5 Best Fireplace Gloves (2020)

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Our top Pick:

Our pick for the best fireplace gloves is these 16 inch leather forge gloves. Get these gloves if you want a good all-round pair of leather gloves with Kevlar stitching that’ll resist heat and flame at a great price.

Even if you’ve got a great set of fireplace tools, you might want a pair of gloves to protect yourself from the heat and flames of a fireplace.

Chris and I recently decided it was time to get some fireplace gloves to hang on our fireplace screen alongside our fireplace tools. He uses the gloves for our outdoor firepit, too.

So we thought we’d put together a review based on the research we did when buying our gloves.

As you can see, we realized that most people end up buying welders gloves for tending their fireplace. They’re cheap but also have a great leather exterior and (usually) Kevlar stitching to make them fire and heat resistant.

So without further ado, the best fireplace gloves are:

  • Kum Yuan Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves
  • WZQH 16 Inch 932F Leather Forge Gloves
  • Ironclad Welding Leather Gloves
  • Caiman One Size Fits All Deerskin Welding Glove
  • US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

Best Fireplace Gloves

1. WZQH 16 Inch 932F Leather Forge Gloves

Bottom Line: Our pick for the best fireplace gloves. They’ve got the right cuff length, strong cowhide leather exterior, and a great fire resistant aluminum mid-layer. This all comes in at a decent price point, too.

These gloves have one huge leg up over many competitors: their aluminum mid-layer. This mid-layer is designed to be extra fire resistant so your hand get another layer (literally) of protection.

On the outside layer is cowhide split leather – pretty common for heat resistant gloves – and on the inside is a soft cotton liner to keep your hands comfortable. You’ll also find a reinforced leather palm for added palm protection This is all held together with Kevlar stitching. Overall, we love the three-layer design for extra protection.

The size is one-size-fits-most, which has its pros and cons. It could be good for all the adults in the family, but the kids might not be able to use it (maybe that’s a good thing!) If you’ve got small hands, we’d recommend getting a pair where you can choose the size at the shopping cart.

The 7.5 inch sleeve is about as long as you’d want to protect the wrist and forearm but it won’t ride too far up to be annoying.

And lastly, the hanging hook makes them easy to hang beside your fireplace ready for use the next time you need them. 

Why These Gloves

Keep in Mind

Extra Protection: We like that there’s that aluminum mid-layer for extra fire protection.

Hook for Hanging: We like that both hands of the glove have nice simple hooks for hanging the gloves by the fireplace.

Forearm Protection: The 7.5 inch cuffs can provide added protection for your wrists and forearms from sparks and heat.

One Size Fits Most: If you have small hands you’ll probably want to get another pair from this list where you can choose your size.

2. Caiman One Size Fits All Deerskin Welding Glove

Bottom Line: Get these gloves if dexterity and a long cuff are important to you. We also like that they’re from a respected brand.

Caiman (along with Tillman and Miller) is a respected brand in the fire resistant gloves category.

What stands out about Caiman is their ‘Kontour’ design. It’s a design feature with the specific purpose of increasing dexterity for gripping and finer movements of the fingers.

 Their stitching and reinforced leather sections are contoured so they don’t interfere with movement nearly as much as other brands. That said, you’re still wearing thick leather gloves so don’t expect magic.

The gloves are made of deer skin which is a little less stiff than cowhide but also often not as durable.

The other highlight of these gloves is the very long cuff which minimizes risk of burns on the arm. This cuff reaches almost right up to the elbows. The glove is 21 inches tip to tip. While this is nice, sometimes it can get annoying to get them on and off if you’re wearing thick long sleeves.

And lastly, expect to pay a little extra for the respected brand name.

Why These Gloves

Keep in Mind

Nice and Flexible: These gloves are specifically designed to be flexible for added comfort.

Extra Long Cuffs: The cuffs cover your whole arm right up to the elbow for added protection.

Respected Brand: Caiman is up there as one of the better brands in this space.

Not as Thick as Cow Hide: Deer skin tends to be more flexible but less thick than cowhide, so you might be trading thickness for flexibility here.

One Size Fits Most: If you have small hands you’ll probably want to get another pair from this list where you can choose your size.

3. Kum Yuan Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves

Bottom Line: They’re a good pair of gloves with extra layers of protection in all the right places.

We like that you can pick your size. They’re designed in three size options and with soft inner lining to try to improve their comfort rating.

Nonetheless, expect them to still be a little stiff because they’re made of side-split cow hide leather (like suede) which is thick but inflexible. That leather is held together with Kevlar stitching.

The palm is also reinforced with an extra layer of leather to help protect the most vulnerable part of your hand while working with heat.

Something else we love about these gloves is the no questions asked 90 day return policy. It gives us a lot more confidence in the purchase.


Why These Gloves

Keep in Mind

Hook for Hanging: We like that both hands of the glove have nice simple hooks for hanging the gloves by the fireplace.

Choose a Size: You can get it in a few different sizes, unlike the one size fits all gloves.

Reinforced Palm: The palm is a vulnerable point that needs this reinforcing.

