11 Best Fireplace Screens (2020) – Affordable & Toddler Safe

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Best for Toddlers

Best Value for Money

‘Minuteman International’ Child Guard

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Get this fireplace screen if you want one specifically designed for child safety. It has no easily accessible handles for your toddler to reach. Plus, it has a bracing rod that holds the screen in place to decrease the chances of it collapsing when handled.

‘Best Choice Products’ 3-Panel Simple Steel Mesh Screen

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Get this fireplace screen if you want a simple and affordable option. Our one concern is it doesn’t have a bracing rod like the Minuteman International, making it a little less safe for toddlers who could potentially knock it over more easily.

Fireplaces cause a staggering 15,000 house fires per year in the United States according to the NFPA. Most commonly, those fires spread from the fireplace to the living room via wind gusts or spitting embers.

The best way to prevent embers from escaping the fireplace is a fireplace screen.

But fireplace screens do more than prevent embers from spitting out of the fire.

They also prevent children and pets from from falling into the fire.

So here we’ve outlined a range of the best fireplace screens on the web for helping to improve the fireplace safety in your home. 

The best fireplace screens are:

  • ‘Minuteman International’ Child Guard – Best for Toddlers and Pets
  • ‘Pleasant Hearth’ Fireplace Screen Guard
  • ‘Best Choice Products’ Heavy-Duty Steel Mesh Fireplace Screen – Best Single Panel Screen
  • ‘My Fire Place Direct’ Single Panel Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen
  • ‘Uniflame’ Large Wrought Iron Sparkguard – Minimalist Design
  • ‘Manhattan Modern’ Free Standing Glass Fireplace Screen
  • ‘Best Choice Products’ 3-Panel Simple Steel Mesh Fire Spark Guard Gate – Best Value for Money
  • ‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Screen with Doors and Tools – Comes with Tools!

Best Fireplace Screen

1. ‘Minuteman International’ Child Guard – Best for Toddlers

Quick Review: This is the best fireplace screen you can get if you want to protect your children. It’s designed specifically with this purpose in mind.

This simple three panel fireplace screen has a nice neutral design to fit in any living space.

But the biggest drawing card is that it’s specifically designed to help protect your children and pets.

This is achieved through the use of a bracing rod. The rod connects the two end panels together to prevent the screen from collapsing accidentally.

You can adjust the rod or remove it entirely if you like so it’s nice and versatile.

The rod is a great additional safety feature. But the screen can probably still be pulled backward with a bit of force and effort. The real benefit is it’s hard to make this screen collapse inwards.

Overall the screen sticks out about 22 inches from your fireplace to create a nice buffer zone to protect your children and pets from the heat of the fire. But it also can protect you from embers spitting out into the living space.

Lastly, the screen does fold flat for storage which is a really nice addition. When you’re not using the fireplace (or during summer) you can simple fit the screen discretely in a cupboard storage space or even in between the couch and the wall.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Designed to Protect Children and Pets: This screen’s entire purpose is to protect your kids. This is achieved through a bracing rod that prevents it from collapsing in on itself

Neutral Design: We like that it would fit in any space as it doesn’t clash with anything.

Folds Flat for Storage: Great for storing it in a small place over the summer.

Mid Range Price Point: It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not the most expensive either.

2. ‘Pleasant Hearth’ Fireplace Screen Guard

Quick Review: Get this one if you want protection from the top as well as sides. Very sturdy guard!

We’re really impressed by this model. Most fireplace screens focus on protection on the sides only. But this one wraps around on the top to totally seal the fireplace from the rest of the room.

This has two positive effects:

First, embers cannot spit over the fireplace screen. So you’ve got added protection from accidental fires caused by wind gusts.

Second, It makes the whole screen itself much more stable. It means the screen is significantly less likely to collapse in on itself.

We also like that the size is pretty versatile – it will wrap around most fireplaces of all different sizes.

We have just two concerns.

The first is that the handles on the outside can easily be grabbed by a toddler. As the screen is just 11 lbs, there’s a chance a toddler might grab it and move it around.

The second is that there are some sharp sections to watch out for during installation. Fortunately they’re just on the inside part so your little one won’t snag on them.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Strong Toddler and Pet Protection: We like .

Fully Encloses the Fireplace: We like .

Impressive Price Point: We think they did a good job of getting the price down to a reasonable figure.

Handles are Toddler Height: We don’t like that toddlers might be able to get their hands on the handles.

Some Sharp Sections: There are some sharp bit, but they’re in the inside so not within reach of children.

