7 Best Fireplace Tool Sets & Pokers

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Our top Pick:

‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Log Rack

Our pick for the best fireplace tool set is this log rack from Amagabeli. It’s affordable, has dedicated spaces for each tool, and has plenty of room for fireplace logs. We also like that the tools have long arms so you don’t have to get too close to your fire.

The NFPA estimates that 15,000 house fires are caused by fireplaces and chimneys per year in the United States.

So … it’s important to keep your fireplace organized and clean.

The ashes and residual firewood around a fireplace is a huge hazard. This mess around your fireplace is the perfect fuel for a fire to spread from the fireplace to the couch, and then … your whole house.

As we outline in our fireplace safety tips post, we think it’s important to keep a fireplace clean and well organized to prevent hazardous house fires.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at a few example fireplace tool sets that are available online today to help improve the organization, cleanliness and safety of a home fireplace.

In our opinion, the best fireplace tool sets are:

  1. ‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Log Rack
  2. ‘Muskoka’ Signature Series Hearth Center
  3. ‘My Fire Place Direct’ 5 Piece Fireplace Wrough Iron Tools Set
  4. ‘Babylon’ Fireplace Tools & Log Rack Set
  5. Enclume Large Modern Log Rack with Fireplace Tools
  6. ‘Amagabeli’ 360 Degree Fireplace Tool Stand
  7. Pilgrim Home and Hearth Forged Iron Hearth Center

Don’t forget that we’re not professionals and not offering personalized professional advice, so seeking professional advice for your situation is a must.

Best Fireplace Tool Sets

1. Amagabeli Fireplace Log Rack

Quick Review: We’re fans of this tool set. There is a ton of room for stacking your logs and well organized hooks for hanging your tools (tools included).

This black wrought iron tool set has a ton of room for stacking your firewood on two separate racks.

Two racks are great for storing both wet and dry wood. Store the wet wood on the bottom rack and the dry wood on the top rack.

As you finish with the top rack, move the now dried wood to the top rack and go grab some more wet wood from outside for the bottom rack – a simple way to ensure you’ve always got fresh wood for burning!

This kit also has a good set of tools: tongs, poker, broom, and shovel. There are hooks provided for hanging the tools in a way that they don’t clash or bang against each other. They hang a few inches off the ground when on the hooks.

We particularly like the broom which is great for ensuring the space around the fire and the log rack are cleared while the fire is running.

The poker is also pretty great though. It’s got two prongs at the end which makes it a lot more versatile than a single-prong poker.

We’ve also been told it can be a little fiddly to assemble – think Ikea assembly methods!

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Long Tools: We like that the tools are quite a bit longer than tools on competitor racks, so you don’t have to get that close to the fire.

Lots of Space for Firewood: We like that it’s a double layered firewood rack. We recommend storing the dryer wood on top ready for use.

Assembly Required: It shouldn’t be too hard, but might be a little fiddly.

No mesh walls: We like how on the Muskoka set (below) there is a mesh wall separating the tools from the firewood.

2. Muskoka Signature Series Hearth Center

Quick Review: A nice small log rack with four tools. The tools are a bit short for our liking, but we are big fans of the broom.

This Muskoka product is a nice small tool set and log holder for a small home fireplace.

You won’t be able to keep as many logs on this one as some other log racks on this list. In fact, given that one wall of the log holder is shorter than the other, you can actually fit less logs on the holder than you might first think.

But that’s okay. In fact, it’s usually best to have less logs in the house and store most of your logs outdoors and well away from your home.

While we like that it’s a small set for a small house, we’re also conscious that the tools are quite small. This means you have to get a little closer to the fire than you might like. So, we’d prefer if the tools themselves were a little longer.

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Mesh Wall: We like that the mesh wall separates the firewood from the tools.

Attractive Design: We like the overall look and feel of this one.

It’s got our Favorite Broom: The broom on this one is our favorite out of the lot.

It’s Small: You’ll only be able to store a little bit of wood on this rack, and keep the rest outside.

3. ‘My Fire Place Direct’ 5 Piece Fireplace Wrough Iron Tools Set

Quick Review: We love the cute bear and trees design, making this the perfect fireplace tool hanger for a home that has an alpine theme.

We lover the bear walking across the top of this tool set between the trees. It’s great to see a tool set that’s got some character about it. But, it’s also nice that it is subtle and shouldn’t clash with your surrounding decor.

The tool set comes with your four regular tools – shovel, poker, broom and tongs. The one concern we have with the tools is the shovel – it’s incredibly shallow and not particularly well designed for ergonomic use. You’ll notice that other tool sets have shovels with deeper sides and more of a tilt which could help with scooping embers and ashes.

However, we do like that the two outer hooks are double-sided so you can hang extra tools if you have them. We’d consider hanging out fireplace gloves on those spare hooks.

