good Width: We think you could fit quite a large legal binder in there.
  • Bonus Passport Bag: We like the bonus passport bag for keeping your passport and some cash fire safe when you’re storing it.
  • Good Fire Resistance Rating: Rated as fire resistant to 2192°F (UL94 VTM-0 tested). This is about the highest rating that we’ve found in the bags category.
  • Holds Legal Size Documents: Legal size documents are slightly larger than A4 documents. This bag will hold both legal size and A4 documents comfortably.

Keep in Mind:

  • Less Bonus Bags: The Oxzoh has one additional bonus bag than this one.
  • No Lock Included: This was a deal breaker for us.

5. Blokkd Fireproof Document Bag with Lock

Quick Review: A superior fire resistance rating to many others and it’s got some great extra pockets. Lock included.

We were really impressed by this bag, but decided not to choose it in the end.

It’s a similar size to the other XXL bags on this list and has all the things you’d expect like the over-the-shoulder carry strap.

But it also has some additional features that we like. The back of the bag has cool additional small pockets (you can’t see them on the image above, but the other Amazon images show the pockets on the back).

It’s also got a decent fire resistant rating that’s actually in a higher and more difficult category than most others. But to be honest, all these bags are only flame resistant and not fireproof in our opinion.

What we Like:

  • Great Price: We were surprised at how cheap this bag is given its decent flame resistant rating and features that aren’t included in other bags.
  • Great Extra Pockets: We love how many extra pockets there are on the back of this bag for storing your additional valuables like USB drives.
  • Higher Fire Resistant Rating: It’s got the UL94-V rating which is higher than the UL94-VTM rating that some other bags on this list have.
  • Fits Large Documents: With the diameters of 16.5″ x 14″ x 2.6″ you should be able to A4 and fit legal size documents in there.
  • Lock Included: There’s a lock included with this one as well, but it’s not TSA compatible.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not a TSA Lock: The included lock is not TSA compatible.

6. Fireproof and Waterproof Bag by You Buy Trust

Quick Review: This bag has some great internal compartments that we were impressed by. It’s also got a waterproof zipper which is a step up from many competitors.

The main drawing card for this bag is its internal pockets. Other bags have external pockets (which are less fire resistant) or loose passport bags that you can drop into the bigger bag. But this one actually has internal pockets which are great for storing your passports, USB drives, cards, etc. in a more organized way.

The other cool thing about this bag is that the included zipper is waterproof, which isn’t offered by many competitors.

Aside from the internal pockets, this bag has much of the same pros as many others: it’s large enough for legal size documents and has the regular fiberglass and silicon fabric design.

But it doesn’t come with a carry strap, which is frustrating given that it’s actually got a loop for adding a carry strap. It also doesn’t have a locking option.

(PS: There’s also the option of a waterproof safe instead.)

What we Like:

  • Water Resistant: The water resistant zipper adds extra protection for the bag’s belongings.
  • Fire Resistant: It has the same fire resistant rating as the other bags in this list. It’s made of the same fiberglass plus silicon materials.
  • Large Bag: It will fit A4 and legal size documents. It’s also quite wide for fitting a binder and laptop.
  • Internal Pockets: We love the internal pockets in this one so you can keep your passport, USB and other valuables organized inside the bag.

Keep in Mind:

  • No Carry Strap: Even though it has loops for adding carry straps, it doesn’t come with the strap itself.
  • Not Lockable: You couldn’t add a lock to this as there is just one zipper.

7. Formline Supply Fireproof Briefcase

Quick Review: An affordable choice that’s a bit smaller than competitors and has a lower fire resistance rating.

This is a nice sleek looking bag that could pass as a regular laptop bag that someone takes to and from work. The carry handle and over-the-shoulder strap make it an easy to carry accessory for documents or a laptop.

It’s also got a fire resistant fiberglass casing to help protect equipment in its time of need.

We like how affordable this bag is. But, on the other hand, its fireproof rating is lower than competitors and it is a little smaller. Nonetheless it should still fit most laptops and documents.

It does not come with a lock.

What we Like:

  • Affordable: It’s one of the most affordable bags on this list.
  • Easy to Carry: The over-the-shoulder carry strap is a good addition that some competitors don’t have. It also has a handle for hand-held carrying.
  • Looks Good: We like the stylish look of this above other bags on this list.

Keep in Mind:

  • Low Fire Resistance Rating: This one claims to have fire resistance up to 1000°F. That’s significantly lower than competitors.
  • Smaller than Others: Its width is 15 inches, which is less than most others on this list. Nonetheless it’ll still fit A4 and legal documents.
  • Not Lockable: It would be hard to add a lock to this as there is just one zipper.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is the Best Fireproof Bag?

Q: How ‘Fireproof’ are the Best Fireproof Document Bags?

Fireproof document bags are usually tested using the UL 94-VTM standard. This standard only tests bags against an open flame for a few seconds. Fireproof bags aren’t meant to withstand a home fire or inferno. They’re designed to mainly be flame resistant against a small fire for a short time, e.g. if you dropped it in a campfire then fished it back out.

To step up to something that’ll stand a chance to withstand a full-on blaze, there are fireproof briefcases like the Honeywell 1104, which is tested by UL under tougher conditions to withstand serious fires for up to 1 hour.

Can a fireproof bag replace a fireproof briefcase?

