About Us

What we Do

Here at Firefighter Garage, we believe everyone can take their own fire safety into their own hands. To help you be more informed, we’ve put together a wide range of resources and articles focused on home fire safety. Our team has partnered with professional firefighters and conducted independent research using reputable sources such as the NFPA and Underwriters Laboratory to inform our writing on home fire safety.


Meet our Founder

Firefighter Garage was founded by Chris. He puts his blood, sweat and tears into researching the best firefighting and home safety equipment to develop well written and well informed content on fire safety.


Our Governing Principles and Documents

Our company’s goal is to create the best quality information and content about fire safety on the web. From time to time we also review products based on our own research – both online research and through collaboration with professionals.

All the site’s content is governed by our terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy policy which can be accessed on the footer from any page.


How to Get in Touch

We do not accept solicitations. Questions about products we review should be directed to the product manufacturer or retailer, and we encourage you to research into the products yourself before making any personal purchasing decisions.

Other communications can be sent to: info -at- firefightergarage.com