And of course, you don’t get a log rack with this set. So have a think about whether you’d prefer to keep all your logs outside – and if so, then maybe this is the choice for you.

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Nice Design: We love the bear and trees at the top.

Extra Hooks: Two of the hooks are double-sided for hanging extra tools.

Flat Shovel: We feel as if the shovel is not the best design because it’s shallow and not at a good angle for scooping.

The Price: For a comparable price, you could get a firewood rack as well.

4. Babylon Fireplace Tools & Log Rack Set with Wheels

Quick Review: We like that this a fireplace tool set also comes with a log rack on wheels.

The real drawing card of this rack is that it’s on wheels! This can be super useful for you when you want to wheel your firewood in and out of the house.

We also like that the log rack has mesh walls to keep it secure and well organized in its own dedicated spot.

But there are a few unfortunate catches here.

First, you’ll need to remember to take the tools off the rack before wheeling it or else you’ll end up with tools falling out all over the place.

Next, this one’s got a bit of a reputation for being a little flimsy compared to some other fireplace tool racks. Nonetheless, it’s had a lot of happy customers – so it’s definitely worth consideration.

The other thing is that the tools aren’t our favorite. There are only three (you’re missing the two-pronged poker). and it isn’t our favorite broom either. We prefer brooms that have many more bristles.

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Wheel your Firewood in and out of the House: We like the idea of being able to wheel your firewood around. It will decrease the number of trips you need to do in and out of the house on a cold winter night.

Mesh Walls: We like that the log holder has mesh walls to keep the logs stored in their own special space.

Only Three Tools: It doesn’t come with a two pronged poker, which is pretty standard in other kits. We also don’t like the broom all that much.

Single Layer Log Rack: Other log racks have two layers, while this one is only single layered.

5. Enclume Large Modern Log Rack with Fireplace Tools

Quick Review: The slots for kindling and newspaper are a great idea. The price is a little high though.

We’re huge fans of this rack and tool set – with one exception: the price!

But let’s get to the features.

The rack is sturdily designed and looks great. It sits quite low but is wide so it fits enough logs for a night of burning by the fireplace. As you can see in the image above, you can store kindling and a newspaper in the arms of the rack so you have everything you need in one place.

There are only three tools that come with this: a broom, a scoop and a single pronged poker. The tools are also super short so you might need to don some gloves if you’re getting too close to the flames!

The broom is really nice though – superior to brooms on many other models.

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Space for Newspaper and Kindling: We like that they have thought about providing special storage space for these essentials.

Sturdy Design: It doesn’t seem flimsy at all.

The Price: It’s a bit out of our price range.

Tools are too Short: You might find your fingers getting a bit hot with a poker that short!

6. Amagabeli 360 Degree Fireplace Tool Stand

Quick Review: This tool set is classy and simple. It’s a plain black tool set on a 360 degree stand.

The seller was a bit cheeky calling this a 5 Piece set: the stand doesn’t count as a piece! So, really, you just get the four regulation pieces. A shovel, broom, poker and three pronged tong.

What stands out about this stand is that the items are hung all around it like a coat rack. This could be appealing to some people – which is why we put it on the list – but others might find that no matter where you place it, there’s always going to be one tool inconveniently tucked around the back.

The tools are long enough but not too long, and we do really like the twist in the steel arms of each tool set.

We also like that the stand has a nice carry handle on the top for relocating the stand with ease.

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Long Tools: The tools have long enough arms that you can poke around at the fire from a fair distance.

Good Range of Tools: There are four tools including a three pronged tong and single pronged poker.

Easy to Carry: There’s a convenient carry handle to carry the whole stand around.

No Log Rack: Where will you store your logs?

Tools at Back hard to Reach: We’re not convinced a round rack like this is best for accessing all your tools.

7. Pilgrim Home and Hearth Forged Iron Hearth Center

Quick Review: This set is nice and well thought out, but in a price bracket of its own.

There’s a lot to like about this fireplace tool set, but the price is a little out of our comfort zone unfortunately.

But let’s talk about some features.

The rack could hold both logs and old newspapers for lighting the fire. We’d keep newspapers on that top section and logs on the bottom (see image above). It’s quite a thin area for stacking the logs, but it’s also tall enough to fit enough logs for the night.

The four tools (the regular shovel, broom, poker and tongs) are separated out nicely in each corner and have their own specialized hooks. We like the broom on this one compared to the regular broom that most models are selling.

The design is sturdy and people who have purchased it seem to be quite happy with it – but you’ve got to have a little money to pay out for this quality product.

Why This Fireplace Tool Set

Keep in Mind

Looks Nice: We like the look and design of this one.

Tools Well Separated: There’s a tool in each corner so they’re not going to be banging up against each other.

Space for Newspaper or Kindling: We’d store our newspaper on the top rack.

The Price: It’s out of our price range.