3. ‘Best Choice Products’ Heavy-Duty Steel Mesh Fireplace Screen – Best Single Panel Screen

Quick Review: A sturdy screen with a door for easy access to add more logs to the fire.

This is our first pick for single panel fireplace screens.

We like that it has a nice large simple door to add more logs to your fire.

It’s also incredibly easy to install. You don’t need to worry about how to stand it or wrap it around the fire as it’s as simple as placing the screen flush with your wall in front of the fireplace.

One thing that really does appeal to us is that it’s much harder for this one to fall forward (on top of your pet / kid) than others. The feet poke out toward the living room to prevent falls, while it stands flush with the wall so it won’t fall into the fireplace itself.

We like that single panel screens have a lot of simplicity about them. But they also sit a lot closer to the fire and get a lot hotter, which isn’t great for your kids if they touch the screen.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Easy to Add Firewood: Simply open the large simple door to add more firewood, then seal it shut once you’re done.

Stable: The feet that protrude out into the room prevent the screen from falling.

Good Price Point: We think the price is fair.

Locks: The door can be secured shut so children and pets can’t get to it.

Could get Hot: Single panel fireplace screens don’t stand as far from a fire as multi-panel screens.

4. ‘My Fire Place Direct’ Single Panel Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Quick Review: Get this one if you like idea of a single panel screen with magnetic doors.

This single panel screen has a bit more of a bold look, with the bear and tree silhouettes potentially appealing to some people – but not others.

In terms of features, there are some good benefits.

First, the feet at the base point both forward and backward. Compare this to some other fireplaces that instead stand flush with the wall and rely on the wall to prevent them from falling inward.

But that’s also a problem.

The screen has to stand out from the fireplace a little, making it look (in our opinion) a bit awkward. On top of this, it leaves some open space where cats in particular can still fit in between the screen and the fire – so safety is potentially undermined a little here.

Second, the doors open really nicely. They’re large and swing wide so you can get your firewood in and out without any hassle.

They also snap really satisfyingly back in place due to the magnetic close mechanism.

However, as it’s only secured shut by a magnet, there’s nothing stopping a curious toddler from getting in.

So our verdict – it’s nice, but probably not the best choice if you’re concerned about protecting your pets or kids.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Sturdy Base: Stands on legs that protect it from falling in both directions.

Large Wide Doors: The doors are really big and open widely for adding firewood.

Magnetic Doors: The doors snap shut nicely with the magnets.

Magnets don’t Lock Doors: A toddler could feasibly open the magnetic doors with some strength.

Sits out from Wall: It sits out a long way, leaving gaps on the sides where cats can sneak by, toddlers could get through, and embers could spit out.

5. ‘Uniflame’ Large Wrought Iron Sparkguard – Minimalist Design

Quick Review: Get this screen if you want something that’s simple, no nonsense, and doesn’t take up too much space.

We know many of our readers just want a simple, sturdy fireplace screen.

This one does just that.

It’s simple and minimalist. There are no or bold design features here so it will fit in just about any living space. But it also means that it will be very discrete and inconspicuous.

Simply pick the screen up and place it in front of the fire. That easy.

This simplicity also means the screen will sit in front of just about any fireplace. It’s 44 inches wide – wide enough for most fireplaces.

The handles are placed nice and high on the screen so your toddler won’t access them too easily (although it’s not impossible).

This screen is designed to sit flush against the fireplace, with legs only on the outside face so it doesn’t tip out into the room. This creates a nice flush look, but also means your screen won’t do quite as good a job of protecting your toddler from the heat of the fire.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Discrete: We like that it’s minimalist and doesn’t stand out.

Fits Nearly Every Fireplace: It’s large enough to fit just about any fireplace.

Sits Flush Against Wall: We like that it sits flush, so it isn’t invading your space.

The Price Point: Given this screen is minimalist, we’d expect the price to be lower.

6. ‘Manhattan Modern’ Free Standing Glass Fireplace Screen

Quick Review: A classy modern screen for a classy living space.

A glass screen is an alternative to your normal mesh screen for a fireplace guard.

Glass screens have the advantage of being entirely see-through and clear, making them easier on the eye than mesh screens. This can be a good look, particularly in upscale living spaces.

The screen sits forward a little from the fireplace and stands on its own legs. As we’ve noted earlier, we’re not the biggest fans of this style as it leaves gaps.

Glass is also expensive. So expect to pay for the privilege of this sort of fireplace screen.

And of course – keep in mind your kids: the glass may keep them away from the fireplace, but you also don’t want them to be knocking this large glass panel onto the ground.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Classy: It has a very nice upscale feel about it.