No. Fireproof briefcases are much more resilient against fires. You might notice that the above bags aren’t UL approved for certain lengths of time. That’s because the fire resistance won’t last as long as you might hope – literally just minutes.

The benefit of the bags is that they’re much lighter and easier to carry around. Plus, many people choose to put their documents in the bag, then the bag in a stronger fire-resistant safe. This double-layer protection is common for people storing wills or small business people storing articles of incorporation safely.

How fireproof are fireproof bags?

Not very. Your documents may resist flames for a short while, but the fact of the matter is that these bags are not airtight so oxygen (a major fuel for fires) will carry the fire into the bag before long.

A good fireproof safe is usually UL tested for either 30 or 60 minutes, giving much surer protection.

The UL test for fireproof bags is much much lower.

In fact, we really should call them ‘fire resistant’ or even ‘flame resistant’, not fireproof. The point of the test is to check to ensure a bag doesn’t catch fire when exposed to a small flame.

The main test that these bags are covered by is the UL 94 VTM-0 (Vertical Thin Material) test.

The VTM-0 test will expose the material to a flame for less than 50 seconds cumulatively, and less than 10 seconds in a row. Compare that to the UL tests for safes, which literally expose safes to flames for up to 1 hour.

What is a fireproof bag made of?

A fireproof bag is made of fiberglass coated with silicon. Fiberglass is a very common fireproofing agent that you’ll also find in kitchen fire safety blankets. It’s used because it is very resilient to fire but is also flexible like cloth. However, it’s also very itchy. So, most fireproof bags are then covered with a layer of silicon which gives it a smoother finish.

Why would I use a fireproof bag?

People usually use fireproof bags for a little extra security for their valuable documents like passports, wills, marriage and birth certificates, and articles of incorporation.

The bags are often stored in a discrete space in the office or inside a larger safe for added fireproof protection.

Others may use the bag as their everyday carry bag if they’re often working with open flames, such as if you’re working in a lab. In this case, you’ll want to pay extra attention to getting a bag with an over the shoulder carry strap.

Our Selection Criteria (Features we Look For)


The expected price point is somewhere between $15 for the really cheap end of the spectrum up to about $60 for a better fireproof bag. The average price for fireproof bags is about $39. We don’t provide the exact price for any of our reviews as prices do vary regularly, but check the Amazon links for the current prices for each of the bags above.

Fire Resistance Rating

As noted above, ‘fireproof’ bags aren’t truly fireproof. They’re more flame resistant so they won’t catch alight very easily. They’re great for having in a lab where you work with open flames regularly, for example, for some protection. They’re also good for added protection of documents that are kept in a safe that’s not fireproof.

The fireproof rating for thin materials is usually UL 94 VTM-0. This test will test the bags against an open flame for a few seconds to see if it burns, scolds, order damages the integrity of the bag in any way.

So, we personally check to see if the bag comes with that UL 94 VTM-0 rating.

The alternative is to step up to a fireproof safe, such as a gun safe or a built-in home safe.


A main concern for size will probably be that it fits either a laptop or a legal size document. Legal size documents are a little bigger than A4 documents, coming in at 8.5 x 14.0 inches. That’s 3 inches longer than the regular A4 size of 8.5 x 11.0 in. So, we would check to be sure that a bag is at least 14 inches wide if we want to fit legal documents inside.

Pockets or Extra Bags

We like that some bags come with extra pockets. The Blokkd bag comes with external pockets. These will be less fireproof in a big blaze, but are really convenient for storage. The You Buy Trust bag comes with nice internal pockets especially designed for passports, which we thought was great.

The other option is extra bonus bags which you can toss into the larger bag. Our top pick (the Oxzoh) comes with two additional bonus bags for storing passports, USB drives, and cash. We thought this was a great additional feature.


If we’re buying the bag to store valuables, we’d probably want to be able to lock the bag. A lot of bags don’t come with a lock.

The top four bags on this list are lockable, but not all come with a lock.

Something else we consider is a TSA-approved lock if we have any plans to fly with the bag.

The first and second bags on this list come with TSA-approved locks – so we’d choose these two above all others personally if flying with the bags.


If we want to carry your bag around, we would make sure our bag comes with a shoulder strap or carry handle. It’s really variable whether the bag comes with this or not. We really like how the Formline bag comes with a handle and shoulder strap. Our top pick, the Oxzoh, also comes with a handle and shoulder strap.

But some of these bags are actually really wide. If we were going to carry our fireproof bag to and from work each day, we’d probably go with a mid-depth option such as the Trikton or Formline.

Final Thoughts

We decided that the best fireproof bag for our circumstances was the Oxzoh. We liked that it came with two smaller bags for cash and passports and a TSA lock for added security. It also fits legal size documents comfortably.

But, we were to want one that’ll truly resist an inferno, we’d step up to a fireproof briefcase. Our pick as the best fireproof briefcase for ourselves was the Honeywell 1104. It’s the only one we found that can hold legal size documents and has a great fireproof rating.

We also feel that for added protection for valuables against large fires a truly fireproof safe is a better option, which will be much sturdier than any fireproof document bag.

Remember, this article has shared our opinions and a range of examples for our circumstances only, and is based on our online research. It does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise. Your circumstances or experiences will differ from ours. Make sure you do your own research and due diligence and adhere to the rules laid out in our terms and conditions and disclaimer.

Good luck with your purchasing decision!