What to Look for in a Fireplace Tool Set

a) Broom Quality

Unfortunately the quality of fireplace brooms leaves a bit to be desired. A good broom will have a nice thick bushel of sturdy bristles that aren’t going to be falling out all over the place (causing more fire hazards!). Keep an eye on the broom in images before making your purchase, and consider looking over the review comments for anything that’s said about the broom quality.

b) Shovel Quality

Not all shovels are made the same.

Aim to get a shovel that’s got a nice angle rather than being flat with the handle and arm. If it’s flat, the shovel won’t have enough leverage to scoop up all the ashes and embers.

You’ll also want one with tall walls so the ashes you scoop up actually stay in the shovel.

These things seem obvious, but these small scooper shovels for fireplaces are often pretty poor quality. Again, we recommend reading all the reviews before purchasing a product.

c) Tool Arm Length

Your tools need to have a decent length so you don’t have to get too close to those burning coals! We’ve found a lot of the tools have arms that are only about 1 foot long. That’s really not much. If this is going to be a problem for you, make sure you look into the tool arm length and compare it for a few of your favorite fireplace tool sets. This might be your differentiating factor that tips you toward one set or another.

d) Log & Kindling Rack

Where do you keep your logs? Your logs need to be stacked safely away from the fire. But they also need to be kept somewhere where splinters of wood won’t be peeling off the logs and littering the floor where embers could reach them.

So, you need a plan for where to keep your logs.

So, if your logs are stacked in a makeshift corner at the moment, we’d recommend getting a fireplace tool set that also has a log holder.

e) Stability

Check the Amazon reviews of the product before you buy it. Make sure reviewers are attesting to its stability and design features. We tend not to trust just one jaded reviewer’s experience, but if there are 5 to 10 people making negative comments about a specific feature like stability, we start getting a little worried.

f) Material

A fireplace tool set should be wrought iron, stainless steel or brass. Personally we prefer wrought or cast iron material for our tools, but that’s personal preference.

Fireplace Safety Strategies

We have a full article on fireplace safety strategies that you might want to check out. We’ve distilled some of the most important ones below. But please note these are fireplace safety strategies that we personally use, and are not professional recommendations to your or your circumstances.

1. Clean the Fire Box after Every Fire: Residual coals and embers at the bottom of your fire can cause the fire to reignite in the middle of the night when you’re not paying attention.

2. Keep the Chimney Maintained: A blocked or dirty chimney may cause an out of control fire. Regular professional maintenance is important for safety in our opinion.

3. Ensure no Fuels are within 4 feet of the Fireplace: We use our fireplace tools to scoop up and sweep away any potential fire fuels from the vicinity of the fireplace regularly.

4. Use a Fireplace Screen: A fireplace screen can help to protect children and pets from accidentally getting burned. It can also minimize the chances of embers spitting out and causing a house fire.

5. Only Burn Wood or Approved Fuels: Throwing plastics and other toxic fuels into the fire can be bad for people’s health.

6. Never Leave a Fire Unattended: If we need to go to bed or retire to another room in the house, we make sure the fire is extinguished fully.

7. Position Logs near the Back of the Fireplace: We feel that, if the logs are toward the back of the fire, they’re less likely to spit embers into the room and cause an uncontrolled fire.

8. Keep a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the Home: All fires can cause carbon monoxide. A quality unobstructed chimney can minimize risk, but an active carbon monoxide detector in the home can also help. Note that your home smoke alarm may not have a built-in carbon monoxide detector.

9. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby: No one expects their fireplace to cause a house fire – but they do – regularly! So, we like to have an ABC rate home fire extinguisher close by as well as a fire blanket to put out spot fires before they get out of control.

Make sure you consult professionals in your jurisdiction for the recommendations of how to maintain a fireplace where you live.

Other Fireplace Equipment

On top of a fireplace tool set, other common fireplace equipment can come in useful. One, for example, is a fireplace grate, which is used to ensure the fire burns clean and has good access to oxygen. The grates can also help protect the floor of a fireplace in the long-term.

One other more advanced piece of equipment many people like is a specialized ash vacuum which is designed to help clean fireplaces and furnaces. The ash vacuum has specialized filters in it that allows the vacuum to successfully capture ash rather than simply sucking it up then spitting it out again. If you’ve ever tried vacuuming ash with a regular vacuum, you might know how frustrating it is to suck up ash!

Final Thoughts

A fireplace tool set is essential for fireplace safety. These tools can help you to minimize the risk of your fire spilling out into your living room and causing a house fire. Use them as part of your regular fireplace safety routine.

Our chose for the best fireplace tool set is the ‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Log Rack. But, we’re happy to share our thoughts on a range of different tool sets so you can choose for yourself.

We hope this post has helped you to decide on which tool set you want for your fireplace.

Until next time!
– Chris