See Through: It allows more visibility of the fire than a mesh screen would.

Expensive: It ain’t cheap, folks!

Not Best for Kids: Dirty fingerprints on glass, and the potential for knocking the panel onto the ground, makes us take a pass on this one for anyone with toddlers.

7. ‘Best Choice Products’ 3-Panel Simple Steel Mesh Fire Spark Guard Gate – Best Value for Money

Quick Review: Get this one if you want a cheap fireplace screen that also has a sturdy feel.

This is another nice minimalist screen. It doesn’t have fancy logos or designs on it, but does have a simple and elegant look with steel mesh and a powder coated finish.

But the best part about this is just how affordable it is!

The screen is also foldable for simple easy storage.

So we’re perfectly comfortable suggesting this as an affordable option.

But there are also some things that make it perhaps not quite as good as others.

First, it doesn’t have a bracing rod, meaning the screen could easily fall both inward and outward.

Second, there aren’t legs for the screen to stand on. It relies on the configuration of the three panels so it balances itself out.

So at the end of the day we think this is a great and well priced screen for minimizing the risks of embers causing burn marks on your rugs, but there are better options for protecting your pets and kids from falling into the fire.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Affordable: This is the best fireplace screen for someone on a budget.

Simple but Elegant: There aren’t any bold fashion statements here, but it still has a really nice elegant look.

No Bracing Rod: We prefer bracing rods for screens if you want to protect kids or pets.

No Door: If you want to add firewood, you’ll need to move it aside then return it to its place. That can get a bit annoying at times.

8. ‘Amagabeli’ Fireplace Screen with Doors and Tools

Quick Review: The tools that come with this screen are great, but they’re also one extra safety hazard for a toddler.

This Amagabeli screen comes with the whole package – doors, screen and tools!

The doors are secured shut using a magnetic system which prevents them from swinging out randomly. You can screw handles onto the doors to help you open and close them more easily, but the handles also make it easier for your toddler to get access to the fireplace.

The doors are also a little smaller than others on this list – and we do like larger doors for easier access to the fire, particularly when rearranging the logs or adding fresh logs onto the fire.

It’s really nice that there are tools added to the screen. You get the usual four tools that you’d get in a fireplace tool set, including a broom, shovel, poker and tongs. They’re not our favorite tools in terms of quality, but the arms of the tools are nice and long and they’ll hopefully serve you well.

One thing we are weary of is that you wouldn’t want a toddler around those four tools, so we don’t think this one is the best choice if you’re looking for a screen to keep toddlers safe. 

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Tools Included: It’s nice to have a set of fireplace tools, and now you’ve got somewhere to hang them, too.

Doors: It’s great that this screen has doors for easy access to the fire to add logs.

Magnetic Shutters on Doors: There are magnets that keep the doors in place when you shut them. 

Not for Toddlers: The tools won’t be best for toddlers – you’ll protect them from the fire, but chances are they’ll always want to play with the sharp tools instead!

9. ‘Pleasant Hearth’ Curved Screen with Tools

Quick Review: The smooth rounded shape looks great. Also comes with four fireplace tools.

This is our other favorite fireplace screen that comes with tools.

We really like the smooth rounded look – it’s super classy.

But there are other great features as well.

It’s extra wide – a full 50 inches. That’s wider than most screens and fits really well on most fireplaces. It is also 12 inches deep which is pretty shallow for a fireplace screen.

Then there’s the tools! You get the regular four piece set: shovel, broom, poker and tongs. We like that the arms of the tools are nice and long so you can get to the back of the fire without burning your fingers!

The doors give easy access to the fire for placing new logs.

So, what don’t we like?

Again, we don’t think it’s great if you’ve got kids or pets. Your child is likely to play with the tools, which could be pretty dangerous.

The other issue is that flat screens are much easier for storage. It’s hard to fold a rounded screen flat.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Rounded Screen: We like that it has a round rather than square look, which makes it look unique.

Tools Included: It’s nice to have a set of fireplace tools, and now you’ve got somewhere to hang them, too.

Doors: It’s great that this screen has doors for easy access to the fire to add logs.

Not for Toddlers: The tools won’t be best for toddlers – you’ll protect them from the fire, but chances are they’ll always want to play with the sharp tools instead!

Won’t Fold well for Storage: The rounded edges make it harder to fold than a flat panel screen.

10. ‘Amagabeli’ 4 Panel Gold Fireplace Screen

Quick Review: A 4 panel option for extra flexibility and easy storage. See whether you like the gold paneling first.

