5 Best Fire Blankets

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JJ Care Fire Blanket 4 Pack

This value for money 4 pack of fire blankets comes with complementary hanging hooks. We liked this idea so we could place one in the kitchen and have spares to use in the garage, car, boat and camping kit.

For getting a new family home fire safe, a fire safety blanket is often highly recommended as a fire safety device. Based on our research, we think the JJ Care Fire Blanket 4 Pack would be the best fire blanket for our presonal circumstances.

There’s a lot more that goes into choosing a fire blanket than we first thought. So we’ve shared some things we would consider when buying a fire blanket. Don’t forget that we’re not professionals and not offering personalized professional advice, so seeking professional advice for your situation is a must.

But we know you probably just want to hear our top choices that we made for ourselves based on our research. So first, here they are.

The Best Fire Blankets

We think the best fire blankets are:

  • JJ Care Fire Blanket 4 Pack
  • DIBBATU Emergency Fire Blanket
  • AOOHOOA Fire Blanket 3 Pack
  • Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket
  • Inf-way Fire Blanket

Key Points in this Buyer’s Guide:

  • Fire blankets can put out small fires when used appropriately, without making as much mess as a fire extinguisher.
  • A fire blanket can be very useful for the kitchen, where 40% of house fires start.
  • We think the JJ Care Fire Blanket 4 Pack is the best fire blanket for our home.
  • The other 4 fire blankets in this review all met our minimum standard.

Top 5 Fire Blankets – Comparison Table

1. JJ Care Fire Blanket 4 Pack

Quick Review: We think this pack is great value if you want to get 4 at once. The pack also comes with free hooks for hanging the blankets.

JJ Care is a respected fire blanket brand. These blankets meet EN-1869-1997 standard for suppressing cooking fires and work on fires up to 1076 degrees fahrenheit (580 celsius). The pack provides four 39×39 inch (1 meter squared) fire safety blankets in the pack, plus four hooks for hanging the blankets.


  • We like the value for money. They provide 4 blankets for a very reasonable price.
  • With 4 blankets, one can be placed in the kitchen and the others can be used in the garage, car or boat.
  • We really like that they provide hooks to help with hanging the blankets.


  • They only provide the 39×39 inch (1 square meter) size. If we wanted a bigger size, we’d have to get a single pack from Tonyko (see number 4 below).
  • It would have been good for them to also include fiberglass handling gloves like some of the other sellers.

2. DIBBATU Emergency Fire Blanket

Quick Review: Some people might not need four blankets. Here’s a kit with just two blankets. It comes with gloves and hanging hooks.

The DIBBATU Emergency Fire Blanket is a 39×39 inch (1 square meter) blanket designed with fiberglass cloth. It is advertised as working on fires up to 1076 degrees fahrenheit (that’s 580 celsius) which can be effective for many kitchen fires. It’s advertised as a multi-purpose blanket, usable not only in the kitchen but also the fireplace, outdoor grill, in the car or garage, and while camping.


  • We like that this comes as a 2 pack. We could use one in the kitchen and keep the other in the garage or car. As fire blankets are single-use only, having a spare is also a great idea.
  • These blankets come with free gloves for handling the rough fiberglass cloth, which is a great idea because fiberglass blankets can be irritating on the skin.


  • There’s only an option for the one size of 39×39 inches
  • The gloves are not for fighting fires. Their purpose is to protect your hands from fiberglass, which people with sensitive skin find is itchy.
  • It would have been good if the blankets came with hooks for hanging.

3. AOOHOOA Fire Blanket 3 Pack

Quick Review: Comes with gloves for handling the blankets. We like that you can get a deal if you buy 3 at once. This pack doesn’t come with hanging hooks.

They provide 3 fire blankets in this pack, each 39×39 inches (1 meter squared). It is advertised as working on fires up to 1076 degrees fahrenheit (580 celsius), which is standard for fire blankets that meet regulatory standards.


  • The 3 pack option outdoes some of the alternatives in this list which only offer single or 2 blanket packages. We think it’s worthwhile placing a third blanket in the camping pack, boat or car.
  • Matching other products available on Amazon, this fire blanket also comes with gloves for handling fiberglass with care.


  • The gloves are for handling fiberglass, not for fighting fires.
  • There are no hooks in this package, which we think is an important addition when considering a fire blanket.

4. Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Quick Review: We like that they allow buyers to select their size – campers and welders often prefer larger blankets. There’s only one in the pack and it doesn’t come with extra freebies.