Thick Cow Hide: We prefer cowhide leather because it’s more protective, but it’s also thick and inflexible.

4. Ironclad Welding Leather Gloves

Bottom Line: These are the best fireplace gloves if you want ones that are the perfect size. They have an awesome sizing chart so you can choose the right fit.

These gloves don’t have an aluminum layer like the above gloves (see review above), but they have a great foam insulation layer which is a nice alternative.

The best thing about these gloves is the diversity of sizes. Ironclad has a great sizing chart so you can ensure you get the right size when buying online.

These gloves are made of Elk skin rather than cowhide, which is usually a little softer and dexterous. But they still have cowhide leather on the palm for reinforcing where you need it most. So, expect these gloves to be protective (especially with the foam insulation layer) but not as much as full thick cowhide leather gloves. 

On top of this you have a pretty long cuff for forearm protection, which might be useful when dealing with sparking and spattering flames.

And lastly – we like that Ironclad gloves are usually pretty affordable.

Why These Gloves

Keep in Mind

Pick your Size: We love that there’s a sizing chart so you can choose the size that suits you best.

Good Insulation: The foam insulation layer helps give an extra level of protection from heat.

Good Forearm Length: You’ll be able to protect your wrist and upper forearm from heat and sparks.

Reinforced Palm: The palm section has a cowhide reinforced patch for extra protection.

Elk Skin is Thin: Elk skin doesn’t usually provide as much protection as cowhide.

5. US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

Bottom Line: These are a cheap pair of workaday gloves that you can throw away once they’ve been used because they’re not going to cost you a fortune.

Something that bothers us about these gloves is that they’re called “US Forge” but the product is not made in USA. We felt that was a tad misleading from our perspective as consumers.

But beyond that once concern, we feel the gloves are a good affordable choice for gloves that you want to use, abuse and throw away.

They’re made of genuine cowhide leather, but are likely to be quite stiff because of this. That means they’re likely to be a little less comfortable than elk skin or goat skin alternatives.

These gloves are one size fits all and have a short cuff – but it’s good enough. We’d just say to beware of sparks when having your hands close to a fire.

So overall, we think this is a good choice for a pair of throwaway gloves when you care more about price than features. 

Why These Gloves

Keep in Mind

Use and Abuse Them: They’re cheap, so you can throw them out once they’ve been worn a few times.

Made of Cowhide Leather: The exterior is made of strong leather which helps to protect your hands from flame and heat.

Protects your Forearm: The cuff is long enough for added protection around your wrist and upper forearm.

Not Made in USA: We think it’s worth reinforcing that despite the fact they’re called US Forge, the gloves themselves aren’t made in the US.

What to Look for in Fireplace Gloves

Leather Exterior

The first thing you usually look for when selecting fire and heat resistant gloves is the leather exterior. You can choose from cowhide leather (strong but inflexible), deer skin (more flexible but thinner) or goat skin (also more flexible but thinner).

Kevlar Stitching

Most good fire and heat resistant gloves also come with Kevlar stitching. Kevlar is great at resisting heat and fire, so it holds up better against the elements than regular stitches. Make sure you get a set with Kevlar stitching in them.

Palm Protection

The palm is a particularly vulnerable part of the hand, particularly when handling heat. So added palm protection is a great thing to look out for in a pair of gloves. The more padding in vulnerable sections, the better.

Sizing Options

Most gloves in this category come as one size fits all. This isn’t the best, but it seems to be industry standard. If you’ve got particularly small (or large) hands, try to select a pair where you can choose your size.

Can I Pick up a Burning Log when Wearing Fireplace Gloves?


Heck no!

Wear the gloves as a backup in case you accidentally touch something or get too close to heat and flames. You still need to get a set of fireplace tools so you can use the tools to handle the fire, not your hands.

Additional Applications of Fireplace Gloves

You’ll notice that many of the above gloves are advertised as ‘welding gloves’. Welding gloves are strong but also designed to be much cheaper than you’d expect. So they’re great for all sorts of different applications:

Welding. You can use many of these gloves for welding – but check each individual glove for advice. MIG and Stick welding requires thicker gloves than TIG welding. But overall, welding gloves usually use thick leather exteriors with Kevlar stitching just like the ones listed above. If you’re welding, also don’t forget to use a welding blanket for fire protection as well.

Animal Handling. If you own a Macaw, you’ll know what we mean. Those talons are stiff. So you might want thick gloves to protect your arm when handling your bird.

Barbecues. When cooking at a barbecue or smoker, you might want to use your fireplace gloves for added protection.

Cooking. You can also use your fireplace gloves as oven mitts. In fact, we much prefer our fireplace gloves over oven mitts because they’re thicker! 

Final Thoughts

We chose the WZQH 16 Inch 932F Leather Forge Gloves as the best fireplace gloves. The one main exception would be if you have particularly small or large hands. If so, go for a pair from this list where you can choose the size at the checkout.

We hope this review of fireplace gloves has been useful for you and helped you get a better understanding of your options. And we hope you enjoy your fireplace or fire pit in comfort with your new gloves!

All the Best,

Rosie and Chris.