There are some advantages to getting a 4 panel screen.

The middle fold enables you to shorten and extend the screen so it perfectly fits your hearth. Furthermore, with the middle section folded in, there’s added stability to prevent the screen from falling.

To give you an idea, it extends out to about 51 inches, and stands about 32 inches tall.

One thing to keep in mind is the brass accents on the top. Consider whether they will suit your home decor. Are there other brass accents in your room currently? If so, this screen might be a good option for blending the screen in with other objects in the room.

Overall we think this is a classy design but it needs to suit your living space decor – so it’s not for everyone.

Furthermore, it comes in at a pretty decent price point.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Stability: We like that it gets pretty stable if you bend the middle fold in a little.

Versatile: We like that the middle fold gives you a little more flexibility to how you’ll use it and how wide it is.

Looks Great: The brass finish might look good in your house – check if it matches your existing decor.

Affordable: This one comes in at a very reasonable price.

Brass Accents must match your Decor: Make sure the brass finish matches your decor.

11. ‘Amagabeli’ 3 Panel Pewter Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Quick Review: A high quality and nice looking fireplace with an attractive leaf vine decorative pattern. It’s excellent and the only reason we didn’t place this higher was the design might not appeal to everyone.

The only reason this fireplace screen isn’t higher on our list is we think some people won’t like the floral design.

But the reputation of this screen for being stable and sturdy is very good. It’s designed with high quality wrought iron and has a powder-coated finish which gives it a really nice look.

The curves on the top design section are really appealing – particularly to Rosie. In fact, Rosie loved this one and I thought it wouldn’t match our space. So we were a bit divided on this one. We didn’t go with it – but that’s just because I felt our living room didn’t fit it, not that it’s not good quality.

It’s a simple three panel design than can fold very easily for storage.

Overall, an impressive and affordable screen – especially if the top design feature appeals to you.

Why This Fireplace Screen

Keep in Mind

Looks Great: Rosie loved the look of the floral design on the top.

Very well Made: It has a reputation for good quality and sturdy structure.

Folds well for Storage: We like how well it folds up for easy storage.

Affordable: It’s a good price point – especially for the quality.

Not Everyone’s Design Choice: Some people might find the floral design doesn’t suit their home decor.

What to Look for in a Fireplace Screen


Your two main options are wrought iron and glass.

Wrought iron is the most common material. That’s because it’s cheaper. You’ll usually get a wrought iron frame with a powder coated finish. The frame will hold a mesh barrier that acts to both catch popping embers that are coming from within the fire, and preventing your pets and toddlers from getting too close to the fire itself.

The other material is glass. It will set you back a lot more money, but can look classy. Our other concern about glass is that if it falls, smashed glass around your kids isn’t the most ideal scenario!


Stability is so important – particularly if you want to separate your child or pets from the fire. The screen should stand up against someone or something falling on it.

There are a few factors that determine stability.

One is the use of a bracing rod. A bracing rod holds the panels in place once they are at your preferred position.

Another is the feet of the screen. Some screens stand on feet that poke out in both directions. Others don’t have feet and simply rely on balancing on the panels. And other lean flush against the fireplace to prevent them from falling.


Doors to a fireplace screen allow you to get fast and easy access to the fire. This means it’ll be easier to add more logs to the fire or to use your fireplace tools to rearrange the fire some more.


Some fireplace screens come with a tool set. While this is really nice, keep in mind that the tool set might not be safe for toddlers. So if you’re getting a fireplace screen specifically to protect your kids from the fire, don’t introduce that extra hazard instead!


Most fireplace screens have either three or four panels. A four panel screen will be more versatile as you can adjust the center fold of the fireplace to change the width and reach of the screen. But a three panel screen often looks a lot nicer – so it’s up to you!

Can a Fireplace Screen Protect a Toddler and Pets?

Yes. To an extent. It can act as a barrier – psychologically as much as anything – to keep your kids away from the fire. A strong and sturdy screen might even hold up to a toddler leaning on it.

But you shouldn’t feel perfectly safe just because your kid has a screen up. Screens can fall – and they do all the time. The screen is most likely to fall forward onto your child if your child is playing with it.

So it’s important not to leave a child alone near a flame or hot objects – even if there’s a fireplace screen there as a guard.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best fireplace screen for toddlers is the ‘Minuteman International’ Child Guard. We like that it’s specifically designed for protecting toddlers. But we also like so many other screens that we decided to show you our top 11!

We hope this review and buyers guide has been helpful as you pick out your screen for keeping your family safe from fires.

All the best!

– Chris & Rosie