Tonyko offers buyers the option to select the size they prefer, which we liked. As with the other fire safety blankets on this page, the Tonyko meets minimum standards for putting out kitchen fires up to 1076 degrees fahrenheit (that’s 580 celsius).


  • Allows consumers to select the size they like: you can select from 5 sizes ranging from 39x39in (1 meter squared) to 78x78in (2 meter squared)
  • They offer the option of larger blankets for people who are looking for a large fire blanket.


  • There is only one blanket in the package.
  • There are no freebies like hooks or gloves for handling fiberglass.

5. Inf-way Fire Blanket

Quick Review: They allow buyers to select their size – campers often prefer larger blankets. There are less size options than the Tonyko above.

The Inf-way fire blanket also meets our personal minimum benchmarks. It is made of fiberglass cloth, and comes in multiple sizes. It works on fires up to 1076 degrees fahrenheit (580 celsius) and can be hung in a convenient place in the kitchen. They’re all features we like!


  • Like the Tonkyo fire safety blanket above, they allow consumers to select their size at the checkout. They offer sizes from 39×39 inches (1 meter squared) to 71×71 inches (1.8 meters squared).


  • You only get one blanket in this purchase.
  • There are no freebies like hooks or gloves. If we were to buy this pack, we would probably have to get our own hooks for hanging this product, which will add to the overall cost.

How we Choose Fire Blankets for this Review

There are a few key features we personally keep in mind when buying a fire blanket: Appropriate size for our needs, use of fiberglass materials in the cloth, and preferably we want the blanket to meet EN-1869-1997 standard for cooking fires up to 1076 degrees Fahrenheit (580 Celsius).

1) We Selected our Preferred Sizes

Fire blankets can come in multiple sizes. Consumers who want maximum flexibility in choosing a size might want to take a good hard look at the Tonkyo blanket which comes in 5 sizes so buyers can pick for themselves.

Smaller blankets are designed to just cover a stove top. They usually measure 39 square inches (1 meter by 1 meter) which is enough to throw over a small stove fire. We feel they’d be handy for smaller adults to use who might find the larger sizes a little too much. 39×39 inches seems to be the standard size we can find for a kitchen fire blanket.

Larger fire safety blankets have a few added benefits. For example, some large ones can fully wrap a person whose clothing has caught fire. The largest we found was from Tonkyo, who offer a 79×79 inch (2 square meter) blanket. The downside of larger blankets is that they can get a bit hard to handle for throwing over fires. Fortunately the blankets are all quite lightweight.

2) We Checked to Ensure it’s made from Fiberglass Materials

Fire blankets are usually made from fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth is soft and flexible, but also heat and fire resistant. All of the fire blankets in this review are made of fiberglass material as this is a minimum standard for the products we selected for ourselves.

The downside of fiberglass cloth is that the fiberglass can get all over clothing and skin if not careful. Some people with sensitive skin find that it can be itchy and hard to clean out of carpets.

If we were worried about handling fiberglass cloth, we would look at some brands like the DIBBATU emergency fire blanket which comes with handling gloves to minimize contact with skin.

3) We Checked the Fire Safety Rating

Fire safety blankets for the home kitchen are governed by the EN-1869-1997 safety standard. This standard ensures the blankets are usable for cooking fires up to 1076 degrees fahrenheit (580 celsius). All the blankets in this review met this standard at the time of researching.

How to use a Fire Blanket

This video outlines how to use a fire blanket:

According to the above video, these are the appropriate steps (remember to get training in appropriate use from a firefighter before use):

1) Hang in an accessible location

A fire safety blanket should be hung in or close to the kitchen. It needs to be quickly accessed when a fire breaks out in the kitchen, where 40% of all house fires start.

Many people choose to hang theirs on the back side of their kitchen closet door. It’s out of sight, but very easy to access in times of need.

2) Pull black drawstrings

When a small fire starts, you can usually get to the blanket by pulling the two black drawstrings that hang from the bottom of many blankets. The blanket will fall from its red bag.

3) Hold the blanket like a shield between you and the fire

Grab hold of the top corners of the blanket and hold it up between you and the fire at chest height. Keep it stretched out so that the full surface area of the fire is being used.

4) Gently cover the fire

While keeping the blanket between you and the fire, gently drop the blanket over the fire. Try to cover the fire completely with the blanket. The aim is to smother the fire with the blanket.

5) Leave the blanket covering the fire

The video explains that you should leave the blanket on the fire for several minutes to ensure it’s covered completely. Pulling back the blanket too soon will allow the fire access to oxygen which will cause it to flare up. We’d stay safe and leave the blanket covering the fire for longer than we think we have to.

6) Turn off power supply

Once the blanket is in place over the fire, the video suggests quickly turning off any power supplies near the source of the fire to prevent spread of electrical fires.

7) Sometimes water makes things worse

Water is often ineffective for cooking fires because it can splash flammable oils around. Using a fire blanket or a kitchen rated fire extinguisher rather than throwing water onto the fire is often a better solution.

8) Assess the situation

If the blanket is not appropriate for the fire, a fire extinguisher might work better. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher yet, it’s an essential household item! Navigate through our homepage to check our review of best fire extinguishers to see our thoughts on some top fire extinguishers on the market today.

Consider contacting the fire department if you cannot control the fire. Removing all people from the vicinity of the fire and contacting professionals is always the safest option in our opinion.

9) Dispose of the blanket after use

Dispose of the fire safety blanket after use. While some advice states that they can be cleaned and reused, we’ve come across other advice that says they are single-use only. We think we would throw it out after use because: (1) it would be hard to re-pack the fiberglass blanket properly for re-use; and (2) it may be damaged during first use, reducing its effectiveness a second time.

This is another reason getting a multi-pack when purchasing a fire blanket is a good idea. This way you’ll always have a backup once the first is used. Furthermore, multi-packs usually offer the best value for money.

Where to use a Fire Safety Blanket

1) Kitchen

40% of household fires start in the kitchen. Most fire safety blankets are designed for home kitchen use. We would personally hang the blanket in an accessible location such as behind the kitchen cupboard door or on a convenient wall.

2) Car

Fires that flare up in cars can often be contained using a fire blanket. Fire safety blankets are often less messy and cause less collateral damage than fire extinguishers, so they’re good to have available. But, we think you’d need to be trained in appropriate use.

3) Boat

Sail boats that have kitchens often need fire blankets, too. You’re often all alone on the boat, far away from any fire department that can help you. A fire blanket may be the difference between life and death out on the high seas.

4) Garage Workshop

Fires that flare in the garage can be contained by a fire blanket. If you use power tools in your garage, there’s a chance that a spark may cause a fire quickly. That’s why we’d choose to keep a blanket hanging in an accessible location for these occasions.

5) Camping

Many people take fire blankets camping with them. You can use them on small campfires that get out of control or portable propane stoves, if professionally trained. Many campers prefer larger blankets like the 2 square meter option available from Tonyko. We therefore would personally choose the Tonyko Fiberglass Blanket as the best fire blanket for camping.

Can a Fire Blanket Replace a Fire Extinguisher?


A fire safe home should contain more than just a fire blanket. We think a home should also contain:

1) Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are an absolute must for any home. Some professionals argue you should have a smoke alarm on every floor of your house, and we personally like ones that are interconnected so they speak to each other to keep the whole home safe. We have a full discussion on buying and installing the best smoke alarms here.

2) Fire extinguishers

We would keep a certified kitchen fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen and a 10 pound extinguisher in the garage or workshop personally. When a fire gets too big for a fire blanket, the fire extinguisher is our next line of defense. Check out our discussion about the best fire extinguishers for home now, and ensure you are professionally trained on how to use one and which is best in your situation.

3) Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are often forgotten when you’re protecting your home, but they’re increasingly common. In fact, many jurisdictions now insist you have one in your home. We would consider getting a joint fire-carbon monoxide detector system.

4) A fire safety plan

Don’t forget to write up a safety plan. If you’ve got children, ensure they know the fire escape routes from their bedrooms and your outdoor emergency meet-up point. We offer a free printable home fire safety checklist that you can use as a starting point – access it now! (note: this might not be right for you or your jurisdiction).

Final Thoughts

A fire blanket in the kitchen is essential for ensuring the home and family are ready for a fire emergency. We think that it’s best to get a fiberglass blanket that meets EN-1869-1997 standard for cooking fires. We would personally get the JJ Care Fire Blanket 4 Pack for us. We’d hang one in the kitchen, one in the garage, and choose from the car, boat and camping kit to keep the remainders.

This article has shared our opinions for our circumstances only, and is based on our online research and does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise. Your circumstances or experiences will differ from ours. Make sure you do your own research and due diligence and adhere to the rules laid out in our terms and conditions and disclaimer.

We hope this review has been helpful to you, and all the best with your purchase!